Sunday, December 31, 2006

catch us before 2006 falls off

the 2007 Drunk and Focused Posse invasion starts tonite at the Red Door from 9-till the year 2007

We will be djing and drinking all night playing all dem records you love to hear such as rap music, james brown songs, b-more club, and them remixes and blends. We doing it bigger than britney spears c section tonite.

But come out its a low cover and the drunk and focused posse in full effect for the last time this year and the first time next year.

Also unconfirmed guests include all the midget wrestlers of the world, Andre the giants cousin steve, NBA tough guy and new drunk and focused blogger Matt Bonner, Linsdey Lohan's vagina, and Fred and Ben Savage.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Records, burritos, and drank

Check your boy the beat pervert djing tonite at Dos Amigos in dover its a free all ages show. Evaredy will be in the house and we will play the records that will break your face with the joy and make you catch the holy ghost of dancing.
Also we will be invading the red door in Portsmouth for New Year's Eve for a special drunk and focused New Year party. It should be a cheap cover (no more than 10 bucks) and will be breaking out the kitchen sink that night expect a lot of rap music, b-more club,remixes and a lot of nonsense (no maddog 2020 though).
mia -xr2 (beat pervert and evaredy wore hyper color tees in 1992 blend

Thursday, December 28, 2006

We Forgot Luke's Birthday

Lost in the x-mas season and the loss of the godfather of soul was the fact that Uncle Luke just had himself a motherfucker birthday turning 46 years old. And since you love ass, I love ass, hell we all love ass here is some of that doo doo brown shit

2 live crew - doo doo brown

2 live crew - hoochie mama

Gump Ass Garnett

Sprewell looks like Naymond with those braids
And here is some hardcore rap music to listen to while you soak in the greatness of how tough I am
project pat - I ain't going back to jail

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

since y'all are done getting drunk like the romans...

First things first RIP James Brown.

Next I hope y'all had a bill murray x-mas and celebrated like the romans did minus the wife beating and underage sex with little dudes. Anyway here is a little after christmas mix you can bump while working off that excess egg nog.

bring back that ol pancake booty

Slim thug ft. TI and Bun - B -3 Kings/ NEU! - Hallogallo (beat pervert and evaredy went to germany and all we came back with was this stupid bootleg blend)
add no to x - fyuz
aphex twin - violin solo
lil scrappy, sean paul, e- 40 - oh yeah
eat cloud - I miss my baby seal
E-40, Juelz Santana, UGK/ Boom Bip - White Gurl (evaredy loves pancake booty blend)
justin timberlake ft. TI - My Love (diplo remix)
Bjork - Hyperballad (dj ayres remix)
Mia - XR2/Debonair Samir - Sirens (beat perver and evaredy wore hypercolor t-shirts in 1992 blend)
Prince Paul - Booty Clap
tittsworth - murr chrissmus
radiohead -everything in its right place (dj technics remix)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Nas Sounding Good

This new Nas shit dropped yesterday.

I'm really liking this album so far.

Here are two track that stuck out:

Nas - "Let There be Light"

Nas - "Hold Down the Block"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

fuck a white belt

I want a wrestling world championship belt for christmas and if somebody buys this from me I won't be mad at all, nope not even a little bit

pastor troy - drop that ass

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

an unruly christmas

New site coming by the new year until then get your mp3 on

Unruly Mass Choir - unruly x-mas song

The entire old unruly posse together on this track featuring booman,griff,jimmy jones,scottie b,shawn caesar,big red,technics,kool breeze,karizma, and class.