Thursday, September 28, 2006

I am not supposed to make fun of white people

Ahh sorry for the delay in updating for your drunk asses with the mp3s and rants you come to drunk and focused looking for. I had an excuse I was locked in my room doing remixes with evaredy and getting mixes to give away to your asses and writing my monthly column which I had to be edited cause it was too insensitve to rich white kids. I wish I was kidding. Apparently saying that Beer and Rap's Hard As Fuck mix is the perfect soundtrack to go around listening to when you want to punch a frat kid drinking coors light in the face is not proper, or saying shit about freshmen girls putting on 15 pounds in their ass is crude, funny, but crude.

Anyway here is the column out as of yesterday
On the Ones and Twos

More B-More

A Monthly Column by DJ Beat Pervert

As summer ends and fall creeps up on us with an onslaught of tourists to trainspot the foliage when it most resembles the colors that swirled inside of Syd Barret’s head, we leave our descent into guitars, bottles of Mad Dog filled with acid, and that dirty old man of the mountain and return to the world that is bass music, a world which is bringing sexy back in the form of one tip drill at a time.

We mentioned Tittsworth before in this here column, and we have to mention him again because dude has taken over the Baltimore Club scene like he was Marlow from HBO’s “The Wire.” Tittsworth has just released his fourth vinyl release of the year, all the while dropping more gems than a bedazzler in the hands of a pushy stage mom who just dabbled in her kid’s Adderall bottle. For this release he joined up with NY’s Dj Ayres, whose known as one of the three djs behind what has been known to be one of the best parties in Brooklyn, The Rub, with his fellow dj’s Cosmo Baker and Dj Eleven. These two partner up an assault on the B-more club sound that would make the classic wrestling tag-team the Rock n Roll Express proud. Their aptly named label, T&A records, first release features a viscously smooth reworking by Tittsworth of the Four Tops “You Keep Running Away.” Tittsworth then changes from that bump smooth Motown shit to some of that harder dance floor mayhem with an excellent remix of Pitbull’s “Bojangles.” A track that is guaranteed to turn any party into the “most baller shit ever,” I am talking the party that Kid 'n' Play envisioned when they pitched ideas to the studios about “House Party 5: Project Pat is Out of Prison and Coming to Visit.”

Now, Tittsworth isn't the only one making Baltimore noise these days. Unruly Records is back up to the limelight with a ridiculously good release featuring three tracks from King Tut and the B-more club kingpin himself, Scottie B, who are joined on the release by Hollertronix’s Low Budget. Low Budget last shined on the Gutta Music ep where he reworked the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” theme song into a track that can only be described as what Larry David would refer to as “pretty, pretty, pretty good.” With this release he proves he is indeed on Unruly’s level and that now he is just not a dj, but also producer to be on the look out for. Low Budget is staying busy as well by teasing the masses with his Trilledlephian’s project with Dirty South Joe that is keeping Philly on the map harder than Ryan Howard’s home run swing, and has kids worldwide now doing the “Wu Tang,” the dance that is.

Now if B-more club is about two things, “pussy or fighting records,” as Scottie B would assert, than Beer and Rap’s mix series is all about the latter as Serg, the mastermind behind, brings together the best fighting records in rap music there is for his “Hard as Fuck” mixtape series. For volume 2 he enlists the criminally underrated Dj B-Cause to take over the mixing duties. B-Cause is known for Slump and Grind mixtapes with a Ross Hogg which showcased their skills in two well crafted mixes exposing the world to the dope music being concocted in the Bay Area of California. As usual B-Cause does not disappoint in this mix bringing the hardest beats, and rhymes together as smoothly as the tooth fairy creeping into your bedroom to snatch your tooth and leave you a shiny quarter. Also as an added bonus listening to this mix will increase your desire to drink a lot of beer, and reenact a fight scene from the Patrick Swayze juggernaut of classic film “Roadhouse” . Any mix with this effect gets the Beat Pervert’s drunk and focused seal of approval.

So as the kids go back to school, hay rides become haunted, apple cider gets mixed with whiskey and kids fantasize of creating the ultimate Balky from “Perfect Strangers” halloween costume. We can sit back and enjoy the falls offering of beautiful music with the wholesome message of either fucking or fighting, and yes we too appreciate the simple things in life

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I want to do something for you everlast...I mean xzibit

Damn Saturday night was fun and even though the red door crowd had no fucking clue what they were in store for that night, they actually found the holy ghost and danced their asses off, even the dude with glow stick hands and the girl that requested techno Euro Rave shit got to grinding. Shout out to Lemon Red for rolling threw cause he is the king of the dudes, I don't know anyone that has ever had bad word to say about Lemon Red and their is good reason for that, dude is just that nice. And even if Funwrecker forgot his whistle and white gloves night still went off without a hitch (thats if you don't count all the hitches at the beginning of the night or the maddog incident which left me borderline blacked out by the end of the night, either way good night.) Also shout out to Jen for flyering the shit out of that nighht, girl put out flyers 50 miles away in Manchester

Anyway enough rambling and on to the mp3's for your stank asses

First up is some Dj Jimi with Juvenile who both would be much better fucking acts for monday nights game in New orleans than shitty ass U2, fuck bono and fuck the edge and fuck the rest of the band. Speaking of how shitty the edge is is that dude justin because he articulates why the edge sucks in ways I just can't:

Dude Justin writes, "Also....The Edge?!?!? The fucking Edge?!?!? Get the hell out of here! If you want a mediocre guitarist whose repertiore consists ONLY of delayed to hell sus chords, sign me up, I'd love to be in a "greatest guitarists of all time" list. The Edge beat Dick Dale!(Beat Pervert note he is referring to a better be soon posted article where he does an awesome rant on guitarists and posts a ridicolously good amount of music that if sleep on you will be regretting like fighting a school of piranahs with only your fists) Dick fucking DALE! The king of surf guitar! Did you know that Dick plays his guitar strung BACKWARDS?!? He plays all those staccato-picked solos and all those barre chords BACKWARDS!! And he STACCATO PICKS! Do you know how hard that shit is?!?

Exactly which is why U2 fucking sucks they are REM but from Ireland and with songs that are just as fucking lame. If micheal stipe didn't go bald and get uncomofrotably wierd and skinny he would be the modern day bono, and REM would be playing this show and I would be saying how shitty REM is, was and forever will be. And green day, fuck green day. I wanted to skeet on you when you released that shitty dookie albulm, and I still want to skeet on you til this day. And I think everyone in the superdome crowd should wear an "I'd rather be listening to bounce music" white tee during those soon to be shitty performances and turn their back on these honkies.

dj jimi ft. juvenille- bounce for the juvenile

Next up is some squarepusher jazzy shit that if you in the portsmouth area tonite you can catch me dropping early in the night before the rap, bmore and the tracks that white girls love come out, thats 9-1 at the red door in portsmouth
Squarepusher - Cooper's World

Next up is some funny ass kool keith freestyle that mysteriously dissapeared from this orginal post, no idea I guesse I was high, but keith is funny as hell in this and call the gridiron gangs star xzibit everlast in it and asks him to buy some beats. Keith for president
kool keith bobbito and streth armstrong freestle

Lastly is a track I been bumping alot lately, so now you all can too
2 bad mice - hold it down

Friday, September 15, 2006

new podcast, and Lemon Red tomorrow night!

Podcast is updated grab that shit here
drunk and focused podcast
boards of canada - dawn chorus
Slim thug ft. TI and Bun - B -3 Kings/ NEU! - Hallogallo (beat pervert and evaredy went to germany and all we came back with was this stupid bootleg blend)
Jibbs - chain hang low
clouddead - apt. 2
kraftwerk - spacelab
rapture - don't go do it
can - future days
gal costa - the empty boat
young jeezy - trapstar
rjd2 - chicken bone circuit
Velvet Underground - waiting on the man

Boston stand up tonite with the return of Lemon Red and them dudes among dudes Certified Bananas at the enormous room tonite. I'll be there drunk as hell after been locked up in my room writing 30 pages the last two daysfor a grad school deadline, and yes sleep is overrated.

And don't forget tomorrow night at the Red Door I am teaming back up with Chris Lemon Red for an old fashioned scissor test throw down from 9-1 at the Red Door. Its a 3 dollar cover, 21 plus, and the spot is located on 107 state street in portsmouth, NH.

Lemon Red will be drunk and throwing down records, I'l be teaming up with Evaredy while drunk and throwing down records, and rumor has it even white gloved funwrecker will be in effect. Its reunion bitches come out and enjoy yourself cause NH doesn't get too many parties like this, especially on a weekend night.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Aphex twin is an asshole, he put about a thousand of those AFX analog 12" releases last spring and the one I picked up sounded fucking so half assed that I didn't even bother to pick up anymore or check for the albulm. I felt like I just got skeeted on, that Chosen Lords albulm is fucking DOPE. I don't want to ramble cause dude gets his dick sucked by enough people so peep a couple tracks and see what I done slept on.

reunion 2



Friday, September 08, 2006

I am broker bitch!

Ahh the beauty of the drunk and focused influence we turn upstanding citizens into drunk, young knuckleheads like en p, the little brother of drunk and focused (its a good thing unlike the rap group, and also the reason we make fun of the dude so much cause we like him, plus this girl he knew back when they were both freshmen at unh had nice titties that I touched on occasion, this broad is how we met so I thank those titties) Now as we know beat pervert runs shit so as en p slowly comes out of his drunken stupor he might have been blacked out when one of my old podcasts dropped which had money in the bank back in the begining of May, anyway I am here with the steve nash like assist
lil scrappy ft. young buck - money in da bank (non mixtape version)

And as an extra bonus for the girls out their with nice titties here is the before mentioned mix which delves into everything from electro, favela funk, booty bass, b-more club, dance rock, house, synth shit and shit load of menace II society samples.
menace II the clouds
eat cloud - I miss my baby seal
Lil Scrappy ft. young buck - money in the bank
dj technics - I'm rich
treva whatever - dance class
bonde de role - melo de taboco
2 live crew - the fuck shop ( remix)
world class wrecking crew - dre's beat
grandmaster flash - scorpio (plaid remix)
mr skruff - sweet smoke (manitoba remix)
unknown - radiohead of the house
out hud - my two dads (dads reprise)
afx - ?
data thief - advanced social engineering
low budget - crazy eyes killa
raymond scott - the baltimore elcectric company
tittsworth - eastern motors
rick ross - hustling ( graeme sinden b-more remix)
eat cloud - bow'd brain
(side note eat cloud is the best dude making music right now that nobody knows about it, see him live and say I am wrong, I dare ya)

Speaking of en p he is probaly getting hard over this but the pop rap world is about to go to the cleaners with fiddy cent dissing puffy, and puffy kinda coming back with a song about him being rich and people biting his style? Question who the fuck is biting his style, shit If i dance around saying uhh,uhh alot would I be biting his style? Nah better yet if I pimped out the legacy of my supposed best friend to make all my money then I would be biting puffy's style? And yes I know he calls himself diddy but as B2 says he will always be sean "puffy" combs, the dude who over promoted a heavy d concert at a basketball arena.(old heads know the deal)

And puffys whole diss is based on a one liner that he is richer bitch. Get the fuck out of here, but it is not like 50 brought anything to table with his diss either. They should do a song together called who is making me more bored right now. Plus the whole feud started over mase which proves the evil of christianity. Second who gives a fuck about mase, certaintly not the record buying public. Dude stay in the church, christian rappers fucking suck harder than anything else on the planet. Jesus is a hippie and hippies hate bass music, hence why christian rap always sounds like shit.

50 cent - the bomb

Sean "puffy" combs - I'm richer bitch a supposed freestyle that someone else wrote for him

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Much more Drunk than Focused; Summer of '06

This summer I was keeping the DAF dream alive by being more drunk than focused in every aspect of my life. Bud Heavies, vodka, gin and of course the ever so wonderful red wine were all in heavy rotation this summer. Whether it was sitting in parks, at the awkward "we're all in college now but still all party together parties" or making wise comments at kids in fanueil hall who needed wise comments made to them, this summer was spent drunk. This summer's love affair with alcohol was meant to come to an end on good terms at the end of the summer but it seems as though we can't get enough of each other and our relationship is getting serious now with the oncoming fall.

As for now I won't bore readers with dumb stories of my summer. I got some new shit for all a ya'll to check out.

"Rick Ross is one rapper I know could beat me up" - Beat Pervert

I agree with this statement from BP and I think it's the only reason I even like Ross. He did a good job picking beats for 'Port of Miami' and he sounds good on them in his own way, nothing to write home about on this album but just some shit to smoke a blunt to. Best song from the album:

Rick Ross - "White House"

You can call me a pussy if you want but I acctually think Justin Timberlake has done a good job reforming himself from "boy-band" faggot to a somewhat respected modern R&B artist. He's still a pussy but he gets some of the nicest production I've heard in the mainstream in awhile (thanks Timmy) . Anyway, this song here by him and T.I. is something (while playing in the backround) you can try to take advantage of a fat drunk female at a frat house this semester. T.I. sounds good as usual.

Justin Timberlake ft. T.I. - "My Love"

What's this G-Unit South nonsense? Shit, I don't really know but I like it. Saw this video yesterday and picked up this shitty mixtape version of this song by Young Buck and Lil Scrappy.
This songs all fucked up but I'll update the link once I get the real version.

Young Buck and Lil Scrappy - "Money in the Bank"

Some more G-Unit/ Rocafella shit also from a mixtape (sorry)

Freeway ft. 50 Cent - "Bang Bang"

Many readers of this blog have probably already seen Idlewild and heard the CD that came with it. But hey, this song is dope so check it out. From what I've heard I'm liking the new album.

Outkast - "Chronomentrophobia"

And to close out my debut post in fall of '06 I feel as though DAF needs a little K-Fed in its flavor. K-Fed loses control on Ellen and it might be one of the funniest performences I've ever seen. Plus he bangs the girl we used to all jerk off to in high school.
"I'm a superstar and I married a superstar"

K-Fed losing control on Ellen

why you gonna go and do that huh perv? why you gotta go and do that

First things first a little bidness En P would like to say he will be returning soon he done drank too much this summer and forget his password to post shit. We here at drunk and focused are proud of his commitment to get fucked up and he will soon return with all the rap music white girls love, until then I'll hold it down for are dance challenged sisters with a couple new blends I did with my mayne Evaredy.

First up is too short's blow the whistle over the pete rock and cl smooth - troy beat and some TIP.
too short - blow the whistle (beat pevert and evaredy reminscing about your ho bootleg blend)

Next is the federation's - I am in love with a hoodrat over human league's - human
federation - In love with a hoodrat (beat pervert and evaredy playing human league records to seduce suicide girls bootleg blend)
and yes these blends will get you hooked like a dope fiend

Friday, September 01, 2006

random etc.

Spilling beer on a Thesaurus has never been more depressing. Sticky pages blanking out "F" through "I"; I'm medicating with local beer and Truffaut flicks. Missing a doctor's appointment. Live from the Public Library's computers, drunk on Yuengling, with tropical depression Ernesto taking its time into town, light rain light rain light rain. Impressed by Timberlake's brand new blue-eyed soul, Prince and Bowie birthing a dancefloor baby, tracks 4, 5 and 6 running the entire album. But I'm spending the rest of the afternoon getting drunk to Alice Cooper. "Under My Wheels" by the original marilyn manson, Alice calling out "telephone is ringin'"... "WHY DON'T YOU LET ME BE?!"

Nobody's touchin Dylan's new album. Damn fine music.