Thursday, May 07, 2009

You Know I Really Should Have Been the MVP This Year

I need to get this off my chest because its been bugging me since it's been announced but how the hell did I not win the MVP this year? This is a travesty, and to add insult to injury I didn't even receive one vote. You know who also didn't receive one vote? Yep, that Gump Ass Garnett. Now are the reporters trying to say I am on the same level as Kevin Garnett? Me, Matt Bonner, the White Bill Laimbeer, the red rocket with a stroke so sweet Ray Allen asks me for shooting tips, and not to mention arguably the toughest NBA player in history. And these reporters have the audacity to say Garnett is on my level. Why don't you just put a battery acid on my nuts while you're at because that's basically what your doing by implying this Garnett is on my level nonsense. Garnett is old, washed up, and no where near as cool as I am. Hell, I even have video proof of this.

Yep just another one of the billion upon billion Bonner-maniacs

You think people make Youtube videos of Kevin Garnett proclaiming him the coolest Celtic? Heck no becausewe all know the coolest Celtic is Brian Scalibrine.

Look at Scal give it to the media. This is why I keep telling Pop and his beard to bring him to San Antonio in via trade so we can start the best duo in the NBA called the Ginger Express of Doom. Think the Midnight Express crossed with the Road Warriors, but more high flying and powerful.

But back to the topic at hand and why I should be MVP and here are five reasons that prove my case without a doubt

1. I am Matt Bonner
Reasons 2 through 5 look above. I am Matt Fucking Bonner.

What more reasons could you need? So Lebron enjoy your tainted MVP reign this year cause whatcha gonna do brother next season when Matt Bonner and the billions of Bonner-maniacs come crashing down on you.

And here is a rap track that sums up my mvp year
Brand Nubian - Punks Jump up to Get Beatdown

Monday, April 27, 2009

old house monday

This is actually more disco than house but it's dope. It's D Train's 1982 track "Keep On." I wanted to drop this track because I just watched Notorious last night and this is one of the sample used in Biggie's "Sky is The Limit."

dope video directed by Spike Jonez to boot

Plus this is a good track to get older black ladies going crazy at the club and not to mention the french. The french love d train.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bonner Advice: Playoff Steez

We no longer jack for advice because they local drunk and focused faithful came through with their own advice questions for NBA superstar Matt Bonner. And yes these are all real questions sent to Matt Bonner.

Dear Bonner, A couple of women moved in across the hall from me. One is a middle aged gym teacher and the other is a social worker in her mid twenties. These two women go everywhere together and I have never seen a man go into or leave their apartment. Do you think they can be Lebanese? signed, A concerned neighbor
Dear concerned....errr Miss California,

First things first you'se a meddlesome bitch. Let me guess you spend all day in your house coat, its probaly got a flower design or some shit, listening to R Kelly's "I Believe I can fly" on loop, while staring out your peephole to see what your neighbors are up to. I am saying somebody is trapped in the closest and it might not just be your social working, gym class teaching, must be scissoring it out neighbors. So basically you almost a big an idiot as that wench from California. Advice Edit :Ooops perv told me to read the message again and turns out she wants to know if they are Lebanese. How the fuck am I supposed to know if they are Lebanese? This is the worst mailbag ever who the hell reads this site. I am in the NBA I don't need this shit. You don't see Tim Duncan doing this. I need a new agent.

Dear Bonner, What can I do about all the sex, nudity, fowl language, and violence on my DVR?

Ummmm, two options: A: Stop being a pussy B: Don't dvr that shit.

Who the hell reads this site? Did b2 the baptist's brief stint writing here bring out all the idiots of the Flock? I am embarassed for these questions. Serial I am quitting. THis next question better not suck.

Dear Bonner, I have a man I can't trust. He cheat's so much I am not even sure the baby I am carrying is his.
Just call Maury already and lets watch your man do the dance

Yep, these are the Bonner-maniacs

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I googled Rap to see what images came up and lo and behold this cartoon above was one of the top results and I have only one question what the fuck? This is like a High Times Family Circus. Where's the punchline? Is this a covert Jesus ad? Why is the stoner wearing a t-shirt that says rap? Is it ironic or is the illustrator trying to tell us this Andy Samberg looking motherfuckiing loves rap music?

I am confused. Poseidon look at me!

ummm Rap music?
Gang Starr - I'm the Man
and next is one of my personal favorite Gang Starr songs probably because this 12" never left my record bag (well before serato that is)
Gang Starr - Mass Appeal


A demo version of a new track from one of my favorite musicians and all around dudes Andy
Eat Cloud - Your ADD is Screaming(demo version)

wait a minute Manu is not from Italy?

I am sure y'all heard Manu is out for the season after flopping errr messing up his ankle. Don't worry Bonnermaniacs that just means more three pointers for the red rocket to take and make as the Spurs take out Black Mamba and the rest of the west. So I was going to dedicate this kid cudi versus crookers via rusko remix of day n nite to Manu because he was one of them Italians and then beat perv informed me dude was from Argentina. What the hell no wonder he never seemed that enthusiastic whenever I invited him over for some spagett and meat balls.
Kid Cudi versus Crookers - Day n Nite (Rusko Remix)(Bonner jacked this track from a dope blog You Can Call Me Pelski which I accidently found when I was looking for red sox legend Jonny Pesky's site. Yes I was drunk while searching.)
Shout out to the Pesky Pole!

this song sounds good at 4:55 in the AM

Depeche Mode - Get the Balance Right

Thursday, April 02, 2009

the whole gang's back

Dude so I get a call from perv last night being like blah blah blah drunk and focused, blah blah you sold out, blah blah blah send more groupies my way, ehh fuck that dude. But he did send me the complete set of Ernest movies on Blue Ray so I am back at Drunk and Focused wondering what went wrong in my life.
So y'all probably want some advice cause Bonner so smart, so rich, and get so many ho's ( and I don't even take them out for dinner I give them a few bucks and tell that ho she can go grocery shopping). So here it is the return of jacking your advice

Dear Amy: I've been married to my husband for 16 years, and we have two beautiful children. He has always been a good provider and father.

Five years ago we purchased a computer for the children to use for school.

My husband has been using the computer for his recreational use. He plays a lot of online poker for fun and looks at porn.

I have told him of my concern and dismay at his porn viewing. He told me not to worry because he would never go to a chat room or try to hook up with anyone. Lately I've found some nasty messages from women on a sex 24/7 Web cam site in our spam in-box. This wouldn't concern me, but the messages said these women have seen his contact information and are inviting him to their sites.

Some of the messages said, "I only live six miles from you; contact me, and maybe we can hook up." I have always trusted my husband, but this has really shaken me up. Do you call this emotional infidelity? Am I making something out of nothing? I'm not sure if I should talk to him about this. I dearly love my husband and treasure our life and the family we've made together. I'm tempted to cancel our Internet connection, but that would also prevent our children from doing their research for school. I don't want this to ruin us. Heartsick

Dear Heartsick: It doesn't sound as if you are making something out of nothing—it sounds as if you are making too little out of something. Emotional infidelity is when a person becomes emotionally involved with someone else while excluding his or her partner. From what you say, it doesn't sound as if your husband is involved with these women (the messages in your in-box might be uninvited spam brought on by his porn habit). Even after the issue of emotional infidelity is dealt with, there is still the question of his choice to bring porn into your home. If your husband is visiting sites with Web cams and if you have a Web cam at home, your children could be lured into using it. This is a worst-case scenario, but a possibility. Carefully monitor this situation. If you and he have a good relationship and a treasured life together, then you should do everything you can to work this out with him so you feel respected, your children are safe and your husband's recreational needs are met in a way that doesn't affect others in the

Now here is the real Bonner talk. Your husband likes to wait till you are asleep and have cam sex with random females. He also probably has a lot of pics of his dick he sends out, and if he has any nudies of you probably sends those around, and could possible be even freaky enough to pretend he's you and talk to lesbians and or other dudes, like that guy that went to prison for pretending to be his ex wife and sending dudes naked pics of her. What I can tell you girl the internet is a sick place. My only advice start a cam whore business and lure him to your site, then yell GOTCHA. A healthy marriage hinges on you being able to catch him with his dick out.


DEAR ABBY: I am a 30-year-old, attractive, recently divorced attorney and single mother. My problem is I become extremely threatened when I'm romantically rejected, and I need to know how to gain a healthier approach to rejection.

I have dated occasionally, but nothing has developed into anything serious because I have yet to find someone with whom I feel completely compatible. However, when I start dating someone and he doesn't feel the same, it negatively affects my self-esteem. I feel and act depressed, and then I begin feeling insecure, anxious and irrational.

I recently drove someone away because when he didn't call me one night, I went wild with anger and anxiety. I realize this heightened response is not normal. It is also quite painful. Frankly, the intensity of my feelings frightened me, and I'm at a loss about how to handle it.

How can I get over feeling so insecure in relationships so rejection won't damage and disrupt my sense of self? -- DISCOMBOBULATED IN BROOKLYN

DEAR DISCOMBOBULATED: May I remind you that the process of dating is like sifting for gold for everyone involved. It can take a lot of effort and sifting before you finally strike the mother lode. When it comes to dating, I know of few things that are more of a turn-off than a woman -- or a man -- who has the word "needy" stamped on her (or his) forehead.

If you felt good about yourself, you would not be so dependent upon these men for validation. Your intense, angry and anxious reactions when a man doesn't call may be related to your divorce -- or they may stem from earlier insecurities you brought into your marriage. Unless you develop confidence about your self-worth, your relationships with men won't change.

Please give this some thought -- and if you agree that I'm on the right track, consider consulting a psychologist who can help you develop some tools for emotional independence. Once you have achieved it, your odds of meeting "Mr. Right" will be much better.

Yo I know this girl, and stop calling Bonner. I told you Brooklyn goes hard and sometimes so does Bonner. Also its not cute to talk about law while giving head, in fact its kind of awkward, garble, garble, amendment 26 and hell I can't understand what you're saying. Guys don't like that. But listen baby some crazy dude out for money will love you for all your worth. In the meantime how about you start calling Christian Laettner. He loves your type, and he is tall. If he fails there is always Cherokee Parks, or a VHI reality show.

Back In the Day

I used to love this Ahmad song back in the day when I got free radio promos from my brother, girls wore biker shorts, and the only thing I had to worry about was homework. But I am older now and I still like girls in biker shorts, ideally gyrating to this song
dj fatman - back in the day

mile high and gone????

Yo I know what the fuck is going on? The loyal drunk and focused readers have been irate. Where is perv? Why is Bonner just concentrating on basketball and not love advice. Why is Evaredy just worried about running NH in Perv's absence(side note I still run NH) instead of posting soul and rap tracks. WHy the fuck hasn't drunk and focused been updated in months. Well your boy perv has a lame excuse I moved out to Denver for a few month bid to write one of them books. Them redheads I don't know? I think they went out on strike or some shit. Anyway the god has returned and drunk and focused is back, and be on the lookout for the new Freakout mix which is done and will be dropping in the next few days. Think pysch/kraut rock, scissor test bands, good ol fashioned rap music, and that sabbath metal. Ummm I kill it, and its worth the wait.

So what have I been up you wondering? Well I look at mountains, write, hang out with my niece, be fly, wear designer suits, and fist fight walrus and coyotes. You know the deal. Plus I listen to a lot of rap music. So here is a rap post.

First up is EPMD and that famous loop that makes damn near any rapper sound good
epmd - it'a my thing
Next is Mad Lion rapping over the same loop
mAD lion - body and shape
Next is Jay Z not rapping over that same loop. Yep a drunk and focused curve ball and instead of ain't no nuh, we get "It's Allright" one one of my favorite Jay Z song and what up talking heads!
Jay Z - It's Allright
Last is some jungle brothers for those belly dancing girls out here who love them west coast syths and a diva shout out to Jay Cutler
Jungle Brothers - Belly Dancing Diva

And oh yeah fuck Jay Cutler and his lesbian hair wearing diva ass. You ain't John Elway, ya heard. Let me repeat you ain't John Elway.

Clean With It

Young Dro - Clean With It