Tuesday, February 26, 2008

old head shit on a day other than monday

Yeah yeah its not monday I know. Here is a Jasper St Company track. They were a group put out by Dj Spen, who you should know if you like house music, or that Milli Vanilli girl you know its true song which they ripped off from his production group Numarx, which is odd in itself not only did they lip synch the song they fucking stole the track from someone else. Anyway this is some of that real deep, soulful shit.
jasper st company - solid ground

Saturday, February 23, 2008

like da kid be

New rap song I am really feeling. Gucci Mane strikes again.
AK, Gucci Mane, and dem franchise boyz - like da kid be

Monday, February 18, 2008

old head monday..wait a minute its monday`

This week I am dropping some Dynamic guvnors. I am pretty sure this group came out of the UK rave scene dropping their first record in 1989, and were hugely influential in the development of the b-more club sound. It has that old UK breakbeat rave type sound, but they chop up shit nice and stay away from being corny example when they flip this madonna track here

dynamic guvnors - ladies with an attitude

Side not old school heads appreciate how hot madonna used to be. Sure she is lame as hell now, but fuck young madonna would have done such a better job redoing those marily nudey photos than Lidnsey did. I mean I love the girl but she's no old madonna, and ain't on the the curvy level of marilyn monroe. Old heads know the truth.

And I use to hear this shit all the time in mixes and playing out when I was young snot nosed kid. I use to like it even though I figured Krs-one would be dissapointed in me. This shit would not be played in the temple of hip hop y'all. They only play christian rap there. Y'all know Krs one is a christian right?
dynamic guvnors -I can't live with out you

dynamic guvnors -let the freak

president's day

Friday, February 15, 2008

what the fuck is experimental soul?

Apparently I play experimental soul
they spelled my name right
New article came out in the Wire about red door and their monday series which celebrates four years this monday, and they mentioned my night and said it was a night of "experimental soul" and hip hop. I have no fucking clue what experimental soul is but apparently I play it. Awesome. I am invading the red door tonite with my man evaredy to drop the finest experimental soul you'll ever here! But on the real drunk and focused posse in full effect from 9-1 playing all your favorite soul, rap, house, dancehall, and club jams. I think there is a 3 dollar cover, and unfortunately no pbrs, but you can get your grown folk drank on with expensive ass martinis. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve for tonite so if you don't come out well thats when you lost.

Here is a couple tracks I might drop first is new grind mode. I have no fucking clue who Grind Mode is but I love this track. The first time I listened to it I was about to hate on it, then I realized this is fucking great. It sounds like a snoop outtake from the sexual eruption shit.
grind mode - i'm so high
Next is some of that dance shit from Alter Ego. I am in a techno phase these days I gotta warn y'all. No trance though don't worry but I am feeling this shit. I want to say their german or something but that would require looking it up on google and well fuck that. Here is the song do the research on them yourselves you lazy assholes.
alter ego - baby kraut

Monday, February 11, 2008

ol head monday on a love tip

Just in time for Valentines Day we drop some of that romantic shit with Womack and Womack. I am saying I could get about 40 virgins pregnant while listening to this song. I am potent like that. Happy Valentines day you old motherfuckers. And young dudes listen up I might be closer to your age than the ol headz but I been schooled and girls don't want to make love to soulja girl, that is unless their thirteen, and dudes 13 year olds should not be fucking. Call me old school.

womack and womack - baby I'm scared of u

Friday, February 08, 2008

I must be getting old I forget about old head monday

Actually I didn't but I didn't have time to post you knew being as fly as I am is a full time job. Big things happening this coming week at the Red Door with The Black Madeen album release party with Left over Wine, Nobody Cares, and Failure to Communicate. Then this friday the Red Door done lost its mind and are letting the drunk and focused posse back for a weekend set. We usually kill them thursday parties there, but for this month we taking over for an after valentines day party and full out Scissor Test invasion (more on this in the coming days plus one time return to my glory days of hating on this fool kung fu mike who dissed the red door (well of course not me or scissor test but thats still my club and when you diss them well you diss yourself) But let y'all be warned last time we do a weekend party there was lemond red's return show where I proceeded to drink a bottle of maddog while djing (which is highly not reccommended for any you upcoming djs for too many reasons to mention and the main one being you ain't me and you can't pull that shit off) white gloves, whistles, vodka, funwrecker, and I djed the end of the party blacked out and decided not puke till the night was done, see I am professional. So yeah expect a good time friday.
Here is you old head joint a great Inner City track which is the reverse version of Big Fun, and if you don't know about Inner City y'all be tripping and need to study.
inner city - big fun (reverse beats)

Next is a track for the kids from Dj Sega who is killing shit right now and is a young dude maybe 18 from philly. He is featured on the new hollertronix shit and his production skills are fucking real impressive. Big tings coming from him soon, and this is the first b-more remix of smells like teen spirit that actually works and does not bastardized the song. White people will love this.
dj sega - smells like teen spirit

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


New mix for all you bastards to grab, and this was originally a mix I made for my gf's birthday, and the story behind the 2-2-82 is the first time we went on a date on the way home from a party we got stopped by two cops because Dude Justin stole a an orange road cone, and my girl told the cop she was born on 2-2-82 instead of 2-2-85 because then they would have realized she was under age back then. So in essence this is a perfect valentines day mix to give to your girl. Thats right I am so nice I will help all the loyal drunk and focused dudes get laid.
dj beat perv - 2-2-82 (192 zshare link

dj beat perv - 2-2 -82 (320 sendspace link)

Can - transcendental express
Jack Kerouac - Brooklyn Chorus
Panda Bear - comfy in nautical
Siqur ros- gaer
Beruit - the penalty
Why - by torpedo’s or crohn’s (dntel remix)
Dj slugo - take it slow (juke remix)
Eric Satie - ?
Nick Drake - monologue
Animal Collective - people
Eat Cloud - kindergarten
Varick Pyr - one hundred and twelve cupids
John Cage - the city wears a sloped hat
Egg - fugue in d minor
Mic Geronimo - train of thought
Ngo Mebou Melane - Pendja, Paul Ensemble
Daedelus - fair-weather friends
Camron - pass da dutchie
Aphex twin - polynominal c
Boris - farewell
Joy Division - shadow play
Little Jinder - eat my fear (drop the lime remix)
God speed you black emperor - storm
Boards of Canada - bocuma
Bill Cosby - Martin’s Funeral

The sendspace link is a dl at the highest quality at 320, but I know sendspace sucks so I put it up also at 192 for the zshare kids.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

ummm he's no Tom Brady

Fuck that was a hell of a catch. And its true every bitch has his day. Ain't that right Eli? I talked so much shit this game, and yes I am bitter they lost. Where is John Elway when you need him?

tyree - house music is my life

Friday, February 01, 2008

sweet premium wine and a sandwhich

Vin Baker loved that sweet premium wine, hence why he sucked when he played for the celts because he was always drunk. I wonder if Kwame is on the bottle too because he is horrible. So in honor of Vin Baker and Kwame Brown here is some lord sear
lord sear - alcoholic vibes