Thursday, August 28, 2008

You know? Fucking rap music.

Drunk and Focused Posse in full effect tonight playing rap music in Dover. THis is the last rap music thursday before we take over and start doing shit for the hipsters and the bands that want to be on TRL on Thursdays. Ummm yeah don't worry me and evaredy will still kill it regardless of how the night is promoted because we that good. Anyway here is one of the best rappers before he sold the fuck out, sorry Cube, but family movies is not a good look. But back in the day who the fuck could fuck with ice cube? He was def top ten best all time. Fuck you if you think different. Man I miss old Ice Cube.
Ice Cube - wrong nigga to fuck with

Ice Cube - Steady Mobbing

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the internet says your pants our sagging

I grabbed this track off the mad decent blog
dj tragic - pants are sagging
This shit is like hard house on acid they got from b-more, with the ease out drug being E. Holy shit i feel dirty about how much I love this track. I feel like this is a track the modern day Dj Irene (does she still dj?) would be dropping while doing the truffle shuffle. I am sure the kids on the internet love this for reasons they have no idea why. Thank god I didn't do drugs as a high school kid, or this blog might be praising happy hardcore. I am sorry rap fans but I am like a black kid that grew up in the suburbs and like Poison (the rock group not new jack song), I can't help that I like this shit. And for the haters at least they sampled a rap track for this song.

no one has swagger like beat perv

I know the internets has been kind of fifty-fifty hating or loving this shit, but fuck this shit is fucking good. Jay Z is like a fucking horror movie villain every time you think he is dead or about to fall off he comes back ten times harder, and changes up his shit to show you why he has to be considered one of the best. I have always liked Jay, but I appreciate him a lot more these days, plus dude is older than Rakim. You realize that? Shit is insane. But TI is the show stealer here, and I will still argue that TI is the best rapper alive, sorry wayne you good on this track ,and you the most popular rapper alive these days, but TI is still the king of the south. Holy shit does he kill it on this track, and I also ain't mad at Kayne for the auto tune shit, he actually sounds good with it, no cher. Plus they sample MIA for it. White girls will love it, mix it with paper planes and they are happy and buying you drinks. What the hell else do you want?
TI, Lil wayne, Kayne, Jay Z - Swagger Like Us
Also thank Jay Z for one of my favorite lines, "we can't wear skinny jeans because our nuts don't fit"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ol house monday just shut up and dance

Shut Up And Dance - Lamborghini
One of my favorite songs to sample the sweet dreams beat. These dudes made some ridicolously good beats, they also had no boundaries sampling wise, hence why they got sued in 1992 and pretty much almost drove them out of existence. Fuck sample laws. I understand its a fine line, and the original artists want that money, but really fuck a sample law. These dudes also couldn't get signed so they said fuck it and started the own label releasing Ragga Twins and Nicolette.

ragga twins - hooligan 69

nicolette - oh na na

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

26th annual beat perv celebration featuring Human Host, Height, and Jack Blackwater


The 26 annual celebration of BEat Perv
HUman Host
Height (wham city records)
and local favorite
JAck BLackwater

plus rap, booty, house, and club music all night lomg

Monday, August 18, 2008

Are you there Old House monday, it's me Beat Perv

The first time I heard Kc Flight track was the planet e track mostly because of the talking head sample, and then later on the front 2 back track with playgroup that dropped in 97 or so. Anyway this KC Flightt track that grew on me a lot, and you may have heard it from the bob sinclair remix. I don't know shit about Bob Sinclair (other than dude is huge in some circles, but not so much the drunk and focused circle) but I think that remix was big?? Maybe who cares play the original, or you have to drop a remix make sure it's the wonka remix.

But if you play the wonka version make sure its warm out and their are girls from Europe dancing on E. Otherwise stick to the original
kc flight - voices

Next up is Armando one of the early Chicago House pioneers and his first 12 inch which dropped in 1988. Also dude died of leukemia back in 96(when he was only fucking 26, fuck I am turning 26 in two days) which I just found out via the internet trying to find out what he was up to these days. Anyway enjoy the track its so good Kirsty Alley said it was better than her favorite past time: donut fishing. For those who don't know thats when Kirtsty Alley gets in her hot tub and has her two of her hired help (they also sponge bath her like a walrus at the aquarium) take fishing polls of various baked snacks such as ding dongs, sno balls, ho ho's, and the occasional tasty cake cup cake and Kirsty leaps out like a seal and snatches the treat. Kisty Alley loves working out for her treats, god bless her. But yeah this track is as good as a tasty cake. What up WaWA
Armando - 100% Dissing You remix

This is one of my favorite house tracks ever. It's like pink lemonade, and always a good choice, not to mention a popular drink. I see you Guru you we on the same level.
circle children - zulu dub mix

Next is something useful for the djs the accapella for Barbara Tucker's I get lifted (acc)

Friday, August 15, 2008

booty post

dj slugo - freaky ride

tyrone davis - here it comes

Yeah I know she never won Wimbeldon, but goddamn does she inspire a booty music post. Holy shit and y'all wonder why my girl is a tennis player, ummm she is classy so I won't say its a nice booty for days. But so much booty shit going down this coming tuesday for the 26 year celebration of beat perv featuring b-more's finest weirdos Human Host and Height. Booty and special guests to come.


Plans for a boston scissor test in the works.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

old motherfucking house...fuck a monday I always play this shit out

House house house
Yeah one week late but fuck so much good tracks first is Adonis
Adonis - No Way Back

Next is some kraftwerk rework (this is a kraftwerk rework right or at least sample?? if not I am an idiot)
steve p - computer madness
THis makes germans go crazier than david hasselhoff drunk in a bikini eating burgers and whipping naked girls from baywatch with his hot dog, no penis, hot dog
kraftwerk - b- sides
Lastly my third favorite remix of this brighter days song. This is useful once in awhile and even though its a "trance" mix its really dope, I promise. The underground goodie remix kills this track but sometimes when your set is going this way you will thank me for this track, actually thank cajmere I just pirated it from him
cajmere - brighter days (trance mix)

rip bernie mac

I ain't scared of you motherfuckers
juvenille - how I be leaning

yeah I know random juvenille song for no reason

Friday, August 08, 2008

freakout friday

Bruce Haack - incantation

As much as I love rap and house music most of the kids know me for playing weird shit. Bruce Haack has a weird relationship with the devil and electronic music. He makes music that sounds like the soundtrack to the devil fucking one of his electronic bitches, usually vicky from my little robot. Ohh, you didn't know, yeah that bitch went to hell when the show got cancelled. Yeah maybe y'all should not have been so selfish and watched the show so they could have got some more episodes in and a better syndication deal, so she could have lived in reruns. Jesus does not fuck d list robots. But Satan, that satan will fuck anything.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Drunk History

this shit is so good, and if you wondering, yes I dj like this sometimes. WE DA BEST! There is like 3 or four more drunk history videos if you want to search the youtube. the jack black and clark duke shit is so great. I recommend them all. They are even funny sober.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I am just Drunk

Its true the drunker I get the more these synopsis of episodes of the first season of 12 oz mouse make sense. And if you wondering this is the season we sampled on the last Drunk and focused posse VE Radio mix.

1 Hired
Mouse Fitzgerald has been out of work most of the month. He's late on his rent payment, and the landlord is ready to forcibly evict him. Mouse Fitzgerald takes his pool stick down to the billiards hall and stakes his last bit of money. He wins, and returns just in time to pay up. Skillet remains unaware of Fitzgerald's gambling stunt, and thanks the Lord Jesus.
2 Signals
The 12oz. Mouse has painted a portrait of a Black Jesus. Suddenly there is a run of good luck all around him - Skillet wins two bets in the same day! But they must choose - does Mouse Fitzgerald get to enter the painting in a contest for the art gallery? Or does the painting stay in the living room?
3 Rooster
Mouse Fitzgerald plans to celebrate Rooster's new job. But then they find out he didn't get it because he is a couple years too old to meet Shark's requirements.
4 Spider
Mouse Fitzgerald's old army buddy visits. He is now a wealthy TV minister, and offers Fitzgerald a job. The 12oz. Mouse turns it down after dishonest tactics are revealed.
5 Rememorized
During a schoolroom history class, the Eye calls George Washington a racist because he was a slave owner. The Eye gets suspended from school and sent home. Rhoda and Liquor try to persuade the Eye to apologize for his statement.
6 Sharktasm
Skillet finds a sexually explicit book in the house. He is surprised when it turns out to belong to Spider Boy. However, Spider Boy's college boyfriend is only using it for a school paper.
7 Adventure Mouse
Mouse Fitzgerald has sold a painting, but the art customer turns out to be one of Skillet's old enemies. Skillet throws the man out and refuses to let Mouse Fitzgerald do the work. The 12 Oz. Mouse runs away from home to live and work at the art patron's house, but is unable to paint in the new, peaceful environment.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Holy shit does Swayzee fucking suck

Yo Fuck these rich ass wack ass motherfuckers. You all sound like a fucking lamer version of Crazy Town, at least their lead singer is on drugs what the fuck is you guys excuse?

Can somebody tell the kids to stop being fucking idiots. Yes its cool to make money, corporate or not, yeah we get it, but fuck this bullshit mentality that it can be shitty music because they have their tongue in cheek and rich. If you like this shit and your not fifteen you should be shot in the face. Their fans are young and dumb what the fuck is your excuse, these sallies make the Monkees look hard as fuck. FUCK YOU Swayzee go back to malibu with this bullshit. Kids listen to fucking rap music it will benefit you in the long run

Also I will skeet skeet skeet on this girls faces just on principle. Fuck the bullshit its 2008 and we still being duped.