Monday, May 28, 2007

I can't feel my ears

My favorite rock band the antithesisters done got back together and is playing tonite at the the scissor test which you all should be at. After they destroy your ears me and evaredy will be playing a special I can't feel my ears bass and booty party.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

Still Humping the American Dream

This week's Soprano's episode was like Andre 3000's recent remix killing spree where he started rapping again to show he was still better than 99 percent of all them rappers in their nightgown length white tees.

The show starts off with Tony and Chris meeting with Phil to discuss the asbestos removal. Phil wants 25 percent now or no more dumping. Driving back to Jersey Tony and Chris debate whether or not to give in. Tony is steadfast in his refusal because it would set a bad precedent with a new boss. Chris is more flexible and tells Tony he should give it to him.

As they are driving Tony notices Chris is all fidgety and can't leave the radio alone. After Chris pops in the Departed soundtrack, and that fucking god awful comfortably numb remix, he zones out and swerves into the other lane of traffic and crashes his SUV down a hill. Tony is able to get out of the wreck with a banged up face and bruised knee and goes to help Chris, who is bleeding out of the mouth and begging Tony to get him out of there because he can't pass a drug test. Tony then looks straight through him, and into the backseat where a tree branch has jutted through the window and pierced the baby seat in the back, and decides to put Chris out of his misery once and for all by suffocating Chris as he dies choking on his own blood. Tony then calls 911.

Tony seems unaffected by this death, and is instead, happy to have rid himself of a potential future problem. Chris, who was was once Tony's hand picked successor, constantly disappointed Tony to the point where Tony felt he was more of a liability than anything else. In a dream sequence with Dr. Melfi Tony admits he is glad Chris is dead because he was a sniveling drug addict who could turn state's evidence on him at any time, and then concludes by ranting about how much help and pity he gave Chirs concluding with, "Guess what pity produces in the recipient? They shit on your pity."

It seems in these final episodes we are finally witnessing the exact ruthless, paranoid, and calculating nature that is Tony. It seems in previous seasons the show almost seemed designed for us to give a free pass to Tony's horrible actions, and many times almost feel sorry for him. This season we realize to get to the position he is in he needed all this ruthlessness, which enabled him the ability to kill a best friend like Pussy, or near son like Chris without any seeming remorse or pity, and instead he felt a sense of relief after it was done. They were weak, and one day could eventually bring down Tony, so in order to avoid future problems he took care of those potential issues and liabilities. If we root for Tony then we root for evil and in previous seasons this type of proposition was something we could easily deal with because there was always someone seemingly more sinister and ruthless on the horizon who detracted from Tony's inherent evil nature. It was similar to Menace II Society where we could root for Caine, and forget all his faults simply because O- Dog was the craziest motherfucker alive (anyone want a cheeseburger?) and his actions were always more heinous and irrational than those of Caine. But now we see that the most ruthless and conniving son of a bitch has always been Tony. All his vices, be it women, gambling, or excess, have been on display this season. Which leads the audience to wonder whether we should root for his eventual downfall, or rather, root for his makavelian perseverance and willingness to do anything to achieve his American dream.

At the wake Tony and his crew remark at how elegant and beautiful Chris's widow looks(also of note is how Tony seems to be enthralled at her titty when she feeds the baby a few days later leading us to wonder if this scenario is going to play out like the Cleaver movie and end with Tony sleeping with her). That same night as the wake for Chris is also a wake for Paulie's mom. When Tony and Carmela head to Paulie's mom's wake after coming from Chris' wake Paulie is upset that nobody came to his mother's wake and complains he got 500 prayer cards that will go to waste. Tony tells him well at least he was there which for the moment appeases Paulie.

Elsewhere we see the two Jasons telling AJ not to let his cousin's death get to him. The next day they are hanging out at their frat when one of the Jason's comes back with food and opens his car door which picks off a random college dude on his bike. After he gets flipped over from the car door he gets pissed off at one of the Jasons which ultimately leads to a beat down for him from Jason and his crew. AJ looks at this beat-down with horror. The next day at therapy is depressed because of the incident and wonders why everything is so "fucked up" and why "everyone can't just get along." It seems AJ feels something Tony never has and that is empathy for the victim of how they prosper in life.

Tony decides he needs to escape New Jersey and leaves for Las Veags on a private plane. While there he meets up with an old girlfriend of Chris, who is a beautiful stripper who uses her vocation to pay her school bills. Tony breaks the news to her that Chris is dead and then sleeps with her. The next day they are hanging out and Tony mentions drugs and how he could never take them because he was always so responsible and in charge. Tony decides to say fuck it and drops peyote with the girl and trips out over vegas. During his trip he breaks his losing streak in gambling, resulting in him keeling over laughing so hard, and eventually ends out in the desert shouting at the sky he finally "gets it."
boards of canada - roygbiv

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Donuts, Milk and a Pop Tune

The Drunk and Focused Posse have done invaded VE Radio one more time.
beat pervert and evaredy - Donuts, Milk and a Pop Tune podcast
01. "New Hampshire" - Sonic Youth (2004 Geffen) Prod. by Sonic Youth
02. "Throw It Up" Remix (acapella) Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz (2003 TVT Records) Prod. by Lil Jon
03. "Pencha" - Autechre (1997 Warp Records) Prod. by Autechre
04. "Knuck if You Buck" Acappella - Crime Mob (2004 Warner Bros.) Prod. by Lil Jay
05. "All is Full of Love" Plaid Remix - Björk (2003 Peacefrog Records) Prod. by Plaid
06. "Dead Dogs Two" Boards Of Canada Remix - cLOUDDEAD (2003 Big Dada) Prod. by Boards of Canada
07. "Diplo Electric Manatee Final Mixdown" - Piano Overlord (2005 Money Studies) Prod. by Diplo
08. "Ballers" - Project Pat (1999 Relativity Promo) Prod. by ?
09. ShakeyFace "Crazy, Crazy Like A Fox" (Adventure Time's Seafoam Flip) - Adventure Time (2004 Plug Research) Prod. by Adventure Time
10. "Sundown" - Daedelus (2006 Mush Recordings) Prod. by Daedelus
11. "A Bit Patchy Club Theme" - Emynd (2007 Flamin Hotz) prod. by Emynd
12. "Supastar" - DJ Blaqstar (2007 Mad Decent) Prod. by DJ Blaqstar
13. "Doo Dew Rock" Remix - DJ Technics (? King of Club Recordings/Clubtrax)
14. "PYT" - DJ Debonair Samir (2005 Unruly Records) Prod. by DJ Debonair Samir
15. "Whores in the House" - Rod Lee (1992 Deco Records) Prod. by Rod Lee
16. "We Want Some Pussy!" 89 House Remix - 2 Live Crew (1989 Luke Skyywalker Records)

This here mix is done in that old fashioned style known as Scissor Test, which is the now gonna be two year weekly I run. We even made sure to drop some b-more for that old hater Lemon Red, who even though now rides hard for b-more and works for Mad Decent, used to hate the fuck out of your boy beat pervert when I would go into b-more at the early days of the scissor test. This was before we sold our soul to rock n roll and actual packed crowds. (young funwreck knows the deal)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Once more drunk, never focused.

The Korean soap opera took a left turn today. Incredibly downplayed. Esukuya and her goddamn husband. I'm convinced the subtitles are way off. They're too terse, Hemingway style. But she married into that family so that's what she gets. Show over. On to the subtitled French news. "Rioting" in Paris. Fuck Paris. Paris hasn't been worth a damn since the French New Wave. Unrest in Paris. Let's be honest, the French can't riot. Their last riot went so well because it was mostly pissed off young Muslims. Not that I have any hate for the French. Beautiful language, beautiful women, beautiful culture, beautiful wine. But it's fun to bash them. Just like they have a whale of a time going on with their stereotypical American etceteras.

Another one of my short stories was rejected, the editor calling it "too experimental for our magazine". And my roommate Rick was turned down for a studio at the bigtime downtown artist space. So we went on a raid. Theft of steaks and Velveeta. Then whiskey. Fuck the American dollar. Drunk IMs:

TragedyMachine [3:32 PM]: there's no goddamn need for all the greatest books in the world to be about cocksuckers over 40
TragedyMachine [3:33 PM]: here's the shit-infested conundrum: all the great books are written by people over 40 who say that people in their 20's have nothing worthwhile to say. but what are all the great books about? people in their 40's writing about what happened to them in their 20's.
TragedyMachine [3:33 PM]: im not going to wait 20 years to write about whats happening to me NOW.
TragedyMachine [3:33 PM]: i'm burning down random house
TragedyMachine [3:33 PM]: i'm burning down harper collins
Beat Pervert [3:33 PM]: haha do it
TragedyMachine [3:34 PM]: i call for the death of American literature
Beat Pervert [3:44 PM]: paris is rioting

I remember St. Louis this time last year. Chino and his girl Wendy and D.B. coming in on a late-night freight and me pushing my American car another handful of miles from losing my job in Tulsa. All of us, kinetic in energy, holed up in Chino's downtown place. Vodka and milkshakes, someone getting their hands on peyote, long nights writing on the front porch while D.B. raps along to Kurtis Blow then switching to The Clash. And we could hear Chino and Wendy fuck like rabbits three floors up. Breeze off the Mississippi. And I made my spicy scrambled eggs and ham every morning. And then we all parted ways: Chino to LA, Wendy to Toronto, D.B. to Wyoming and me on my way back east to the mid-Atlantic comfort zone.

Pink Floyd records keep the balance in my head. My record player needs a new needle. I've got six dollars in my pocket but the rent's been paid. A week until we lose the electricity. And this chick is playing me for a fool, and goddammit I'll let her. She keeps the bed warm most nights. She won't last long. I leave for Mexico soon. She doesn't need to know.

My dick hasn't fallen off. I can still use my legs. I just ate a sandwich. All is well.


-I saw it in a passing cloud.

time for some action

First things watch this video and look at the end after the brawl erupts for what we I am guessing is Redman playing too long and his crew is not appreciating the venue's attempt at trying to shut them down. But fast forward to the end and look at these girls faces as the brawl ends and the music comes back in and they wyle out as if nothing has happened, and instead Guy has made a guest appearance.

This episode of the soprano's was kind of like that.

The show starts off with AJ forgetting the golden rule in life that gangstar once taught me and that is even though the girl's look so goooood the motto is always on to the next ex.

couple things from this video is guru what the fuck is up with those glasses and one pant leg up? You look like a cross between dwayne wayne and ll cool j.

Also Guru trying to be good with the ladies just doesn't seem to work. Instead he looks like a dude who enrolled in a community college course called Too Short 401 and left with a D- in the class. Thank god for premier and that beat though. In fact Guru should start a new support group with group home called dudes who need premier to sound good. Hell they could start an army, or better yet a navy, with all them rappers who have nice voices, but don't say shit, and sound perfect over an old premier beat. (What up Jeru don't try to hide)

Back to the world that is gangsta and the fact we saw the bitch in you Aj over this whole Blanca shit. Yes girl is fine but lets face facts she is pushing 30, has a kid, and is a bit of a bitch. When your only 20 this is shit you don't need in your life, especially true if your rich and the son of the biggest and most powerful crime boss in NJ

Meadow feels he might be suicidal and Tony and carmela are worried and not sure what to do. Tony goes to therapy in hopes to quit, but soon realizes he can't because he gave his son the same depressive gene. After his therapy session we find him at the Bing when Carlo's and Patsy's son come in. They both seem to love life and have been making a lot of money for themselves and their fathers through running betting at Rutgers. Since they are having a party at the bing that weekend Tony tells them they should invite aj. At home Tony see's a sad aj and asked if they had called he said yes but he wasn't going to call them back because he didn't want to go. Tony tells him he has no choice and is going. Tony hopes that hanging out with kids his age and getting drunk and seeing titties will break him out of his funk.

This works(combined with an anti-depressant pill his shrink gives him) and AJ starts hanging out with them at their frat and being an enforcer of sorts simply because he is Tony Soprano JR. Which leads to a question raised earlier that might be playing out now in that Tony never wanted this life for AJ, but this episode he seemingly threw him into the game by hooking him up with these two baby gangsters, no weezy, whose fathers both work for Tony. We see a sort of change in AJ as he realizes he can turn the hurt and hate he feels into violence and power just as Tony had done before him. This notion is realized when they take AJ to collect on an outstanding gambling debt and we see Aj horrified yet seemingly enthralled and excited by the actions they are committing, which was torture to a student who owed them money by pouring acid on his feet He's only 20, which was close to the same age Tony was when he left school and devoted himself to the game full time, which means we might be witnessing the birth of AJ into the criminal world.

Elsewhere we saw the fractured relationship between Chris and Tony surface again which ended up with Chris shooting the hollywood script writer, and sometime junky, and guy who wrote Cleaver, in the head. Chris orginally went over there late night and drunk because of a beef between Paulie over Paulie having his nephew steal power saws from Chris's father in law. After they boost his father in law a second time Chris barges in on a a poker game with little Paulie and proceeds to beat his ass and throw him out of a window. This leads to Paulie taking his car and tearing up Chris's brand new lawn and flowers and scaring the shit out of his wife and newborn daughter. A couple days later Chris appologizes to Paulie and to show his sincerity takes a shot with him. This shot leads Chris to get drunk and focused drunk and after a few jokes by Paulie, at his expense, he barges out of the bar and proceeds to the writer's house. The writer whose name I forget (though I remember he once wore a Delicious Vinyl t-shirt in an episode a couple season's ago) doesn't want to listen to Chris,especially what he has done in the mafia, and at that point tells Chris to leave. Chris then decides that guy is right, he is in the mafia, and shoots him in the fucking head. he then drives back to his home and drunkenly puts back up a tree which had fallen when Paulie ruined his lawn.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

still chasing it after all these years

If the Soprano's were Scarface this would have been the episode Tony put his head into a huge pile of coke and took a big sniff as we witness the final cracks in his armor leading to his ultimate destruction. The problem is gambling and Tony seems to be chasing a high he can no longer find. A sentiment echoed by Carmela as she asks him, "What are you chasing? Money? Or a high from winning?"

The problem is Tony is on top, yet he is still worried about money, the law, and all the other bullshit that comes when you choose to play the game.
crooked letterz- caught in the game
He seems more distant than ever from his crew and one wonders if things would be different had AJ been built for the game (what up Cormega) and could be groomed to take over for him and continue his legacy. He thought Christopher could take this role but Cleaver cemented the notion that this likely will not happen.

This episode also cemented that he is a man who is feared, and respected, but not truly well liked even by those we assumed were his good friends, such as Hesh. Hesh, who throughout the series has been seemingly almost a father figure to Tony, exemplified this notion that not everything is kosher with their relationship because of the fact Hesh loaned $200,000 to Tony to cover his gambling debts. Hesh asks if Tony had the money and Tony makes a big deal about it and then gives him only $3,000 and a Cleaver ball cap. A few days later Hesh stops by the bada bing and tony makes a bunch of jew jokes and gives him another $3,000. Hesh goes home and is worried and tells his son that he is getting bad vibes from tony and when is it cheaper for him to get rid of him rather than repay the debt. In the last two weeks two fo Tony's supposed closest friends have had visions of him wacking them which shows two things clearly; first Tony is still feared and respected, but more importantly secondly what does it say about Tony if even those closest to him are that worried about his actions and what he might do to either protect himself or clear a debt. And lets realize it ain't hard to tell Tony is still committed to the game full time, this ain't no half ass jay z last album I am too rich to care shit, this is fuck I am still too caught up in this shit and need to make money still hungry shit. Ala nas before he fell off
Nas - ain't hard to tell (og version thank stretch armstrong for this)
new order - bizarre love triangle
Elsewhere we find out Vito's son is now a weirdo goth kid (goth kids ruined a lot of good shit like new order and the cure for us regular white folk djs but we are taking it back and shitting on the goth kids who now listen to manson or slipknot or some goth kids are the lamest people in the world) who gets expelled from school for shitting in the showers and then stepping in it. Tony talks to Phil and tells him to take care of it because they are family. Phil says that Vito's wife is only his second cousin but he will talk to the kid. Phil tells the kid to be a man but it goes in one ear and out the other. Phil says he did his part now and Vito's wife asks Tony for a 100,000 to move to Maine to start over. Tony knowing Phil won't do shit says he will help her. Tony takes out the 100,000 but gambles it away. Instead of sending them to maine he enrolls little Vito into a bootcamp in Idaho or some way out there state that allows corporal punishment telling vito's wife, "There's no geographical solution to an emotional problem." Side note NH just passed a civil union bill which would have allowed Vito and Johnny Cakes to get married which ups reasons why NH ain't so bad to about four with those being you can see the drunk and focused posse dj live, you can get a civil union, no taxes, and if you over 18 you don't have to wear a seat belt. Thats right motherfucker live free or die.

Speaking of dudes not built for this AJ proposes to Bianca who at first agrees and then realizes AJ is punk who jumps up to get beatdown and has second thoughts and tells him they are done.

The show ends with Hesh's girl Renata dying of a heart attack in bed and Tony coming over and given Hesh the rest of the money he owes him and telling him "I'm sorry for your lost," and leaving the heartbroken hesh by himself.