Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shoelace Full of Acid

I have been fist fighting mirrors in canada and dropping acid with ten year olds to make this mix for all my high and focused fans. Drank is boring lets see colours from now on.

Shoelace Full of Acid Podcast
direct link mix

ol dirty bastard and the Boards of Canada - shimmy shimmy ya(drunk and focused blend)
daedelus - loaded
Juelz Santana, lil Wayne, Red Cafe - hood shit
el p - smithereens
prodigy - breathe (aphex twin remix)
stark reality - dreams
freestyle fellowship - for no reason
tortoise - to day retrieval( autechre remix)
antithesisters - where science grows
Peter, Bjorn & John - young folks (diplo remix)
can - peking garden
spacemen 3 - come down easy
boards of canada - diving station
emynd - white t's white belts anthem
eat cloud - i miss my baby seal
underworld - born slippery (brown acid remix)
neu! - negativeland
sonic youth - total crash
philip glass, brian eno, david bowie - heroes symphony (aphex twin remix)
young jeezy - trapstar
slowdive - souvlaki space station
nore - cocaine cowboys
restiform bodies - stupid human button
eat cloud - voices don't speak
siqur ros - untitled
aphex twin - violin solo
ugk ft. 3 6 mafia - players anthem
odd nosdam - track 17
who killed the red baron? - live at tuesday scissor test

i choose you

project pat - "choose u" (sony/relativity, 2002)
u.g.k. feat. three six mafia - "player's anthem" (jive/zomba, 2007)

drunk & focused is more than just state of mind. for some, it's a vocation. in those rarified climes, a word is also a picture is a word. the rest of us have day jobs. i sell records.

last week, a young gentlemen approached the counter with a clutch of 12"ers in tow. among them was the certified classic "stay fly" and me, with my clever kid cash register tricks, i mentioned that juicy j and dj paul (a dog you categorically DO NOT trust) had collaborated with bun b and pimp c for an upcoming release. i received the following response:

"oh. i don't really like southern rap. i just wanted the instrumentals to mix with some other songs. maybe the new bloc party. something like that."

the ensuing reaction was the stuff of hybrid moments.

bad news, internet dudes. remember all the way back to 2004. perhaps 2005 will jog your memory (ed. note: juicy j's hand-jive at the 1:50 mark...so real). even in accelerated back-to-the-future, nu-rave klaxxon dog years, 2 years is NOT a fucking epoch. "southern rap," or "REAL TALK" as some of us know it, has been around since i learned how to sip sizzurp on rap city. and it goes back even further. true story!

just remember two years ago when you ordered from neighborhoodies.com and found out about swishahouse? try hard. i know what will help. it was before "hell hath no fury" and "tha carter vol. 2", but after "pretty toney."

anyway, i know i posted a mixtape rip of "player's anthem" a couple of weeks back. here's the full version for your ride, your dj set, and your motherfucking quality of life. several years ago, "stay fly" wasn't just a summer jam in these parts. IT WAS A WAY OF LIFE. in 2007, three six and u.g.k. have seen fit to bless us with another classic, baby. again, history prevails. project pat went hard over this beat 5 years ago and willy mckinley hutchinson was POPPING TAGS before you were probably even born.

if you don't like "southern rap," i don't know if drunk & focused, three six, u.g.k., willie hutch, or anyone can help you.



p.s. bonus beats.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Fedz Taking Pictures of En P

Lil Wayne - "We Takin Over (freestyle)/ remix" just weez. The Original was good until Fat Joe came on the song and ruined it.

T.I., Young Buck, Jeezy and Jim Jones - "The Fedz Takin Picture of Me"

Papoose - "What Makes Me" (The beat on this song is too nice and Papoose is growing on me as a rapper)

Young Buck and 50 - "Hold On" (I like this song; I don't know why. Buck sounds so much better than 50.)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Garnett Likes to Lose

It all makes sense now. Kevin Garnett only stepped to me because well the dude is conditioned to lose. Obviously he must have felt an ass whipping was what he really needed and what better way to receive one than getting your ass beat by the toughest bastard in the NBA Matt Bonner.

Gump ass garnett likes to lose

bitch i might be

Yo I am out of town heading to toronto but I made a quick detour to the Rave saturday night with dj Ayres, Cosmo Baker, Tittsworth, Sinden, pase rock and Star Eyes. Shit was fucking bananas and the drunk and focused posse fucking danced all night long. Here I am above on the right sweaty as fuck rocking an x-clan t-shirt over an antoine walker jersey cause I am fresher than most as Ayres and Cosmo straight kill it. Be on the lookout for the Scissor Test rave coming sooner than you think. Also shout out to the newest posse member good ol white gloves Funwrecker who has more swag than most.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Had to Throw this Up Right Quick

This song is too nice.

New Devin the Dude

Devin the Dude ft. Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000 - "What a Job"

another classic, baby...

as reported earlier this week, drunk and focused posse officially announced the signing of brendan funwrecker to a long-term contract. financial terms of the deal were undisclosed, though a representative for one side described funwrecker as having "pockets on swell." more details will be provided as they become available.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

me and the crew used to do her

This being my first post and all, I would like to say what up to the entire drunk and focused family.
me and you - bamabounce
what goes around comes around (remix) - justin timberlake
exceeder (red foxx blindfold edit) - Mason/kelis/nas
gravity's rainbow (van she remix) - Klaxons
died in your arms refix - drop the lime
he kissed me club theme - emynd
edge of seventeen (bmore quick dirt edit) - dances with white girls
poison - tittsworth
bucky done gun (unruly rmx) - scotty b and king tut
W.a.y.u.h. (claude vonstroke pantydropper vocal mix) - the rapture
gasolina - bonde do role
lindsay lohan's revenge - pase rock
cheated hearts (peaches remix) - yeah yeah yeahs
1,2,3 (u, her, and me) - rick james
candy (instrumental) - the pack
mary jane 2006 - curtis vodka

Friday, March 02, 2007

I was doing my laundry

So I was doing my laundry and I realized I have no idea where my mic geronimo 4 My Click t-shirt went. I am a little upset so if you find my t-shirt holler at me. In the meantime here are some mic geronimo and cash money click videos. And look at mic rocking a gold front back in what year is this 93?

Here is mic with his cash money click, note how young and full of hope Ja was. And yes Curtis was only a glimmer in his eye back then

I have this video on a rap tape with that dude that did the No Flow on the Rodeo (What the hell is his name I have his tape somewhere) and all the videos were shot in black and white and everyone had a bubble vest and a scowl. I miss those videos.

Korver is a gump too

As many of you already know I am back proving even injuries are scared of me. And luckily all the bonner-maniacs can now go back to enjoying watching me make it rain again with three pointers instead of doller bills. Speaking of Pacman what kind of dude actually wants his money back after he throws it? That shit ain't baller, and it sure as hell is not Bonner. First things first when I roll into a club I have two trained monkeys dressed up as old fashioned milkmen carry in plastic bags filed with $100,000 each. The monkeys can also play songs.

Then me and my squad of Brent Barry, this Ukraine dude who knows all the words to the metal song Berzerker, and Tim Duncan, who always saunters in the back with his Pete Nice walking cane, roll through the club in slow motion then we precede to really make it rain. Hell I think I made it rain with my entire salary during all star weekend. I am not kidding I am broke check the interview.

But it's worth it just to see the strippers smile as I skeet skeet all over them with money from the sky. I think I have put at least 14 strippers through college this year alone. Now while we were at this fine gentlemen's one of Kyle Corver's posse members thought it would be cute to try to snatch some of the money up we were throwing down. But Bonner was not having that so I borrowed Tim's cane and walked up to the dude like" What up podna."

Then I flicked the bill of his baseball name brand game hate of the university of South Carolian and well lets just say I had to buy Tim Duncan a new can after breaking it in half over this fools head.

Anyway a large brawl ensued with Brent Barry getting tasered, me losing one of my monkeys, Tim Duncan acting a damn fool(I think he hung Kyle Korver out a window), and well at the end of the night Kyle Korver no longer had a posse and now like that gump ass Garnett he fears me too. Moral of the story Bonner makes it rain and punks jump up to get beat down.