Thursday, August 30, 2007

can y'all play some country

People tend to make dumb requests and djs get used to it. Like some dude trying to pick up a prostitute asking me if I had anything more up beat when I am playing b-more at 136, and yes homeboy was trying hard with this working women.(no julia roberts) But fuck it some dudes need to pay for handjobs, while other dudes got to take a bitch out for dinner to get a little head. I am in the Riley camp of giving the girl some money before hand and telling her she can go grocery shopping, maybe cook me up some salmon and potatoes with some greens. Anyway none of this has anything to do with this post which is to say come check me out tonite in dover nh at the last Twilight Show of the Sumer at Tranquilities playing records outside before Tan Vampires and Tiny Whales sets. The drunk and focused posse will be in effect and I will be taking requests and then playing something completely different because I am an asshole like that and then blaming evaredy, or putting on a really awful song and having him get back on the decks to have to deal with it.

bonde do role - montage cabra
kayne - stronger (atrack remix)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

dance dance dance to the radio

Y'all weren't expecting me to post during my birthday week were you? Hell I been busy with alcohol, pussy, weed, and mixtapes. Big things coming in the meantime check out these videos from the tony wilson influence

joy divison transmission and she's out of control live

love will tear us apart

new order blue monday live

tony wilson introducing the happy mondays in 2007 at coachella

happy mondays -hallelujah

a happy monday's interview is what like a drunk and focused posse interview would be like

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

I superman that ho whether its my birthday or not

Yep your boy perv is officially one year older on this day which means I have now been fresher,more fly, and well even more handsome than most for 25 years now. So come celebrate how dope I am tomorrow at the scissor test with a whole lot of bass music to shake that ass too. As always it goes down from 9-1 at the red door in portsmouth with no cover charge and them 2 dollar pbrs

crank dat dj ayres rough juke mix

crank dat cousin cole housey remix

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I like Can

can - the millions game
this is some rare ass can song I think was originally supposed to be for a game show or some shit like that and it sounds kinda of surf rock-ish, think huey lewis and the news if they were from germany, had a drummer that was better than a robot, and well didn't absolutely suck. So yes to make a long description short this song sounds nothing like heuy lewis and the news.
Also this cover might be the exact point rolling stone fell off forever, and don't get me started on that bitch tom wolfe, who writes painfully boring stories and ruined white suits for everyone other than puffy.

Hey tommy know what would make a good story? How about your old out of touch ass writes a book about a modern college freshmen girl, ohh wait a minute that was your last book which makes sense cause when I think of topics you should write about one you have no fucking clue about would be at the top of my list. Hell hit me on the monster bot that eats words (thats what tom wolfe calls his computer) and I'll explain aim, why college girls are easy, and what tribe called quest song your character should have liked. To come full circle Tom wolfe is not german, he never did acid or even drank kool aid, and he is just like huey lewis and the news a fucking square.

Friday, August 10, 2007

all I wanted was a pepsi

Combine suicidal tendencies plus Miami Vice dubbed in french with a crazy old horn dog yayed up in a wheelchair throwing his gun in the air plus the cast of mad max at an ed banger party and you get this clip

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

sunday monday tuesday hmm hmmm hmmm

All I have to say is this video is hulk hogan singing in a japanese commercial while a white baby looks at him so serene and at the end two cartoon rabbits appear and probaly say something in japanese about how much a pussy hogan looks like in this commercial and that giant baba would whoop his ass, or something like that I only speak american

Thursday, August 02, 2007

ain't nuttin wrong with a little hip house

There are about 26 reasons why jungle brothers are better than tribe called quest and this is not a diss on tribe at all, but rather a stand up for the jungle brothers, because we all know all the tribe fans at a string cheese incident concert aren't going around talking about the jungle brothers, rather the girls are letting their arm pits get hairy talking about how deep talib kweli is, and how the don't like rap music that makes you dance cause they are soft as fuck and rappers curse too much and give them bad vibes or something a dumb ass white girl would say. Plus jungle brothers fucked around with house music and these days we know the only thang the drunk and focused posse wants to do is dance
here some of that classic jungle brothers sound

What the hell movie is this from? And its a jungle remix to boot and I know have this on vinyl somewhere and I'll rip it on mp3 if I ever find it

not too big not too skinny kinda of soft like silly putty I like this line and you can never go wrong with native tongues

house music all night long

I am dropping this song tonite when I dj for no real reason other than I been wanting to watch old episodes of amp again
And you can catch me and evaredy at the red door tonite 9-1 playing house music all night long (actually were not playing house music all night long) But we will be playing funk, soul, rap, b-more, and ghetto tech