Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beat Pervert is at School


I wish I could help you. I am always looking for ways to encourage new people entering the school psyc. profession. However, I along with many others in the state,have some serious concerns about the quality of the SNHU program. It is lacking many basics, which means the burden is on the supervisor to provide training that should be done before a student does a practicum. I suggest you and your fellow students talk with the program director about the need for course work specifically designed for a school psychology program and taught by a certified school psychologist. The state department of education is also concerned but I think change will only come about if the students, as consumers, push for it. Good luck.


This was left on the computer in the library I am using. I just started a ten day residency for the last year of my MFA program. So in one year I will be a grad school graduate with a masters in a a field which will allow me to work at a record store for minium wage or maybe bag your groceries with a sense of pride you could never feel.
I'll do anything with a detached air of superiority
It also gives me a great excuse to tell a job they ain't on my level when they question my work habits such as taking too many days off, or always coming in late to work or from breaks and lunch. I am saying grading standerdized tests is the devils work and If I am late it is because I was doing shit lil wayne does on the sidewalk in NY, which doesn't mean I ain't a good worker, and regardless I graded tests at twice the speed of all those washed up teachers and house wifes( i was the fu schinkens of grading tests fast and I never worked with Shaq). But in the end it doesn't matter because not working a 9-5 means I can find gems like this on the internet

Boards of Canada got really drunk with the hoff and after a whole lot of rim jobs no german-o? they made this video which two of the dudes from kraftwerk directed and one guy from Faust gave a thumbs up too

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Y'all know about weed carriers right (and bras and panties)

Dear Lil Wayne, Lindsey Lohan and Ja Rule its called a weed carrier its a person in your crew who holds your drugs, guns, drives your car when your fucking drunk and takes the rap when the cops come around, and its a luxury rich people have, y'all should think about it. And surprisingly the new lil wayne and ja rule track ain't bad,New joint courtesy of Emynd and is Ja Rule finally coming back after Curtis has fell off a little and is left with old ass child beating tony yayo as his last soldier riding the g unit flag? Well anyway fuck all these dumb bastards getting arrested for dumb shit (and if anyone knows something about getting arrested for dumb shit its me) and really this whole post is just an excuse so I can post up some cash money click videos that I used to watch on this Gavin hip hop video from 94 that had a king just no flow on the rodeo video and more bubble jackets than you could shake a fist at.
First up is cash money click get the fortune motherfuck the fame or anyone else's career after ja rule left

Next up the click features mic geronimo who put them on and dude also put on jay z(well sorta but he featured him on his albulm back when jay wasn't rich and listening to yacht rock with white folks, not to mention putting on dmx and ja rule and never getting the favor returned and having to go on some wack ass reality show on mtv that probaly inspired underage and engaged (and not to mention broke as fuck)
And yes I still have a mic geronimo t-shirt with 4 my click on the back of it (courtesy b2)and I still wear it proudly.

And I couldn't find the no flows on the rodeo track which dmx and ruff ryders bit the fuck out of, but here is warrior's drum instead

And if you are going to get lifted you might not want to do it in the streets of new york...I am looking at you lil wayne

Friday, July 20, 2007

Name Changing is CuddleBunny

But this song is not.

Kanye does keep the good beats for himself.

Kanye - "Can't Tell Me Nothing"

I used to have the starter jacket with the logo

lil wayne - la la la

And mixes are coming there are three now because I was enjoying some la la la and figured it would be a good idea to turn on my lamp cause it was getting dark and since my lamp is busted the switch was stuck in so I used my teeth to pull it out (which seemed like a good idea at the time cause I was high) and literally shocked the shit out of myself and from there I made a really random mix with a lot of ugly bass. Moral of the story when high just think about shit like what kind of starter jacket you rocked. I had a Falcons one with the hat to match (no dog-fighto)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Andy wears purple sweatpants

I am an asshole and missed my friend eat cloud's show this past thursday at the middle east with Dan Deacon so to make up for it here is some live shit from him and a video someone made to his song big kitchen

Also big tings popping this week with two mixes dropping this week one just by me and the other with my drunk and focused podna named White People Ruin Everything

And catch me at scissor test tonite djing with evaredy from 9-1 at the Red Door in portsmouth

Sunday, July 15, 2007

i ain't a mirror

copped this off the low budget board...

what cha starin at

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

070807 mix

Here's a mix i put together over the weekend..
070807 mix - evaredy
dj ayres - go back
xxxchange - shake em down
dj technics - mr. postman
papa - dj eli
robin thicke - cocaine (spruce lee remix)
krames - spottiottidopalicious bounce
dj ayres - move on up
matthew !wowow! - night train
dj booman and p. diddy - get off
dj booman - we fly high
llyod - get it shawty (them jeans remix)
stretch armstrong - just can't get enough (bmore bandwagon remix)
buraka som sistema ft. petty - yah!
bonde do role - office boy (shir kahn remix)
kid sister - control
snack n c'mish - young md
dj blaqstarr - hands up thumbs down

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I am going starbury type crazy

Ok how good is marbury gonna be next year? How about 13 dimes and 2-3 assists per game. Doesn't matter if its the same thang Starbury thinks on a higher level than y'all. And if b2 wonders why we post dance remixes watch to the end of this video and you will see why and to help you dance here is a new scottie b remix
chuck brown -chuck baby (scottie b mix)

And B2 is just old these days and has been saying hip hop is dead since 94, and is just salty about how much his old radio show the mothership connection has falling off.