Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Donuts, Milk, and a Pop Tune

I started a new podcastits called Donuts, Milk, and a Pop Tune. Special mixtape give give away for anyone who knows where that line comes from. As usual this a scissor test style the mix, meaning it is all over the place and perfect for seducing the girl with a shiny pair of scissors in your life.

Donuts, Milk, and a Pop tune podcast
Its cool, I am just drunk mix direct link
p-love - rockland county dramatics
big unk - walk it out(dj nappy versus skynet pinch thugstep mix)
squarepusher - male pill
8 ball and mjg - pimp hard/ young jeezy - over here(drunk and focused blend)
eat cloud - would be really nice
roni size - electriks
lil jon ft. 3 6 mafia - act a fool (flosstradamus ravestradamus remix)
add n to x - fyuz
bad brains - how low can a punk get
afx - laughable butane bob
boredoms - synth guide book in fire
boris - Kuruimizu
mia - xr2/ deobonair samir - sirens (drunk and focused blend)
neutral milk hotel - Holland 1945
outkast ft. slick rick - da art of storytelling
smiths - charming man
gal costa - pais tropical
amy winehouse - rehab
broadcast - samm sung IV
harmonia - hausmusik
autechre - autumn acid (aphex twin remix)
grrrls out of hell - sir francis drake
rick james - give it to me (mike 2600 remix)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Get Buck

Some good albums coming out in the spring of 2007.

I'm excited to hear from Buck, Chamillionaire, UGK and Rich Boy. All have dopped some promising shit in their downtime. Here's what you can expect:

Young Buck - "Get Buck"

UGK Ft. Three Six Mafia - "Player's Anthem"

Rich Boy ft. Andre 3000 and some other rappers - "Throw some D's Remix"

Juelz and and Lil Wayne use the "Black Republican" beat with the Godfather sample for a nice track (Santana supports Obama)

Juelz and Lil Wayne - "Black Democrats"

8ball and MJG almost make Young Joc sound cool

8ball and MJG ft. Young Joc - "Clap on/ Clap off"

and some beef rap for the kids

Cam'Ron - "Dead the Funeral"

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No Head, No Backstage Pass

A new Drunk and Focused Posse strictly vinyl mix is up for Ve Radio. Shout to Dj Stef who has forgotten more hip hop than most people know.
Drunk and Focused on VE

01. "No Head No Backstage Pass" - FU2 (1992 JDK Records) Prod. by Camille the Funky Drummer and Davey D
2. "Promiscuous Girl" (instrumental) - Nelly Furtado (2006 Geffen Records) Prod. by Timbaland
3. "Poison" - Bell Biv DeVoe (1990? House Party Bootleg)
4."Know the Ledge" (instrumental) - Rakim (1992 MCA Records) Prod. By Rakim
5. "New Jack Swing" (percapella mix) - Wrecks-N-Effect (1989 Motown) Prod. By Markell Riley
6. " Galacia " (remixed by Zero DB) - Truby Trio (2003 Fluid OZ.) Prod. by Zero DB
7. "Zimbi 'Ndaba" - B.O.P. Unreleased (2003 MAW Records) Prod. by Masters at Work
8. "Dance Class" Treva Whateva (2003 Ninja Tune) Prod. by Treva Whateva
9. "Cuando" (scubabeats) - Si Se (2000 Giant Step Records) Prod. by King Britt
10. "Touch of Spring" (Dublab Presents in the Loop 2) - Daedelus (Plug Research 2004)
11. "Blue Monday" (808 State So Hot mix) - New Order (2004 Rephlex) Prod. by 808 State
12. "Radiohead of the House" - Unknown (2004? White Label)
13. "Miura" - Metro Area (2001 Environ) Prod. by Darshan Jenkins and Morgan Geist
14. "Work that Motherfucker" - Steve Poindexter (1995 Trax) Prod. by Steve Poindexter
15. "Dj Taj's Classic Club Track #1" - Bamabounce (2006 T&A Records) Prod. by Dj Taj
16. "spottieottiedopaliscious"(Big Boi and Dre Present...) - Outkast (2001 Arista) Prod. by Organized Noize

Sunday, February 18, 2007

So this is what happens to people who go to rehab?

So Britney leaves rehab with a shaved her head to match her shaved cooch. That girl has lost her mind and has driven me to stop dranking (during the week). Thats right in honor of Britney's crazy ass I am becoming more focused and less drunk. Thank you Britney. Also be on the lookout for the drunk and focused posse on VE radio soon. And happy birthday dr. dre.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I ain't never picking you for nba jam again

Fuck tim hardaway he is a bitch. All rejoice in the greatness that is Gerald Green

Monday, February 12, 2007

Call Me Mr. Rogers or the Neighborhood Dope Man

I believe someone called for some old No Limit.

After switching to new blogger which took me all of 3 seconds I will post some old No Limit that even Matt Bonner can throw on the boombox while Ginobli tries to put on some Celia Cruz.

We'll stat off with some TRU

TRU - "Mobbin Thru da Hood"

TRU - "Pop Goes my 9"

Best Mystikal song in my opinion... no rapist

Mystikal - "The Man right Chea"

Master P and Big Ed tell us how G's ride

Master P - "How G's Ride"

It was hard picking one track off '99 Ways to Die', my favorite Master P effort but I went with 17 Ways becasue it shows that P actually can rap...

Master P - "Intro/ 17 Ways" (the intro is about 2 mins, get through that and you'll be fucking with a psycho)

Can't have this post without Silkk

Silkk the Shocker - "All Night"

And how about some C-Murder… C Miller now… I guess the name C-Murder hold up well in court when you’re in for a murder case.

C-Murder – “On My Enemies”

I think Soulja Slim was on No Limit when he made this song

Soulja Slim ft. C-Murder – “Streetz Made Me”

Wait y'all like pills too

Question we all know beat pervert has a penchant for what aphex twin calls the drukqs. From what I hear the kids in b-more are back on the e (they might have not left I ain't no expert I am just saying what I heard from dudes that know bout it better than me). Now when that pill first hit around my way(post rave maybe? Shit all I know was a lot of shitty house djs were getting put on that fucking sucked)beat pervert was 15 and drug free. Now lets just say beat perv stays twisted and faded. My second favorite rapper at the moment is always high (what up lil wayne) and you know he is high for poppin off about Drama. I love wayne (no birdman) but you gotta support the dj. But I will overlook that shit cause dude is the only consistent rapper out there not named Project Pat. Anyway I like Gucci mane probaly more than most and dude has a new song called pills about geeking out and rolling.
Gucci Mane-pillz
So my question is now when the fuck we get back on the e and who the hell got that pure shit. I usually stick with maddog and weed (and the occasional I can't feel my face moment) but hearing hard rap about e is weird considering what that did to the misguided youth of my junior and senior year in high school wearing 50 inch bottomed jnco pants and covering their chest in vicks vapor rub.

Mayne I gotta stories for days about that shit and for once I remember it all. What up memory I miss you. But yeah I am glad 2007 is the year for the return of drugs and rap music.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Y'all like smashing watermelons?

I know some people are wondering yo beat pervert where is the rest of the posse? They tell me yo I look on the side and I don't see there names. Well this here blogspot decided to switch things up and bend over for the google take over. So until them dudes switch over you won't get to see their names. But don't worry the posse is still in effect and en p will be posting more about chamillionaire and old no limit records soon (Dear En P please post up old no limit shit thanks the kids)and dude justin will do his yearly epic rock post then dissapear again to start a new band. B2 the baptist is retired but might be coaxed out of retirement just like the the new Rocky movie. And Franco well Franco does what ever he wants so we have no idea if he will return. New posse members are coming though so look out for that. Anyway enough with the bullshit lets here some african rap music with a solid mix from Ghislain Poirer

Ghislain Poirer -grimey land
1. Smockey – Intro (Burkina Faso)
2. X Plastaz – Hiyo (prod. DJ 360) (Tanzania)
3. Dakar All-Stars – Cafka Mbed part.2 (Senegal)
4. Positive Black Soul – Xoyma (version wolof) (Senegal)
5. Awadi – Sunu société (Ghislain Poirier Edit) (Senegal)
6. Teba – FCK (Raw Mix) (South Africa)
7. Purple Simba & Shyam (UK) + Ben Sharpa & Terror MC (South Africa) – Eyes to the Sky

And are homie lemon red was doing a bit of guest djing on the turntable lab radio show
turntable lab radio with Lemon Red
But yo whats up with dropping Shanice's "I Love Your Smile."
After that song I needed to dose myself in rap music. So here is the new UGK video
the game belongs to me

I think this song is about Matt Bonner cause the game does belong to him. I am kind of dissapointed he wasn't in the video but sometimes rehab takes precedent over mean mugging in rap videos. Also Matt Bonner thought I was joking but Amy Winehouse really did dedicate her song "rehab" to him. Also look for the new Drunk and Focused VD mix hosted by Matt Bonner. I hear things and what hear is this mix is dedicated to a special lady.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

White Dude in the house

Man I feel like I let all the little bonner-maniacs of the world down with this knee injury. They couldn't believe the toughest sob in the whole NBA could get hurt. So instead of posting I been fielding through the many emails from the heart broke bonner-maniacs. I had one kid say me getting hurt was worse than finding out santa clause and jesus were just figments of his parent's imagination to get him to behave. So like Mobb Deep taught me I decided to drink away the pain with a bottle of VSOP, what up lil scrappy, and blog in hopes to give you my fans some inspiration back. Since I went down with the injury I been bench pressing buicks, punching big ol hunks of meat with Kevin Garnett's picture on them, and even went to Russia to do some intense rehab. Don't worry I am coming back bigger and badder just like Big Daddy Kane would have

Warm it Up Kane

This is also the track that play after I hit a three pointer in San Antonio. Warm it up Bonner cause thats what I was born to do.

Well the good news is I am 90 percent back and should be hitting threes and banging broads in no time. A lot of the bonner-maniacs are wondering, "Hey Matt what do you listen to while you workout?" Well some think I listen to creed or nickelback since I am white, redheaded, and from New Hampshire, but they are wrong, dead worng. Matt Bonner only fucks around with hardcore rap music. When I am getting to ready to throw a gump ass punk like Garnett to the ground you know what is going through my head Ice Cube lyrcis from Amerikkka's most wanted and yes Matt Bonner is the wrong white boy to fuck wit.

Jacking your beat

Sometimes we will be in the locker room and brent barry will put in Foo Fighters cd and start playing air guitar till I stop him dead in his tracks with my now famous stare and the ice cold words of , "Nah Bonner don't listen to that shit." Then barry sprints back to the boom box and puts in some project pat just so I don't get up and have to slap him around. Matt Bonner is not above smacking a bitch just ass gump ass garnett. This song was written about me because I have the most trill moped in the NBA. I threw some d's on it and it can hit 45 mph on a straight away street. Yes Matt Bonner is really hood even if Beat pervert tells me this song ain't really talking about mopeds. I personally just think it was a drunken joke like the time he told me Amy Winehouse wrote a song about me.

Amy Winehouse - rehab

Throw a kit on that moped

The other day I went to the strip club with Tim Duncan. As we were making it rain some corny looking dude in puma sweats and a kangol came over and started popping off at the mouth that the suns were the best team in the west and that Nash owned us. I was gonna let him off with a warning till he added that Garnett would have whooped my ass. So I decided to let it really rain, 10,000 dollars bitches, and then well lets just say my crew showed him what the lyrics to brand nubian's punk jump up to get beatdown really means. After the dude got thrown to the curb this song played and me and Tim sat back and got a lap dance as we counted our money.

dudes in da house

More posts coming soon because I got some shit with Judy Blume I need to clear up and oh yeah if you all see Kyle Korver and his bitch ass posse tell em Matt Bonner is coming for them. I am gonna snatch that little suckers chain. Also why was bonner not invited to the all star duck contest? I am a former high school champion after all.

Whose better than Bonner? (And Matt Bonner did not pick that soundtrack

And remember all my bonner-maniacs need to say their prayers, eat their vitamins, and always remember what gump ass bitch kevin garnett is.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

king stay the king

The first of the new Fuck You Beat Perv mixtape series. This one is focused on the Wire with spirtual guidance from Evaredy and your dude's homeboy. Drunk and focused posse taking over so all you goddamn sharks out there get off beat pervert's dick and let his johnson swing. You can dl here or if you want your own copy of the mix in cd form hit me up and you'll get this and the new Valentines White Gurl mix from me and evaredy
King Stay the King
spaceman 3 - ecstasy
pink floyd - on the run
boards of canada - beware of the stranger
electro 4 - pause
Dj Shadow - midnight in a beautiful world (exteneded remix)/Project Pat - Raised in the projects (drunk and focused blend)
Trae and Young Joc/Mims - this is why I'm hot (drunk and focused blend)
mean joe green ft. juvenille - down bottom
eat cloud - bow'd brain
Young Jeezy and bun b/squarepusher - over here(drunk and focused blend)
tangerine dream - phaedra
ice cube - nigga you love to hate
can- future days
TI and beanie seigel - 2 glocks nine/ Can- Oh yeah/boom bip-from left to right (drunk and focused blend)
E-40, Juelz santana, ugk/boom bip-white gurls (evaredy loves pancake booty blend)
antithesisters - eddie winslow (remix)
aphex twin - arched maid via rdj
Slim thug, ti, bun b - three kings/neu - hallogallo ( drunk and focused blend)
radiohead - I will (scott matelic remix)
crooked lettaz - caught in the game
godspeed you black emperor - ?
black sabbath - killing yourself to live
suicidal tendencies - institionalized
emynd - hanging on