Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

defeat the change.

Nothing big. Bit of song. On my 5th OE & still ain't needed a piss-break. & in celebration of that, dig this:

Husker Du - Diane.mp3

Monday, March 24, 2008

old man spring

Its going to be warm soon. I can feel it, and old heads are already getting ready to coming back home from florida. Early bird specials will be popping off everywhere. And to celebrate the return of birds and old people and spring and that it's monday we got a track for the old heads with some 808 state and some of that deep house.
808 state - pacific

Sunday, March 23, 2008

frunk & docused.

Here's the thing about ridin' round Philly on a Saturday night: everybody's loose. And the PPA is out in force. Fuck PARKING WARS (on A&E, it's a good show). They were booting cars every block. So we had the radio station on Oldies 98, which has shifted from "the 50's and 60's" to the "60's and 70's" to apparently appeal to a younger audience. Hence inching block to block to ABBA and KC & The Sunshine Band, when, clearly, Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes were all over the 70's, Oldies 98 is fucking up. What you do is post up like an asshole, noticing someone walking to their car. Packed to the brim, side-streets filled. Even if you have your blinkers on, ready to reverse into a spot and someone in an SUV comes in behind the spot and puts their blinkers on, even when a bike cop stops to mediate the argument over the spot, like a Seinfeld episode. I did the same, three blocks away, fuck the cars behind me, this is Philly, the PPA ain't gonna boot me tonight. The sign gave us two hours. We ate our Jim's Steaks (fuck Pat's, fuck Gino's, those ain't real Philly cheesesteaks, in Center City, good steak sandwiches? Jim's Steaks or Iskabibbles, both on South St. around 4th). Cleaned out Repo Records up the street, their entire Soul section got taken. A good 200+ records for ____ (thanks to thine tax refund). Mint or near mint. Bad Brains self-titled AND Black Dot, mint. Grabbed a couple Joy Division reissues and Neu! imports to round it out.

Sifting through my newly-scored records, can't let y'all get a handle on what I'll be sampling, so I'm upping a special one from a special record to Zshare. At the bottom of the post. One that me and the lady dig when we're exacerbating the romance, physical style.

Muthafuckas on coke ruined gum.

the isley brothers - let's make love tonight.mp3

Saturday, March 22, 2008

new outkast and raekwon

Technically its spring but its still cold out. Mother nature is frigid. Here is some rap shit that will warm you up.
outkast ft. raekwon -royal flush
Y'all like rap music right?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

is it spring yet?

I am taking it back to the summer of 2005 tonight with an old fashioned tuesday scissor test with no live acts and me just playing them records all night. Evaredy will be playing Lemon Red's role, unfortunately there will be no Funwrecker, white gloves and whistles. Its going down from 9-1 at the Red Door in Portsmouth and as always no cover and 2 dollar pbrs.

I think I am going to play a lot of house tonite, you know that good vibe shit. Spring is right around the corner right?
Kenny Dope - Sounds in the air

sounds in the air (jazz remix)

Monday, March 17, 2008

old head monday for the irish

Yo it's st. patrick's day. This means we more drunk and focused than usual. Since we celebrating, I decided to look to see if I could find the ed lover dance on youtube. Instead of finding ed, or maybe even dr. dre, the fat one, I found this gem of Jason doing his own version of it

Umm either Jsason is on loop, or dude just loves mark the 45 king a lot. Either way its fucking awesome. So in honor of Jason we celebrating the 45 King today with a couple of his house joints

dance, dance, dance
house style

Sunday, March 16, 2008

do it girl

We took a week off cause I had a whole lot of shit to do. We make it up to you this week. Now here is some new unruly shit from dj class
dj class - do it girl

Monday, March 10, 2008

old head monday in celebration of sam casell

I feel like Sam Casell is a big hip house fan. I can see him and KG dancing to shit like this while Scalibrine just smiles and looks on adoringly at them.
fast eddie- hip house 89

elbow grease & afrobeat.

Turned 25 on February 26th. Mid-life, by my estimates. Longer than I expected. It's cliche, but not making it to 21 in the slums is normalcy. I dig aging in my twenties. Assholes towed my car Friday night. Private parking, apparently. But no signs, no paint, no markings, no No Parking/Private Parking/Reserved. Had to wait until today to get it out. $175 for towing and them keeping it all weekend. $25 parking ticket (thank god I wasn't in Philly, worst city to get towed in). I'd fight it but I don't have the time, money, resources, etc. About to spend a piece of the rent on a new fishing pole. Didn't get any ice fishing done this winter. Never thought I'd be so glad to see the beginnings of spring. Fuck spring. Birds fuck in spring.

I dig BP's post on the 26th. But he needs to up some Readhead Kingpin. That serious hip-hop house shit way before Kanye did his "Stronger" thang. If I wasn't 56k, I'd up "Pump It Hottie".

Upped "Zombie" by Fela Kuti. Y'all need to get hip to some afrobeat. Appreciate it, bastids. That long ass song is a bitch to upload via dial-up.

Fela Kuti - Zombie.mp3

biggie smallz is the illest

We lost biggie on the 9th he was one of the best (arguably the best) and a personal favorite. Tomorrow night we have Icon the mic king from philly at scissor test. No cover, 2 dollar pbrs, and me and evaredy playing classic rap music an more biggie songs than you can handle

Monday, March 03, 2008

ol head monday that club scene

special ed - club scene
We go back to 89 for this classic hip house joint from Special Ed of his first album youngest in charge. Howie Tee absolutely murders this track jacking great house tracks like ralphie rosaro - you used to hold me and flipping the jb's blow your head shit (and this shit when that sample drops sounds like the blueprint to the motherfucking rave is over shit with pase rock and diplo)

We do old head mondays to teach the kids, and to warn them you don't want to be the dude who plays an itunes tracklist at a party, and jumps around like an idiot behind the the computer screen pretending to dj. 10 second pauses between songs is not a good look. Learn your history kids I am getting tired of hating.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

hey perv where the sugar cookies at?

The red door my home away from home was nominated for the best rap music venue by the portland phoenix. Now even though we ain't in Portland, were 45 minutes away in a different state we still get the nomination. I am real potent like that. Scissor Test is taking over and we got Icon the Mic King rolling through tuesday the 11th.
vote here and for the shit of it write dj beat pervert in for best dj. Even though I ain't never djed in Portland, Maine folk scare me, I am better than everyone nominated. Not that I heard any of those fools dj, but lets be honest we all know who is better. And yes I am too humble and magnificent. I am the Dylan of the dj game.
vote or die

Shout out to lemon-red who was there when it started and now eats soo much sushi at the ttlab headquarters in NY. He just started his blog back up so y'all should check it out.
lemon red's blog
Now here is some of that rap music with a new lil keke remix with a couple of the south's finest

lil keke, scarface, chamillionaire - I'm a g remix