Thursday, April 02, 2009

mile high and gone????

Yo I know what the fuck is going on? The loyal drunk and focused readers have been irate. Where is perv? Why is Bonner just concentrating on basketball and not love advice. Why is Evaredy just worried about running NH in Perv's absence(side note I still run NH) instead of posting soul and rap tracks. WHy the fuck hasn't drunk and focused been updated in months. Well your boy perv has a lame excuse I moved out to Denver for a few month bid to write one of them books. Them redheads I don't know? I think they went out on strike or some shit. Anyway the god has returned and drunk and focused is back, and be on the lookout for the new Freakout mix which is done and will be dropping in the next few days. Think pysch/kraut rock, scissor test bands, good ol fashioned rap music, and that sabbath metal. Ummm I kill it, and its worth the wait.

So what have I been up you wondering? Well I look at mountains, write, hang out with my niece, be fly, wear designer suits, and fist fight walrus and coyotes. You know the deal. Plus I listen to a lot of rap music. So here is a rap post.

First up is EPMD and that famous loop that makes damn near any rapper sound good
epmd - it'a my thing
Next is Mad Lion rapping over the same loop
mAD lion - body and shape
Next is Jay Z not rapping over that same loop. Yep a drunk and focused curve ball and instead of ain't no nuh, we get "It's Allright" one one of my favorite Jay Z song and what up talking heads!
Jay Z - It's Allright
Last is some jungle brothers for those belly dancing girls out here who love them west coast syths and a diva shout out to Jay Cutler
Jungle Brothers - Belly Dancing Diva

And oh yeah fuck Jay Cutler and his lesbian hair wearing diva ass. You ain't John Elway, ya heard. Let me repeat you ain't John Elway.

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