Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Nas Sounding Good

This new Nas shit dropped yesterday.

I'm really liking this album so far.

Here are two track that stuck out:

Nas - "Let There be Light"

Nas - "Hold Down the Block"


Anonymous said...

Have not you always hated him?
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En P said...

when was that ever stated on this blog?

i think illmatic is a timeless masterpiece.

everything else after that was meh

this new album is sounding better than anything since illmatic.

beat pervert said...

I think he was thinking of jesus who hated him. Story goes when Nas was 12 he snuffed Jesus. Reasons are muddled why it happened but lets just say big l was in the back holding up a gang of nuns with an automatic gun and jesus lost his chain that hung real low.