Monday, December 29, 2008


Why in the hell did no one tell me Prince Paul made a video for booty clap. This just made my day

And tomorrow the monthly Freakout with MMOSS and Blaq Boose 9-1 at the red door. According to a freakout virgin they described hearing the freakout as just a bunch of people all fucked up on all types of drugs and drank. Ummm.....true but the music is really fucking DOPE!

And I been talking the shit out of MMoss hear on the blog (they are dude Justin's band) but if you wondering about blaq boose they are a tribe of bro/ho's who sing songs of ancient fields. we all own pot except for the ones who own beers. we use trombone, flute, trumpet, guitars, drums, synth and upright bass to make songs of enjoyment for the gods. we scramble not, yet in our haste to please we drink all the cups of drugs of dance and mostly scream. we want to burn the dead babies birdessess and paint our naked bodies with our blood but must care not for it. will you help us care and scream to the tune of our holy birth right of liberation from the townspeople?
Come early for the bands and me playing pysch/kraut/weiro rock and stoner metal, and stay late for the dance shit.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


We don't celebrate x-mas anymore its officially James Brown Day from now out

and just because this is drunk and focused and we know even our lord and saviors like to get drunk

the best thing about christmas this year


The first time I watched this video I thought it was corny as fuck. The second time I watched this video I still thought it was corny as fuck. About the twentieth time I watched it I realized this may be one of the best x-mas videos ever done.

Hell it starts off with Jones writing a letter to what you may think is Santa Clause (but yo their's a twist at the end) and dude is like "I remember when mommy used to let me open up a present at midnight." That's emotion even Kayne can't fake with autotune. Plus Jones says its a recession and the gifts, and not to mention videos, cost cheddar. Blue Screen in full effect what! I think they donated their video budget to the salvation army. Jones so benvalent. Things I am also feeling about this video Jones quill pen complete with red feather, the making it snow with the dollars from the salvation army bucket (in the winter we don't make it rain anymore we make it snow on them hoes), and all the extreme close ups on Jim's face. But the best part of the video is the dude in the back who keeps dancing around ringing the bell. I would hire him just to come to parties with the bell and do that. And yo the twist is he ain't writing to santa he is writing to one of his boys locked up in jail. He finished the letter by dripping it in candle wax and writing love always (no ho-ho-homo)

Now this video also grew on me but its no where near on the level of awesome that Jones pulled off. Basically to me this video is Santana wanted to get laid by this girl Stella and her friends so he made this track. Girl can't really sing and Santana just kinda bounces around with a look of this pussy better be worth the $400 dollars I spent on this video, and he seems to be pondering will I be able to stick my dick in between the gap of this girls teeth tonite. Side note I watched this video about 8 times while ripping records at Evaredy's because it was the MTV jam of the week and we only watch rap videos at his house so we couldn't figure out who the skullgang was and had various theories (most being about Juelz being blatantly honest that he was putting these girls on because they gave great skull (you kids might know it as fellatio) turns out skullgang is like a dipset jv team. Who knew.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snapple was a popular drank and still is

I like add n to x's song about skills better than the gangstar joint. Also it's almost 2009 can we finally admit how bad Guru is? Yeah I know he has done SO MANY DOPE SONGS but who doesn't sound good over Premier's beats? Hell I can rap over his beats and sound good. He has a great voice true, but his lyrics are bad for a freshmen poetry class. But I will admit lemonaid was a popular drank and still is
add n to x - skills

Monday, December 22, 2008

old house monday we confused

Armando - Land of Confusion

This songs fit the dreams I been having( side note I haven't smoked pot in days hence I am dreaming a lot and remembering them, and yes its wierd)

Friday, December 19, 2008

snowed in

Since that old man winter decided to skeet all his white love everywhere I am snowed in, and instead of killing it at Recess tonight with Evaredy and Ghost Dad I am stuck at home dranking expresso martini's and cans of PBR(I keep it real, classy) and listening to records. Its like my own private Scissor Test. Anyway Christmas is coming up which means presents and hangovers, and since I am so benevolent I am giving the gift of seeing me dj the day after Christman with a whole grip of rappers and what not. Peep the flyer for full line-up

Now here is some of that nice Christian Christmas Music to listen to while funneling egg nog at your Christmas parties
You ever wonder what a pyche rock christmas song sounds like?
Free Design - Hold your breathe it's christmas
well know you do.

Next up is christmas music b-more style from the Unruly Crew. I want a beeper to for Christmas and maybe some gortex.
Unruly Mass Choir - Unruly Christmas

Next track is for those romantic nights when you are trying to pull that emotional girl whose all drunk on cheer and cookies and likes white rappers
Atmosphere - If I wasn Santa Clause

Monday, December 15, 2008

that old house monday

This video was posted up on the hollerboard

How fucking awesome is this?

We back at with the old house monday and we coming today with one of Todd Terry's many aliases House of Gypsies.

And since we just got hit with a big ass ice storm I figured we needed some of the tropical sounding shit.
house of gypsies- sum si say

And a re-up on
Tu No Sabe - Pirates of the Carribean

Sunday, December 14, 2008

drunk and focused is back

Yo sorry the slacking on posts been making moves. Going to be moving to Denver in the new Year. Big going away parties still to come. Working on a getting a new website done, and putting out a mixtape. The 09 will be bigger than the beatdown De La Hoya got last weekend. Matt Bonner is returning to drunk and focused look out for his next post. Dude is blowing up and its gone straight to his head. He the best. Evaredy hates you all thats why he never posts. He is such an ashhole. Y'all should tell him it ain't hard to post a soul song and picture. In fact you can tell him this in person this coming Friday as we invade the Milky Way for a party with ghostdad.

Also I been digging through music the past few weeks trying to find those overlooked gems I have that I have totally forgot about. And I came across this early 80's track by Purple Flash. It fucking rules. Its this really pretty synth disco type shit from this dude from Canada. This song sounds like what Metro Area would make if they had done the soundtrack to Miami Vice.
Purple Flash - We can make it

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

old house not monday: Blame it on the dudes from the computer lab edition

Shit I don't get Vol 1: So yo when I take my fully functioning, internet capable, and no real problem having ass laptop to the computer geeks at my school to figure out why I can't get online when I am in their library, (the only place in the world I can't get online because of their bullshit security settings) why do I end up leaving without the ability to get online anywhere? I am saying y'all did a 360 reverse tomahawk dunk of absolute failure on this one. You are the Chris "Birdman" Anderson of fixing computers.

And since that laptop is my dj laptop with most of my old house on it that is why this old house post is so late. Any way here is some old house music that even Birdman could smoke a joint too, and then miss so many dunks, I mean soo many dunks. What man do you have Woody Harrelson in you? What up Rosie Perez's titties and Jeopardy!

Anyway here is some Tom Chambers and Aresenio Hall

Now on to the house music with two artists we have featured here before, but this time different tracks, both very dope. Yep get the whistles out.
Tyree - Acid Over

2 Bad mice - hold it down


Sunday, November 16, 2008

sidekick sunday

This is the debut of a once and a long while feature at drunk and focused called sidekick Sunday. This is when we post songs from the high school friends and current weed carriers of them big time rappers. Its the feature for the Turtle of rap music.

And all you sidekicks have faith because even Turtle got a hand job from Meadow Soprano.

So yes indeed there is hope for the Tony Yayo's of the rap world. Drunk and Focused has your back homies!

This is even if you look like your 50, and I ain't talking 50 Cent, I am talking 50 years old.

Zing! Pow! Kick! Watch out! We got jokes for days!

But on the serious tip we celebrating the good side of rap nepotism with songs that are actually dope. Sometimes the crew love power is just too much. Sometimes they come together to form like voltron and provide you with a song to play when you are opening the night and staying away from big hits. But seriously who the fuck is playing ochhie wally wally at peak hours?

First up on Sidekick Sundays is the weed carriers of Snoop Dog, his crew and long time homies Daz and Kurupt, The Dogg Pound(no Arsenio).

This is actually, well technically, a Snoop track, but in reality it is just a Dogg Pound track featuring Nate Dogg and Snoop. Basically it is a track Snoop made to get his good homies laid. This is Snoop being the ultimate wing man. Which proves my longstanding theory that Snoop is so benevolent.

snoop ft dogg pound and nate dogg - ain't no fun

rap music is the fountain of youth

People on the internet been wonder what happened to Perv?

And yo y'all excuse my lack of posts but I been out killing shit. Internet was on hold as I partied. I celebrated Evaredy's official old head status as one of them 30 year olds Friday night with a huge Get Stupid! throw-down at the red door with big homie dj Ghost Dad and Chris Devlin. Pictures coming soon, but if you missed it you'se a fool for that. And for those that think NH people can't dance y'all were mistaken.

That crowd was up and shaking their asses all night long. Shout out to all the scissor test kids who came out to party and made the regular friday martini sipping red door crowd scared to death. Booties were shaking everywhere. And big shout to my drunk and focused podna Evaredy for becoming old, and that is even if he still looks like he is 18. Rap music is the fountain of youth. Ask Kool Keith he will tell ya

And Yo I am buying those siberian videos for Evaredy as a late b-day present. God Bless rap music
Kool Keith, What What, High and Mighty, and Bobitto - Hands on Experience

side note how awesome is Copperfield's jazz hands in that picture

Yeah he totally bit that shit from me

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


He done did it.

But the real question is now what happens to all the old angry rappers who needed four more years of an out of touch white dude to spring their rap comebacks on? I am saying a Paris come back is no longer in the works, and well if you heard his Bush Jr shit you'd realize this a great day because that shit sucked. But let us not forget on this glorious day what a young, angry, and hungry Paris sounded like
Paris - panther Power

But on the real we moving on up!

Monday, November 03, 2008

America has been seperate but not equal too many years...Texas is Turning Blue

H Town All Stars (Bun B,Chamillionaire, Paul Wall,Cory Mo, and Trae - Obama 08

ol house monday can you feel it?

This is one of the first and one of my favorite house records I ever owned, or well inherited from my big brother B2. So this record has a special place in my heart and I finally got around to ripping it. Call it an early gift to make you sure y'all get out and vote for Obama tomorrow.
Josh Wink - hypnotizing (remix)

Josh Wink - Hypnotizing (live remix)

Mr. Fingers -Can You Feel It (Martin Luther King mix


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Drunk and Focused Posse in full effect with another fly ass all vinyl mix for our girl dj Stef and Ve Radio. This time we kept it strictly rap music. Blunt Recordings what? Nothing new just good old fashioned rap music

grab it here A Drunk and Focused Ve Radio
1.The Changing World - George Benson (1974 CTI)
2.Get Tha Fortune - Cash money click (1994 Blunt Recordings)produced by Dj Irv
3.4 My Click - Cash Money Click (1994 Blunt Recordings)produced by Dj Irv
4.Next Level (Nyte Time Mix) - Show and AG (1995 Payday)
produced by Dj Premier
5.Put it On - Big L (1994 Columbia) Buck Wyld
6.You Can't Front (...It is Real) - Diamond D ft. Sadat X
and Lord Finesse Produced by Diamond
(1993 Chemistry Records)
7.I Ain't Trippin(extended remix) - Too Short (Jive Records) produced by Too Short and Al Eaton
8.Who's the Mack - Ice Cube (1990 Priority Records)
Produced by The Bomb Squad
9.Breaker 1/9 (Beatnuts Remix) - Common Sense ( 1992 Relativity Records) produced by the Beatnuts
10. No Equal - The Beatnuts (1993 Relativity) produced by The
11.Supa Star (Inst.) - Group Home (1994 Payday/) produced by
Dj Premier
12.Livin' Proof - Group Home (1995 Payday)
produced by Dj Premier
13.Tonz 'O' Gunz - Gang Star (1994 Chrysalis) Dj Premier
14.Stay Real - Erick Sermon (1993 Rush Assoiciated Labels)
Erick Sermon
15.Battle Dril - Saafir (1994 Qwest Records)
16.Get The Girl, Grab the Money and Run - Souls of Mischief
(1994 Jive)
17.Soul Flower (2 tha 3 Mix) - The Pharcyde
(1993 Delicious Vinyl)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Keith Sweat to the rescue

Yo your boy beat perv is going through a rough patch. I know its hard to imagine anyone with swagger like mine can have trouble, but its true, yo boy perv got dumped. I blame rap music. And puking on that Bulgarian did not help. Regardless, I am looking to Keith Sweat to make me realize just how good I had it. So from now on I am living by the Too Short/Keith Sweat code of life. Yes ladies beware because on the real I am so handsome it makes even Keith Jealous. Hell, I am so good looking I am going take it to charity with a win a dream date with beat perv coming too a reality near you soon contest. Also drunk and focused posse are re-releasing our smash hit mix-cd "The Hot Young Studs", it seems just right to do. (Plus that it's a one year old re-release and the fact we did a really dope mix which I lost the master tom and after realizing how good it was in evaredy's car a couple weeks ago, realized it was so dope we ought to give it away for free, and pretend we just sold out of the original cd's because girls eat up our mixes like they playing Hungry hungry hippos. Word Up Board Games! AND BIG NEWS so many mixes coming soon. BIG TINGS COMING I AM REFOCUSED GRAB OUR VE RADIO MIX AT VERADIO.COM RAP MUSIC RAP MUSIC! RAP MUSIC!!!! drunk and focused review.

Keith you sad clown genius. Who else would think to have a bozo the clown looking dude play the saxophone like he was on set of the rumpshaka video? But you took it to the next level and instead of having him on a beach, you set the shit to happen at the sexiest carnival ever. I am talking Marky Mark Fingerbanging Reese Witherspoon in fear on the roller coaster shit. How's your mother y'all?

Next we cut to Keith Sweat's mansion. Shit is pimp. Of course it is he is Keith Sweat! But then out of the blue his girl leaves him. He is hurt so he sits on his awesome bed and laments. Maybe he thinks damn this bed is comfy? Shit I would think that too if I had a fly bed like that. Maybe he thinks did Keith Sweat just lose a bitch? Nah, Keith, he doesn't think like that. He thinks damn I am so awesome and girls love me that I am going to sing some sad song to get girls to try out this comfy bed with me, and if I am lucky we can go all three bears and goldylocks on their asses. This is what Keith Sweat refers to as blumpkins (kids look it up on google or some shit).

Keith in sadness goes back to the carnival-no Wyclef.

Then this little white girl steals a balloon from the sad clown, its yellow, and she gives it to Keith who releases it in the air. Balloon flies away. Its all very heartbreaking and French.

The rest of the video well is wack for Keith Sweat standards. It's like a 900 number for being a bitch. Then as usual standard super sexy bathrobe/wardrobe for singing about girls. Then we go back to the carnival, blah blah boring, he gets back with this girl I think. She is on a merrry go round. Yeah she is circling. Keith gets back with her and then tells the clown to watch. Well that is what I am assuming. Keith Sweat needs to stay away from carnivals. Sad Clowns and taking back broads who broke your heart is not a good look. I think my homeboy lost it. Y'all be the judge

Monday, October 20, 2008

old house monday: on a monday?

So the sox lose to a team named after the sun or some shit, and that had to take the devil out of their name because their pussy ass fans who never gave a shit about their team until they started winning could be pacified. What the fuck. I hate philly teams with a passion, but guess what at least their fans give a fuck. Fuck them the rays lets go Phillies y'all need to win something and us boston fans have been spoiled too long. Y'all better not lose to to the mormons of the baseball game. Now with that out of the way we onto the house music, and I got to bring out one of my personal favorite house tracks of all time to get me through this tough time of watching a bunch of dudes with shitty ass mohawks beat my team.
gershon jackson - snare your ass off

Thursday, October 16, 2008

old house not monday: Dudes without shirts version aka Get Your Ass Hammered

So last night I was at the Red Door with Evaredy playing what used to be reggae night; a weekly they had to stop because the cops always came, including that one time for pesky felony when some girl got a martini glass busted across her face.

Good Vibes man, good vibes.

So we filled in for the night to do our usual mix of old rap, soul, house, and club. So as always we killed it. Then in walks this dude with a big bear of man on his side, both in leather jacket straight out of Grease. Then dude starts dancing with moves that looked like a cross between a shitty uprock by some old b-boy with too fat laces, and the raver hand motion thang. You knew the raver hand motion thang.

So I am sipping on a drink while evaredy brings us into house territory and homie comes up and wonders what happened to reggae night and why are we playing music for gay guys and lesbians. He just wanted to dance and he tells me, "I can't do my dance routine to this shit." And that he wasn't homophobic because his dad was gay, but I needed to stop playing this men on films shit.

So of course when I got back on and made sure to take to the rave even more, and then when I look up what do I see? None other than leather jacket homie with gay dad in the middle of the dance floor, shirtless, having what looks to be a dance off with a black dude who kind of looked like preppy version of Cameo. Yes, word up. Where is my whistle at.

Side note shout out to the gay dads out there. Thats the second time in the last few months somebody at the club has been wilding out and has came to the booth to tell us about their gay father. The last was this British girl with two cheeky gay dads, one of them which told the bartender's little brother to dance seductively with his daughter because all though she would not sleep with him she would love it regardless. Yeah, so this has nothing to really do with anything other than kids with gay dads love the drunk and focused posse.

Here's your house track
E-Dancer - Pump the Move (Kenny Larkin mix)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We back. I am done moving. I am back in Boston. It's Tuesday and our new feature called records I play out on Tuesdays. I been running scissor test for over three years and now it has evolved. Back in the day it was just me and the homie Lemon Red playing club rap and b-more club. Then he left for NYC and Diplo and I started booking live bands who gave scissor test its identity. And now three years later we still the best spot to hear the best bands and club music in the land. So starting this Tuesday will drop tracks I am playing at scissor test (or have played a lot in the past three years) No requirement for these tracks other than they be dope.
Freestyle Fellowship - When The sun took a day off

Stark Reality - So Much Tenderness

Babe Ruth - The Mexican

Master P - I need dubz (zilla remix)

D'Vo and Strom - Dudes in da house

dj Spinn and dj Rashad- that booty

Saturday, October 04, 2008

It's saturday

You probaly think I am going to post some happy go lucky saturday songs now right? But you are wrong. Dead wrong. We getting all emotional and shit now. Word first up is some of that echo and the bunnymen for my cutters, and cool kids at camp. (whoever gets that rap reference gets seven pies of various flavors and they all delicous)
echo and the bunnymen - the cutter

Next up is something to come down sunday morning after you do way too much acid and have a conversation in the forest of knowledge surrounded by gum drop trees, bushes of platinum (they hot like fire) and converse with a man who resembles KRS ONe but is actually a rock named Fred.
Forest - Graveyard

Last is one of those epic driving songs when you are pulling away from the house you just burned down and the cops have yet to start chasing you and you have just pulled into a motel to drank a beer and peer out the window
Mercury Rev - Goddess on Highway

And fuck it is Saturday so we going out with some of that happy go lucky I am doing the hustle cause it keeps me thin shit
dj amaze - boys and girls

Friday, October 03, 2008



YES WE VERY LAZY on the blog tip BUT don't fret cause we got TONS OF MIXES COMING from the drunk and focused posse including an OLD RAP mix for VE RADIO, a B-More and Philly club set mixed live by Evaredy, and my FREAKOUT MIX




WHY AM I YELLING????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

don't be mad we haven' posted in awhile but new site coming plus I am moving but in the meantime

Also don't vote

Holy shit this is horrid

Seriously vote, but this shit is embarassing, but how good does Halle Berry look? Seriously my vote is to skeet on her.

Also how dumb is Palin? I mean would she be the type of girl who you would tell hey I am going to marry you so we can have sex now and that god won't let her get pregnant so you could bust in her without a condom...ooopps thats her daughter

Monday, September 22, 2008

germans love house music

What do you get one you cross a german who loved Afrika Bambatta and a kraftwerk sample?
Yeah I know what your thinking a new david hasselhoff mashup? But your wrong. Very Wrong.

Answer is you get this old house classic

West Bam - Monkey see monkey do

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drunk and focused Posse Tonight move your body like a ballerina drunk on bacardi

Yeah no flyer cause our word to mouth swag is legendary. But tonight Beat Perv and Evaredy in full effect at the red door from 10-1 after the old dudes stop playing their free jazz music

And here is some Biz Markie he comes and does the wop at our parties
biz markie - return of the biz dance

biz markie - make the music with your mouth

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

scissor test tonight straight from b-more

This is what came up when I googled Rick Weaver.

Although this picture is awesome it is not the baltimore Rick Weaver and the Ruined Frame. This is Baltimore's Rick Weaver and the Ruined Frame and he is part of Human Host, and this is his new solo project and should be fucking awesome. Not to mention Brian Levin and jack Blackwater are playing. SHit starts at 9 at the red door with no cover and 2 dollar pbrs. Plus 11-1 I play rap, house and club music. Word

Also this new order song is almost as awesome as that picture
new order - salvation theme

old house anyday

Yeah its tuesday not monday, but its still old house monday. No complaints just great old house. This week it's Harddrive (Masters at Work)- deep inside The reason on the upcoming crossfaded bacon ep Emynd straight murders this track. Pick that shit up when it drops on flaming hotz in the next week or so. I highly recommend you go out and cop that shit as soon as possible, and also check out Emynd's new bounce site Nola Bounce
And to keep the remix feel going here is what deep inside was a take off of

Thursday, September 11, 2008

rap music, just some rap music

Not enough rap on this blog these days. Maybe when evaredy starts doing his ditc posts (thats literal and not literal, best of both worlds, no r kelly) more rap and classic soul and funk will be up, but until that great day I am just going to at random throw up rap songs. Why? Because the world needs more rap music, well not from you timmy(yes Whitey I am talking to you), but good old rap music like Thirstin Howell III

thirstin howell III - welfare pussy

God bless Keith Sweat vol. freedom

In honor on freedom and fucking, which is the greatest freedom in the world and imagine a world where Keith Sweat videos with broads in full out burkas? That is a world I don't want to live in. So to celebrate we are returning to a drunk and focused favorite when we watch Keith Sweat videos.

This video is for the "Nobody" track and it of course starts out with Keith looking dapper in a white suit. Fuck Tom Wolfe Kieth makes that white suit his own. Of course next is a hot broad walking down the street in a flowing overcoat looking like a pitbull with adina howard thighs. Then a familar theme in Keith videos him driving, this time in a black suit cause he is sad and wants to show this women how much he needs her. Real talk is hey baby sex was fun and I am going to pretend to be really sad so I can have sex with you one more time. Is that cool baby? Then in true Keith fashion he breaks down the truth that nobody can freak her and please her like he could. I said it before, and I will say it again, God Bless Keith Sweat.

Then out of nowhere the girl starts singing and she is with cho cho milk drinking Clocker starring baldhead bastard that is not Omar Epps but wig wearing eminem bestfriend mekhi phifer!

Then you realize the pitbull with thighs is not the one singing and this broad singing is down with Keith sweats friend the choo choo milk drinking clocker. Of course she rather have sex with Keith, but he's taking so she is going to sing the hook for him and hook up with his man. What a great girl she is. Song ends with Keith driving around looking fly looking for his next booty call.

If there is a man who inspires freedom better than Keith I just don't know who that man is.

PS Keith Sweat got Palin's daughter pregnant

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

thank you cam

Holy shit just when I say hey its getting colder out. No more beach. Where is the remote. And wondering who I can get a record deal for. Out comes a song like this.
Streve Brule should be on the hook, "Just hit the pussy hole dummy...for your health"

camron - pussy hole

ol house mond...err wednesday

Yeah I been slacking on my blog macking and missed monday but its all good I was working on a new rap mix with Evaredy for ve radio thats dope as hell. All classic rap mix, all vinyl, and all mixed to perfection by the drunk and focused posse. I just have to do the drops and send it over to Dj Stef and it should be up in the next few days. And yes we drop Ja Rule's to start the mix off, and no you will not be mad at all we did. Blunt Recordings what Up! Question do you think Frankie Cutlass and Mic Geronimo hang out these days? And why did they change the record label name from Blunt Recordings to Murder Inc.? Well I am kind of glad they did cause murder inc is wack as hell, but Blunt records that shit was average as fuck, but hey at least they gave us the masta ic single and cash money click.

Now onto the house music

Farley "Jackmaster" Funk reworks the think break. If you like b-more club, or any dance music in general than you love the think break. Its of course best known for the "It Takes Two" sample but its pretty much one of the most essential breaks of all time for b-more and hip-house influenced music.
precious red - think

You ever wonder what the c and c stood for in c and c music factory? Well its Clivellis and Cole and this is a good track they did called pride. When I was 11 I would have smacked my future self for liking c and c music factory but guess what young kids are dumb. Thats why they young, cause they supposed to be dumb. Old heads recgonize dope shit. See getting old ain't that bad
clivellis and cole - Pride

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pop it for Perv

This track is my secret weapon so good, and to boot its a real easy mix into back that ass up. Come to the red door tonite drunk and focused posse in full effect from 10-1 playing soul, rap , house, and club. And its free as soon as the old dudes stop playing jazz.
bun, juvenille, and webbie - pop it 4 pimp

Monday, September 01, 2008

ol house monday get yo cameras ready...prepare to flash

One of my favorite producers of all time and I have slept on this track forever. Evaredy with the assist on this shit. Holy shit is this so good, and you know I am dropping this tomorrow at the scissor test.
green velvet - Flash

Thursday, August 28, 2008

You know? Fucking rap music.

Drunk and Focused Posse in full effect tonight playing rap music in Dover. THis is the last rap music thursday before we take over and start doing shit for the hipsters and the bands that want to be on TRL on Thursdays. Ummm yeah don't worry me and evaredy will still kill it regardless of how the night is promoted because we that good. Anyway here is one of the best rappers before he sold the fuck out, sorry Cube, but family movies is not a good look. But back in the day who the fuck could fuck with ice cube? He was def top ten best all time. Fuck you if you think different. Man I miss old Ice Cube.
Ice Cube - wrong nigga to fuck with

Ice Cube - Steady Mobbing

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the internet says your pants our sagging

I grabbed this track off the mad decent blog
dj tragic - pants are sagging
This shit is like hard house on acid they got from b-more, with the ease out drug being E. Holy shit i feel dirty about how much I love this track. I feel like this is a track the modern day Dj Irene (does she still dj?) would be dropping while doing the truffle shuffle. I am sure the kids on the internet love this for reasons they have no idea why. Thank god I didn't do drugs as a high school kid, or this blog might be praising happy hardcore. I am sorry rap fans but I am like a black kid that grew up in the suburbs and like Poison (the rock group not new jack song), I can't help that I like this shit. And for the haters at least they sampled a rap track for this song.

no one has swagger like beat perv

I know the internets has been kind of fifty-fifty hating or loving this shit, but fuck this shit is fucking good. Jay Z is like a fucking horror movie villain every time you think he is dead or about to fall off he comes back ten times harder, and changes up his shit to show you why he has to be considered one of the best. I have always liked Jay, but I appreciate him a lot more these days, plus dude is older than Rakim. You realize that? Shit is insane. But TI is the show stealer here, and I will still argue that TI is the best rapper alive, sorry wayne you good on this track ,and you the most popular rapper alive these days, but TI is still the king of the south. Holy shit does he kill it on this track, and I also ain't mad at Kayne for the auto tune shit, he actually sounds good with it, no cher. Plus they sample MIA for it. White girls will love it, mix it with paper planes and they are happy and buying you drinks. What the hell else do you want?
TI, Lil wayne, Kayne, Jay Z - Swagger Like Us
Also thank Jay Z for one of my favorite lines, "we can't wear skinny jeans because our nuts don't fit"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ol house monday just shut up and dance

Shut Up And Dance - Lamborghini
One of my favorite songs to sample the sweet dreams beat. These dudes made some ridicolously good beats, they also had no boundaries sampling wise, hence why they got sued in 1992 and pretty much almost drove them out of existence. Fuck sample laws. I understand its a fine line, and the original artists want that money, but really fuck a sample law. These dudes also couldn't get signed so they said fuck it and started the own label releasing Ragga Twins and Nicolette.

ragga twins - hooligan 69

nicolette - oh na na

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

26th annual beat perv celebration featuring Human Host, Height, and Jack Blackwater


The 26 annual celebration of BEat Perv
HUman Host
Height (wham city records)
and local favorite
JAck BLackwater

plus rap, booty, house, and club music all night lomg

Monday, August 18, 2008

Are you there Old House monday, it's me Beat Perv

The first time I heard Kc Flight track was the planet e track mostly because of the talking head sample, and then later on the front 2 back track with playgroup that dropped in 97 or so. Anyway this KC Flightt track that grew on me a lot, and you may have heard it from the bob sinclair remix. I don't know shit about Bob Sinclair (other than dude is huge in some circles, but not so much the drunk and focused circle) but I think that remix was big?? Maybe who cares play the original, or you have to drop a remix make sure it's the wonka remix.

But if you play the wonka version make sure its warm out and their are girls from Europe dancing on E. Otherwise stick to the original
kc flight - voices

Next up is Armando one of the early Chicago House pioneers and his first 12 inch which dropped in 1988. Also dude died of leukemia back in 96(when he was only fucking 26, fuck I am turning 26 in two days) which I just found out via the internet trying to find out what he was up to these days. Anyway enjoy the track its so good Kirsty Alley said it was better than her favorite past time: donut fishing. For those who don't know thats when Kirtsty Alley gets in her hot tub and has her two of her hired help (they also sponge bath her like a walrus at the aquarium) take fishing polls of various baked snacks such as ding dongs, sno balls, ho ho's, and the occasional tasty cake cup cake and Kirsty leaps out like a seal and snatches the treat. Kisty Alley loves working out for her treats, god bless her. But yeah this track is as good as a tasty cake. What up WaWA
Armando - 100% Dissing You remix

This is one of my favorite house tracks ever. It's like pink lemonade, and always a good choice, not to mention a popular drink. I see you Guru you we on the same level.
circle children - zulu dub mix

Next is something useful for the djs the accapella for Barbara Tucker's I get lifted (acc)

Friday, August 15, 2008

booty post

dj slugo - freaky ride

tyrone davis - here it comes

Yeah I know she never won Wimbeldon, but goddamn does she inspire a booty music post. Holy shit and y'all wonder why my girl is a tennis player, ummm she is classy so I won't say its a nice booty for days. But so much booty shit going down this coming tuesday for the 26 year celebration of beat perv featuring b-more's finest weirdos Human Host and Height. Booty and special guests to come.


Plans for a boston scissor test in the works.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

old motherfucking house...fuck a monday I always play this shit out

House house house
Yeah one week late but fuck so much good tracks first is Adonis
Adonis - No Way Back

Next is some kraftwerk rework (this is a kraftwerk rework right or at least sample?? if not I am an idiot)
steve p - computer madness
THis makes germans go crazier than david hasselhoff drunk in a bikini eating burgers and whipping naked girls from baywatch with his hot dog, no penis, hot dog
kraftwerk - b- sides
Lastly my third favorite remix of this brighter days song. This is useful once in awhile and even though its a "trance" mix its really dope, I promise. The underground goodie remix kills this track but sometimes when your set is going this way you will thank me for this track, actually thank cajmere I just pirated it from him
cajmere - brighter days (trance mix)

rip bernie mac

I ain't scared of you motherfuckers
juvenille - how I be leaning

yeah I know random juvenille song for no reason

Friday, August 08, 2008

freakout friday

Bruce Haack - incantation

As much as I love rap and house music most of the kids know me for playing weird shit. Bruce Haack has a weird relationship with the devil and electronic music. He makes music that sounds like the soundtrack to the devil fucking one of his electronic bitches, usually vicky from my little robot. Ohh, you didn't know, yeah that bitch went to hell when the show got cancelled. Yeah maybe y'all should not have been so selfish and watched the show so they could have got some more episodes in and a better syndication deal, so she could have lived in reruns. Jesus does not fuck d list robots. But Satan, that satan will fuck anything.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Drunk History

this shit is so good, and if you wondering, yes I dj like this sometimes. WE DA BEST! There is like 3 or four more drunk history videos if you want to search the youtube. the jack black and clark duke shit is so great. I recommend them all. They are even funny sober.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I am just Drunk

Its true the drunker I get the more these synopsis of episodes of the first season of 12 oz mouse make sense. And if you wondering this is the season we sampled on the last Drunk and focused posse VE Radio mix.

1 Hired
Mouse Fitzgerald has been out of work most of the month. He's late on his rent payment, and the landlord is ready to forcibly evict him. Mouse Fitzgerald takes his pool stick down to the billiards hall and stakes his last bit of money. He wins, and returns just in time to pay up. Skillet remains unaware of Fitzgerald's gambling stunt, and thanks the Lord Jesus.
2 Signals
The 12oz. Mouse has painted a portrait of a Black Jesus. Suddenly there is a run of good luck all around him - Skillet wins two bets in the same day! But they must choose - does Mouse Fitzgerald get to enter the painting in a contest for the art gallery? Or does the painting stay in the living room?
3 Rooster
Mouse Fitzgerald plans to celebrate Rooster's new job. But then they find out he didn't get it because he is a couple years too old to meet Shark's requirements.
4 Spider
Mouse Fitzgerald's old army buddy visits. He is now a wealthy TV minister, and offers Fitzgerald a job. The 12oz. Mouse turns it down after dishonest tactics are revealed.
5 Rememorized
During a schoolroom history class, the Eye calls George Washington a racist because he was a slave owner. The Eye gets suspended from school and sent home. Rhoda and Liquor try to persuade the Eye to apologize for his statement.
6 Sharktasm
Skillet finds a sexually explicit book in the house. He is surprised when it turns out to belong to Spider Boy. However, Spider Boy's college boyfriend is only using it for a school paper.
7 Adventure Mouse
Mouse Fitzgerald has sold a painting, but the art customer turns out to be one of Skillet's old enemies. Skillet throws the man out and refuses to let Mouse Fitzgerald do the work. The 12 Oz. Mouse runs away from home to live and work at the art patron's house, but is unable to paint in the new, peaceful environment.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Holy shit does Swayzee fucking suck

Yo Fuck these rich ass wack ass motherfuckers. You all sound like a fucking lamer version of Crazy Town, at least their lead singer is on drugs what the fuck is you guys excuse?

Can somebody tell the kids to stop being fucking idiots. Yes its cool to make money, corporate or not, yeah we get it, but fuck this bullshit mentality that it can be shitty music because they have their tongue in cheek and rich. If you like this shit and your not fifteen you should be shot in the face. Their fans are young and dumb what the fuck is your excuse, these sallies make the Monkees look hard as fuck. FUCK YOU Swayzee go back to malibu with this bullshit. Kids listen to fucking rap music it will benefit you in the long run

Also I will skeet skeet skeet on this girls faces just on principle. Fuck the bullshit its 2008 and we still being duped.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

In Bay We Trust cause Theo Make Change

Bye Manny

camron ft. juelz santana- we make change
I loved Manny but dude kind of fell the fuck off this season. We get it your quirky, and you like making money. You helped us win two world series, and next season you were looking at making either 20 mill from the sox, or some big ass contract with somebody else then you went all craZy and forced a trade. Cool Nomar was a salty sally too towards the end, and now y'all are reunited on the dodgers, but per usual dude is hurt. Plus I heard Jason Bay is Canadien, and has hung out with Alan Thicke multiple times. Word plus his numbers are indentical to Manny which would have made this trade a wash if the sox weren't paying for manny's contract (not that I give a fuck as a fan I want my team to make it rain on these players like hos to keep them happy) and giving up Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen, well not that those dudes were that good or were ever going to be better than average, but its the principle right? But yeah Sox are winning the series again they just turned the team into an underdorg group of scrappers who like chewing tobacco and fist fights.

TONIGHT we Get Dirty like that bastard

I am doing this for the kids. Eighteen plus and the drunk and focused posse will be in full effect dropping rap, house, club, booty, and even some of that tight panced dance shit. This is the jump off and come september this should be a weekly party.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You Don't Ever Catch the Dragon Dad

Yo I found this via the hater


Ummm yeah. This is why I can't wake up early in the morning and plus the shit that is on late night is so much better. Fuck the sun, the moon is much cooler. Think about one hundo a day thats five hundo a week and thats rich. words to live by

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

keith sweat videos volume 3

Yo is Keith Sweat fucking with more keys than a janitor?? Only if those keys ain't coke, and we talking about the keys to a hot broads bedroom. This video starts off with keys, and wierd water shit that kinda looks like a combination of chinese water torture, or some wierd way to make crack. Then we see Keith in jail and some good looking girl in nice cars on the ocean, I think she owns a boat. But wait a minute Keith is on the boat! yes Keith Sweat owns a boat. You realize crooning pays well this brother is rich bitch! Then Keith is sauve and tells the bitch to take her shoes off. I think she has a foot massage in her future! Then Keith throws her shoes in the ocean and croons about how she is in the mood. Dude way to jump on the barefoot and pregnant shit at least 9 months early, come on wait till your semin is inside for that. Can we talk about keith's outit for a minute? First he is wearing a zubaz print tee and jeans straight out of 94, then he tops it in jail with an all denim outfit, what up square dancing cause dude looks like a white dude that loves country, is he keith sweat or toby keith? Shout out to that all white outfit with the miami hat, is that shit starter brand? Then we get a wierd scene of both Keith and his bitch in all pinstripes, shit looks a weird gay orgy between A-Rod and Jeter. Or maybe Burt and Ernie when they have an all dude sex themed yankee night.

Next he dressed up like Montell Jordan, which proves this is not how you do it being suave. Then more shots of the beach and then him in jail. All this video showed me is Keith Sweat might get the girls, but he dresses like a back up singer in a kriss kross video.

one hundo a day...we rich

sometimes you just need a booty post

In honor of Steve Sander's wife here are some booty tracks. Y'all realize 90210 is coming back with Micheal from the wire, the mom from arrested development, Aunt Becky from Full House, Kelly Taylor as the school pyschiologist, and Brenda Walsh as a famous actress and director. Please Tell me they are bringing back Steve Sanders too. Pretty please. This show is going to be so much better than Degrassi High the next generation. You bring back snake but not wheels? Come on what about wheels man. Anyway booty music

dj Ht - slow fuck

dj funk - booty clap

Tuesday Freakout

The Monthly Freakout is back with MMOSS tonite at the scissor test and this times with 99 percent more light shows. MMoss will be freaking out most of the night and I will be playing pysch, ansd kraut records early in the night, and club shit late night. As always no cover, 2 dollar pbrs and it goes down at the red door. Also this thursday Dirty is jumping off at the Dover Brickhouse. I am going to be playing for the kids, its 18 plus y'all and there are two bands playing.

Also BOSTON stand up I'll be playing beat research with the big homie Ghostdad this monday at beat research the great party thrown by Flack and Wayne and Wax. Also supposedly we got some big guests swing late night, either way Boston ain't ready.
Also check out Ghostdad and Nick Yoder's all vinyl mix for VE Radio They kill it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

old house monday...we been searching

Ok, I missed a week (two if you count that half ass A-Rod stardust madonna shit...anyway we back) and thats only because we at drunk and focused love you a lot and wanted to dig deep to find some house tracks we really love, but also really don't know much about. First up is a track off the new mad decent podcast, and a track I always overlooked because the name of the group reminded me of some Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean shit. I don't know why I was picturing the music to sound like a naked dude playing bongos, no Matthew, while some far out space chick dressed in green; green like her skin color and not her outfit. I am saying her outfit is probably beach tasteful, you know sandals and shit, and she goes, "I really dig this vibe." Even though I used to play a lot of latin house(that was back when I was all young and sexy and djed under my government four years ago but still I was eight years old in 1990 you gotta excuse my ignorance on some of this house shit, plus my brother was B2 so I grew up listening to mostly just rap music.) Anyway this track is off the Pirates of the Carribean vol.III release and thank dirty south joe for dropping this track and educating my dumb ass. Also this just proves that I am an idiot and have so much more to learn about house, and hence why I do this every monday because this ain't just for the kids its for the beat perv too, and this why I listen to mixes so I can search and find out this shit was produced by Armand Van Helden (house dudes have TOO MANY FUCKING ALIAS) and is fucking an unreal track. It was first released in 1994 on Strictly Rhythm and was the b side. Once again B-side wins
Tu No Sabe _ Pirates of the Carribean

Next up is 33 1/3 queen who evaredy and I dropped on a mix a little while back ( speaking of that mix Evaredy I need it cause I done lost it). We killed that mix so much dope shit from ugk to old house and juke shit. Man we dope. Anyway the artist is 33 1/3 Queen and I used to always think this was some UK shit, but as usual I was wrong. This is a project of dj Mandrill who has been djing since before I was born and got his start out in DC and B-More area. Who knew. Either way these tracks are slamming and will still kill a dance floor.
33 1/3 Queen - Searching

33 1/3 Queen - tun this mother out

Next up is some guys( I assume its a duo) that almost have the same name is that shitty australian duo (they were Australian right?) that sung the safety dance. Yeah those dudes suck, but these dudes do not.
Two Men Without Hats - the breeze

Lastly some hip house for that ass. This track is crucial and if you doing a hip house set do yourself a favor and drop this.
fast eddie - Let's Go

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

where is old house monday?

I know the loyal ten fans of drunk and focused have been up in arms in the lack of updates lately, especially the old house monday, well we have good excuses at least, no serial I promise. Basically beat perv has been working on a new three year anniversary scissor test mix, and trying to get the new site up. So this summer is going to be drunk and focused lazy. Don't worry in the next day or so I am going to do a really big old house post to make up for the lack of posts. Until then we got you covered. First up is the new Mad Decent Podcast with Dirty South Joe who fucing MURDERS the classics, its like an ol house monday all star mix, holy shit, SO GOOD and to boot done live with no headphones (I saw Dirty South Joe Live in B-more this past friday and he killed it with No Headphones)
Dirty South Joe - Maddecent Podcast History of B-More Club vol. 1
Here's the playlist with commentary by the godfather Scottie B
Here's the tracklisting, along with a word or two from Scottie B to put things in perspective:
1. Andrew Dice Clay - Mother Goose (Dance Club Instrumental)
"Woke Technics out of a sleep over this."
2. Petra & Co - Just Let Go (dub)
"One of those house jawns that bridged club."
3. Oji - Original Man
"Great take on number 2."
4. Masters At Work - The Ha Dance
"See 2."
5. Circle Children - Zulu (Braxton Intro)
"See 2."
6. Pirates Of The Caribbean - Tu No Sabe
"See 2 again...Armand again!!!"
7. Big City - Spanish Lesson
"DJ Freeze...people was like "oh shit!!!""
8. Greed - Give Me
"See was BIGGGG!!!"
9. S.o.S. - Crank This Mutha
"One of several takes on a DJ Food track."
10. Hoovers & Spraycans - Hoovers & Spraycans
"First ravey jawn for the Baltimore crowd."
11. Stereo MCs - On 33 (45 King Dub)
"One of the linchpins."
12. ? - Let The Pros Go
"UK hip house rules Bmore!!"
13. Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted The Beat
"See 2 again."
14. KW Griff - Odells Beat
"Modern example of the old school sound."
15. II Da Life - Go
"One of the first Bmores nobody ever mentions."
16. Ultraworld - Life After Death
"See 2 again and again!"
17. The Blunted Dummies - House For All (S-Man's Deep In The Vibe Edit)
"Best selling Unruly jawn ever."

Next our good homie Emynd makes his Unruly debut with a digital only release including this track for free
emynd - to all my haters
Plus he is about to drop a bass mix with 4 Am Jess to promote his apperance at Serg from Beer and Rap's Monthly SF throwdown entitled Face Up Ass Down. Serg is our dude and his wife is the lovely dj Stef and if you live around SF and don't hip this party you'se an idiot.