Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the most baller halloween show ever

Show kicks off at with MJ XII and then followed by Grrrls out of Hell and the antithesisters. No cover before 9 and as always its at the red door and we got dem 2 dollar pbrs. I'll be playing records all night before, in between and after the bands.

Also a special halloween treat from me to y'all the new mix for the podcast one day early to celebrate all hallows eve

A Drunk and Focused treat for all you trickin bitches
tracklisting and podcast will be up tomorrow but this mix features a brand new boom bip track, some drunk and focused possse blends, and a lot of whiskey and smoking

Also anyone who had problems dling the new mix from yousend it here is it in rapidshare for yo pleasure
A Drunk and Focused Scissor Test Presents: I just wish I had my....scissors. Vol.1

New RAP music

Jay z is back and I'm pumped. I always knew he was not leaving and anyone who made a big deal about his "retirement" obviously never heard of Master P.

Jay Z - "Lost Ones" answers some questions about Dame and Jay and B and Jay.

Jay Z - "Show me what you Got" - Nice beat from Just Blaze; hope the whole album does not sound like this

The Game has a new album coming out called 'Doctor's Advocate.' If I was Dr. Dre I'd be a little worried about Game's man crush on me. But oh yah, we all know Dr. Dre is gay. So I guess this all makes sense. Game is sounding a little better but still dropping names like an idiot.

The Game and Nas - "Why you Hate the Game?"

The Game - "Lookin at You" - Game should only rap over beats like this. It's the only thing that can save him.

Had to throw some mixtape shit up on here.

Young Buck and B.G. - "Sellin Everything" ; Two of my favorite current rappers on a track together, can't wait to hear this non- mixtape.

one more Track

I don't know when this came out but it examplifies everything I love about Houston. I wish Paul Wall didnt be come such a pussy and made more songs like this:

Lil Keke ft. Paul Wall and Bun B - "Chunk UP the Duece"

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I just wish I had my....scissors

Ocotber done whipped my ass but the homestretch is here and we are officaly back for the 37th time.

As promised the new mix is done and if you want the official cd version you can hit me up on email beatpervert@yahoo.com or hit up the new Pack Of Newports thursday monthly, starting in Novemeber at the red door with the Drunk and Focused Posse playing good ol fashioned rap music from 9-11 and from 11-1 we break out any damn thing we please and yes expect a shit load of b-more club and booty shit, where I will be giving them out for free. More info on this in the coming week.

Anyway here is the rough mixdown version for you to get your dl. Its a mix of exclusive drunk and focused posse blends, rap music, kraut rock, sabbath bloody sabbath, a shitload of Wire samples and whole lot more. Its pretty much what you will hear when you come out to a scissor test show. Also it features some scissor test bands such as Eat cloud and a few of that dude justin's many bands(antithesisters, grrrls out of hell, and who killed the red baron). Two of those bands the Antithesisters, grrrls out of hell, as well as MJ XII will be performing at at the tuesday scissor test halloween show which is going down at 8:00 on halloween night.

Anyway on to to the new mix "I just wish I had my...scissors"
A Drunk and Focused Scissor Test Presents: I just wish I had my....scissors. Vol.1

tangerine dream - sunrise in the third system
dj shadow - midnight in a perfect world (extended
squarepusher - the modern bass guitar
godspeed you black emperor - ?
neu! - seeland
can- future days
TI ft. Beanie Siegel - 2 glock 9's/ Can- Oh Yeah/Boom bip - from left to right (beat
pervert and evaredy got robbed by Omar for this
bootleg blend)
Black Sabbath - Killing yourself to live
Sonic youth - silver rocket
spaceman 3 - call the doctor
young jeezy - I love it
antithesisters - eddie winslow (remix)
grrrls out of hell - sir francis drake
Project Pat - Ballers/ Piano overlord -diplo electric
manatee final mixdown (beat pervert and evaredy
diamond sprinkled blend)
lil Scrappy ft. young buck - money in the bank
eat cloud - bow'd brain
gravediggaz - diary of a madman
boards of canada - the color of the fire
aphex twin - custodian discount
who killed the red baron - fushia blues (live edit)

Also tonite Miss Fairchild invades the Red Door! They are a great live band featuring Sam from Certified Bananas. Should be an unreal time and I will be playing records to open up the night from 9-10:30. Y'all need this band in your life so hit up portsmouth tonite.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

one year motherfuckers

First things first I promise drunk and focused has not fell off,we are what the kids call reloading. This ain't no sophmore slump as we approach year two of being the most drunk, yet focused blog in the universe, and yes we got that cult status if nothing else. Big tings in the work though with a brand new mix(my laptop crashed so shits been delayed for a few days)and a fucking heap of live shows. This coming saturday night in portsmouth the Drunk and Focused Posse ( me and evaredy) are djing the NH Film Festival party, the tuesday following that is a special sneak peak at my new monthly coming on thursdays in November called "A Pack of NewPorts," with an all rap music night at the scissor test, the 29th of the month we have the Drunk and FOcused one year anniversary party with Miss Fairchild, Eat Cloud and Jon Lessard, and we finish up the month with a big ass halloween show with Grrrls out of Hell and the return of the Antithesisters.

Anyway just to get back in the swing of thangs here some mp3s for your drunk asses including a new mia joint

Next is Sonic youth celebrating the live free or die state
sonic youth - new hampshire

and lastly a few tracks you'll thank me for in the morning
Squarepusher - ultravistor

aphex twin - custodian discount

belle and sebastian - if your feeling sinister

More updates coming including en p and some of that new rap music, a lost b2 the baptist post, and as always my drunk ass posts. Also dude justin says he loves you but he is too big time to post because he is a rock star and rock stars don't give a fuck about cult status and varick is writing the next great american novel so he is a little busy. Luckily beat perver has nuttin but luh for you all .