Tuesday, January 29, 2008

tonite Eat Cloud, Mosfet, and dj Mistaker at the scissor test

That's Eat Cloud he really dope.
eat cloud - kindergarten

That's a picture from Mistaker's party Thunderdome.
He really dope too.

And Mosfet will be playing live with a bunch of tvs playing videos. Videos kinda like this I assume. And yes Mosfet he really dope too.

It goes down at 9 at the red door in Portsmouth, NH on 107 State Street. And as always there is no cover, them 2 dollar pbrs, and the drunk and focused posse playing all them records you want to hear.

Monday, January 28, 2008

old head monday

Yo I know Prop Joe did a lot of dirt, but sheeeiiit he should not have gone out like that, especially after his nephew does him wrong. So in honor of prop joe here are a couple old house tracks with the first being from the Diaz brothers
diaz brothers - we bad
And as we learned regardless of what happens the game keeps moving

cajmere - keep moving

Scissor Test

Tuesday Scissor Test strikes again with eat cloud, mosfet and a special guest dj set from mistaker of Basstown and the thunderdome parties tomorrow night at the Red Door from 9-1 am, with no cover, 2 dollar pbrs, and me and evaredy playing all your favorite bass classics.

Now here is your Can the first song sounding like a weird outtake from a Paul Simon world type jam album, and I promise despite this description it doesn't suck
can - sunday night and day

can - serpetine

Friday, January 25, 2008

my gf don't limp

Just read an article by Chuck Klosterman on why the Patriots should lose and why that would be more perfect, well perfect in the sense of how people would remember them, in the long run
Klosterman's loss
It's an interesting argument, but its fucking wrong, and only worthwhile on that devil's advocate steez, because no way losing the super bowl would be a greater feat than going undefeated.
can - der dritte mann
Also I think der dritte mann in german means Tom Brady. Where my german drunk and focused fans to back me up? And side note how, ummmmm, what the fuck Tom, I mean its not you and your brother licking oreo cookies but,

And I think this whole Ankle-gate shit is just a elaborate ruse by the Patriots to fuck with the Giants, and also draw any attention away from Moss and onto to Brady. Its fucking genius I tell you. genius.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

so sincere bathrobes and bank robberies

drunk and focused ve radio mix
New mix can be found at ve radio where we kicked off 2008 for our girl stef with an all vinyl mix on the house tip.
01. "Juicy" - DJ Eli (2007 Money Studies)
02. "Pocket Beats" - Lavish Habits (2003 Soundproof Music)
03. "Thru 2 You" ("Substance" EP) - Model 3 (2003 Soundproof Music)
04. "Romantic Call" (Horny Experimental) - Patra (1994 Epic) Prod. by Howie Tee, Remix by Satoshi Tomiie
05. "Cuddly Toy (Feel For Me)" (Aceed Dub Mix) - Roachford (1988 Epic) Prod. by Michael H. Brauer
06. "Peel Session 5, 8, 6" - New Order (1986 Strange Fruit Records)
07. "Hot on the Heels of Love" ("Rough Trade Shops - Electronic 01" 12") - Throbbing Gristle (2002 Mute Records)
08. "Dianoes Nouveau" - Christ (2003 Benbecula Records)
09. "LFO (Remix)" - LFO (1991 Tommy Boy)
10. "N*ggaz Fightin (Exclusive Unruly Classic)" ("Money Lotion #3" 12") - Scottie B (2007 Money Studies)
11. "Pitch Up" - Steve Poindexter (1995 Trax Records)
12. "Back On A Mission (DJ Dan Remix)" - Cirrus (1998 Moonshine Music)
13. "Shake and Pop (DJ Sneak Remix)" - Green Velvet (2006 Relief Records)
14. "Feel Me" ("Feel Me Part 3 EP") - Rod Lee (Baltimore Breakbeat Records)

Here is a Patra video because she is pretty

And here is your daily dose of can with a more dark, atmospheric track off the Soon Over Babaluma album
can -quantom physics

Monday, January 21, 2008

neither party is mine

Now which video is more effective?

and what up ricky? I see you. And where's bobby brown?
mr fingers - can you feel it(mlk remix)

ol head monday

To be honest I am not old enough to understand Real Mcoy. That video right there is what I was introduced to by them, thus I always thought they were corny as hell. But lo and behold the og version of another night, and goddamn is this track good. (and I assume this is the og, or at least some remix maybe, either way shit is dope and it strips away the sally parts of the video version.)
real mcoy - another night

Pat's do right

Patriots once again proved they can't be stopped, and whats more the football gods decided to sacrifice good ol eli for their final victory of the year. Remember when the cow gets slaughtered during Apocalypse now? Well thats Eli's future. I feel mercury morris's tears all the way in boston right now. Dude should be ashamed that he made randy the macho man savage's rap song diss at Hogan sound good. Speaking of Hogan how many porn stars are on that new gladiator rip off show of his? Well at least two (one of the gladiators was in gay porn, and one of the contestants, the one who talked about riding bulls for a part time job, well lets just say she did ride "bulls" but that "bull" was a metaphor for a large penis)
Now in celebration of the Patriots doing right, here is a 20 minute Can song entitled YOO do right, I think soulja boy is a fan of this song
can - yoo do right

Friday, January 18, 2008

its joe friday not sam thursday

I met this guy in a dream, he said two things:
First he was the man who told ghostface killa to wash the balls before the face. Its just common sense
Second he loves to tell girls he loves them like he loves his dick size.

Drunk and Focused fun fact can you name all the wu tang songs where they talk about their dicks, and or size of them? Winner gets a bootlegged dvd of juice which I copied from a beta cassette

Now onto the can tracks
can- the connection

can - full moon on the highway

Drunk and Focused Seal of Approval: sponsored by Maddog 2020

Drunk and focused sometime writer F.D. Marcel got some shine for his remix of his bridle beat he made for sage francis over at Sage's strange famous records label website where it got featured as the clip of the week.(For those that don't know his producer alias is Varick Pyr, and he was the man responsible for Bridle beat on sage's first album with Epitaph records) This track also gets the drunk and focused seal of approval which is sponsored by maddog 2020. (and I never realized before this google search that blue raspberry existed, which leads me to wonder how many other wonderfully wonderous flavors of maddog are there out there that I have yet to find.)
Varick pyr's bridled remix
My man destroys that beat, and reworks a sage track into something you can actual dance too, which if you know how the original track sounds is quite the feat.

Now, like your moment of zen, here is another can track
can - pinch

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

umm does the kool aid will smith drinks now taste better?

So Will Smith is a scientologist now, ummmmm, yeah I guess he is just a really big fan of shitty science fiction writers, I have a new theory that actors are by far the dumbest people in the world. Listen to tom cruise above and if you can find one thing he says that actually has a coherent meaning behind it I will buy you the first dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince cd and send it to you.

side note how fucking good is jazzy jeff?

Now onto some can tracks
First is dedicated to the creepy tom cruise laugh
can - laugh till you cry

Second is dedicated to the first ever cyborg baby, Suri, and what the hell happened Katie? We had such a good thing when you were little joey potter on the creek. Neither Dawson or pacey would approve of this marriage.
can - little star of betheleham

Monday, January 14, 2008

old head monday: no extra smiling

I think alot of kids 25 and younger (at least those that aren't from NY), don't truly appreciate how great funkmaster flex is, and just think he is one of them djs that yell a lot, and if you think that, well, thats when you lost. Flex is dope, always was, and always will be. Peep the fourth of july 90's rap mix above and see what I mean
And here is a nice little party break with a some tasteful michael loops throw in for a good measure (and yes its possible to tastefully use michael shit)
funkmaster flex - c'mon baby
And since Flex dropped Tim Dog's "Fuck Compton", which is something that needs to be played on the radio more often, here is a little of those ultramagnetic magnetic emcees
ultra magnetic mc's - traveling at the speed of light

And of course your daily dose of can
can - bel air

Sunday, January 13, 2008

asshole neighbors

This guy in the picture above is a total asshole. Yep. A total asshole.
can - outside my door
And this song is like said asshole, he's they type of neighbor who lives below you, and has nothing better to do than constantly bitch and complain cause you have the audacity to walk around your apartment on occasion, and that causes to much noise for his precious ears. Apparently I am supposed to fly around my apartment so my sally ass neighbor can get his 24 hours of shut eye in piece.

But fuck it's sunday, let's not focus on the assholes, just the good vibes man( side not only assholes say good vibes man)
can - sunday jam

Friday, January 11, 2008


It's Friday. Yep. Friday. that's all I have. here is your can song of the day and its kinda of on the I just got out of work for the week and I just want to smoke a joint, drink a beer, or seven, and relax vibe. In other words its friday and this is your I just got out of work jam.

can - safe

Thursday, January 10, 2008

in the distance lies the future

No post yesterday because I had an election hangover, and was in the lab with evaredy finishing up a new all vinyl mix for dj stef and VE radio. Look for that mix at the beginning of next week and its heavy on the dance shit, a lot of old house, weird Warp style left field dance shit, some real old techno, and of course some newer jams.

Now onto the can and this is a real fun, up-beat can track even though the lyrics are fucking kind of weird about not wearing pants in the southern side of france or some shit like that. But where the gold in this song is this little key breakdown before the hook, this song is ripe for an edit just using that part
can - hoolah hoolah

And with primaries just getting started here is a little song about the future
can - in the distance lies the future

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

we ain't just gonna go to NH

I got two things to do today, first is vote, and then rock the motherfucking show and make them ladies say ho for the james brown appreciation show.

And here is something crazy ass huckabee might relate too.
can - gomorrha

Monday, January 07, 2008

green can

can - I'm so green

ol head monday

No more random ass monday's, that was only for a couple days in 2007, it's 2008 now so we are bringing out a new feature called ol head monday, and that's when we drop a classic rap and house tracks to appease the old men, and teach the truth to the young blog youth. To start off here is a remix of Aly-Us "follow me track".
aly-us - follow me remix
The remix is a little more dance floor friendly, and a bit harder, which is useful for playing out, but it's no where near as soulful as the original. And since I like the og version better I'll throw up both so y'all can decide for yourself which one you like better.
aly-us- follow me
Now we get to the rap music, and a question does anyone remember the Gavin promo videos, the one I'm thinking of featured videos from the cash money click, king just, a couple southern videos from acts I didn't know, but more than likely also had a shit load of ads in the source, and of course a mic geronimo video, and no not the one of him on the dating show on mtv, which might make Mic Geronimo the godfather of rappers on reality shows so in essence we should thank him for flavor flav's second career, on second thought.....ummm let's just get to mic geronimo shit.

All these tracks are off his first album, and that's because even though I have his second album its pretty weak overall, and not even old heads would want to hear that shit. (Total side rant if B2 still has his Blunt Recordings basketball jersey, and no longer wants it, I' ll take it.)
mic geronimo - master ic (lost boyz remix)
what the hell happened to the lost boyz? I used to love that song about renee, in what the fifth grade? I know one of them died, and then one of them was in that lil kim jump off song, what happened to him?
mic g ft. oc and royal flush - many men
Royal Flush had a great single drop about this same time period, but he's another dude that disappeared.
Now this was the song that got a shit load of yo mtv raps play when it first dropped, and this is the song you thought mic geronimo was going to blow up with, think about he was the dude that put on ja rule, jay z, and dmx, meaning for a time he was a bigger rapper than all three of them combined, but like most rap careers, and reigns on the top, it was short, and we are left to wonder what the hell happened to him.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

scissor test's second annual James Brown appreciation night Jan 8

Pretty much any night we dj we celebrate James Brown, god knows almost every goddamn good rap song, and club shit either sampled James, or bit from his sound, but every January at Scissor test we take one night to appreciate the genius that was James Brown, and this Tuesday 9-1 at the red door we celebrating. No cover, 2 dollar pbrs, and james brown mixed with classic rap, soul, and dance music all night long.
lynn collins - think
and think about a world with out this break

Big Brother Beat

So I was djing Thursday and I get a text message from my big brother b2. Now I got to admit I was surprised cause he is a little late on technology, he came from the four track and sp1200 generation. He was at the nuggets game watching the pride of NH, and not to mention drunk and focused part time poster, matt bonner play. I think Bonner finished with 9 points( he is not a ballhog like AI, if he was he get 73 points a game, I am not kidding he is that good), about 8 boards( he doesn't like to show his teammates up), maybe an assist or 11, and probably about a million hustle and intimidation points (this dude is a Mark Madsen who doesn't suck, hell Bonner won the dunk contest at one of those McDonald All Star games in high school).
here watch Bonner cross madsen and then eat his soul in the process

I also love the white guys calling this game, they sound like Dave Chappelle in white face.

So anyway back to B2 who requested we drop Nas- It ain't to tell, which we did cause we got it like that, and since we got it like that for all the drunk and focused fans, we have barry horiwitz like fan support, here is a little blend me and evaredy did awhile back for a throw away mix with ain't hard to tell, the original sample human nature by michael, and the instrumental from Non Phixions thug tuning which jacks de la and cypress beats.
drunk and focused posse - Nas, Michael and thug tuning

And we can't forget the Can with two songs off their Unlimited Edition comp released in 1976

can -i'm too leise

can - musette

Friday, January 04, 2008

we skipped a day....we sorry

No post yesterday, don't worry about it this shit happens, but we back today with not one, but two can songs. First song is a can track I drop on my new mix that I will throw up on the blog probably by monday,
can - transcendental express
Next is a song about turtles, yes those viscious, puppy-eating, soul-snatching, darn man-raping, eye gouging, ric flair strutting beasts of the water
turtles have short legs

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

can day 2

Animal Waves is one of my favorite can songs which sounds really good on drugs, it doesn't hurt that its 16 minutes of can in their freakout disco glory.
can - animal waves
Also since its fucking almost 16 minutes long, and thats rolling into jam band territory, I did a little edit of it which cut it down to half that time, and with an extra long ass intro for all you san francisco djs. Speaking of SF drunk and focused has a new all vinyl mix dropping for ve radio really, really soon. Be on the look out for that, and catch us this tuesday at the scissor test at the red door for our second annual James brown celebration.
can - animal waves (dj beat perv's long ass intro edit)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 and we celebrating with Can

It's 2008 which means drunk and focused is back and for each day in January we will be posting up a Can track, because we so benevolent, and always out to teach like the teach the youth and shit. Plus y'all need to be able to know at least one Can song other than Vitamin C, which still rules, but there are much better Can songs. Like for instance the first Can song of the new year, and the aptly titled,
can - future days
which is for all y'all stank motherfuckers with resolutions this year. Drunk and focused only has one resolution, and that is to always stay fly regardless of the year.