Monday, December 29, 2008


Why in the hell did no one tell me Prince Paul made a video for booty clap. This just made my day

And tomorrow the monthly Freakout with MMOSS and Blaq Boose 9-1 at the red door. According to a freakout virgin they described hearing the freakout as just a bunch of people all fucked up on all types of drugs and drank. Ummm.....true but the music is really fucking DOPE!

And I been talking the shit out of MMoss hear on the blog (they are dude Justin's band) but if you wondering about blaq boose they are a tribe of bro/ho's who sing songs of ancient fields. we all own pot except for the ones who own beers. we use trombone, flute, trumpet, guitars, drums, synth and upright bass to make songs of enjoyment for the gods. we scramble not, yet in our haste to please we drink all the cups of drugs of dance and mostly scream. we want to burn the dead babies birdessess and paint our naked bodies with our blood but must care not for it. will you help us care and scream to the tune of our holy birth right of liberation from the townspeople?
Come early for the bands and me playing pysch/kraut/weiro rock and stoner metal, and stay late for the dance shit.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


We don't celebrate x-mas anymore its officially James Brown Day from now out

and just because this is drunk and focused and we know even our lord and saviors like to get drunk

the best thing about christmas this year


The first time I watched this video I thought it was corny as fuck. The second time I watched this video I still thought it was corny as fuck. About the twentieth time I watched it I realized this may be one of the best x-mas videos ever done.

Hell it starts off with Jones writing a letter to what you may think is Santa Clause (but yo their's a twist at the end) and dude is like "I remember when mommy used to let me open up a present at midnight." That's emotion even Kayne can't fake with autotune. Plus Jones says its a recession and the gifts, and not to mention videos, cost cheddar. Blue Screen in full effect what! I think they donated their video budget to the salvation army. Jones so benvalent. Things I am also feeling about this video Jones quill pen complete with red feather, the making it snow with the dollars from the salvation army bucket (in the winter we don't make it rain anymore we make it snow on them hoes), and all the extreme close ups on Jim's face. But the best part of the video is the dude in the back who keeps dancing around ringing the bell. I would hire him just to come to parties with the bell and do that. And yo the twist is he ain't writing to santa he is writing to one of his boys locked up in jail. He finished the letter by dripping it in candle wax and writing love always (no ho-ho-homo)

Now this video also grew on me but its no where near on the level of awesome that Jones pulled off. Basically to me this video is Santana wanted to get laid by this girl Stella and her friends so he made this track. Girl can't really sing and Santana just kinda bounces around with a look of this pussy better be worth the $400 dollars I spent on this video, and he seems to be pondering will I be able to stick my dick in between the gap of this girls teeth tonite. Side note I watched this video about 8 times while ripping records at Evaredy's because it was the MTV jam of the week and we only watch rap videos at his house so we couldn't figure out who the skullgang was and had various theories (most being about Juelz being blatantly honest that he was putting these girls on because they gave great skull (you kids might know it as fellatio) turns out skullgang is like a dipset jv team. Who knew.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snapple was a popular drank and still is

I like add n to x's song about skills better than the gangstar joint. Also it's almost 2009 can we finally admit how bad Guru is? Yeah I know he has done SO MANY DOPE SONGS but who doesn't sound good over Premier's beats? Hell I can rap over his beats and sound good. He has a great voice true, but his lyrics are bad for a freshmen poetry class. But I will admit lemonaid was a popular drank and still is
add n to x - skills

Monday, December 22, 2008

old house monday we confused

Armando - Land of Confusion

This songs fit the dreams I been having( side note I haven't smoked pot in days hence I am dreaming a lot and remembering them, and yes its wierd)

Friday, December 19, 2008

snowed in

Since that old man winter decided to skeet all his white love everywhere I am snowed in, and instead of killing it at Recess tonight with Evaredy and Ghost Dad I am stuck at home dranking expresso martini's and cans of PBR(I keep it real, classy) and listening to records. Its like my own private Scissor Test. Anyway Christmas is coming up which means presents and hangovers, and since I am so benevolent I am giving the gift of seeing me dj the day after Christman with a whole grip of rappers and what not. Peep the flyer for full line-up

Now here is some of that nice Christian Christmas Music to listen to while funneling egg nog at your Christmas parties
You ever wonder what a pyche rock christmas song sounds like?
Free Design - Hold your breathe it's christmas
well know you do.

Next up is christmas music b-more style from the Unruly Crew. I want a beeper to for Christmas and maybe some gortex.
Unruly Mass Choir - Unruly Christmas

Next track is for those romantic nights when you are trying to pull that emotional girl whose all drunk on cheer and cookies and likes white rappers
Atmosphere - If I wasn Santa Clause

Monday, December 15, 2008

that old house monday

This video was posted up on the hollerboard

How fucking awesome is this?

We back at with the old house monday and we coming today with one of Todd Terry's many aliases House of Gypsies.

And since we just got hit with a big ass ice storm I figured we needed some of the tropical sounding shit.
house of gypsies- sum si say

And a re-up on
Tu No Sabe - Pirates of the Carribean

Sunday, December 14, 2008

drunk and focused is back

Yo sorry the slacking on posts been making moves. Going to be moving to Denver in the new Year. Big going away parties still to come. Working on a getting a new website done, and putting out a mixtape. The 09 will be bigger than the beatdown De La Hoya got last weekend. Matt Bonner is returning to drunk and focused look out for his next post. Dude is blowing up and its gone straight to his head. He the best. Evaredy hates you all thats why he never posts. He is such an ashhole. Y'all should tell him it ain't hard to post a soul song and picture. In fact you can tell him this in person this coming Friday as we invade the Milky Way for a party with ghostdad.

Also I been digging through music the past few weeks trying to find those overlooked gems I have that I have totally forgot about. And I came across this early 80's track by Purple Flash. It fucking rules. Its this really pretty synth disco type shit from this dude from Canada. This song sounds like what Metro Area would make if they had done the soundtrack to Miami Vice.
Purple Flash - We can make it