Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Keith Sweat Videos vol. 1

Time to get focused again and get this blog back to its glory days in a new feature we call breaking down Keith Sweat videos. For those who don't know Keith Sweat maybe the smoothest dude in the universe. They say ladies love cool james, and some do, but all bitches love Keith Sweat. How do I know this lets look at the evidence.

the video starts off with LL in bed with no shirt of course, and he probably has just licked his lips seventy four times, and he is picking up the phone. We assume its some broad calling LL who is wearing a baseball cap. He looks aight, and I am sure some girls dig that look. But then comes Keith. Fucking Keith in all purple suit, looking like a fly peacock, and he even makes sure he matches his girl and the rooms decor. So many candles, so many panties already dropping. Then a random interspersed shot of Keith Sweat's crew looking like some left over boyz II men and than LL arguing with his girl in a parking lot wearing an AC Slater inspired leather jacket, while Keith keeps it smooth by sitting on the hood of a car rubbing his girls arm. Then we cut back to LL in bed hugging a pillow whining on the phone to some girl whose mind is probably on Keith Sweat. The song continues as LL continues to lament his love who seems to have no interest in him, and Keith just sings in the background while whispering sweet nothings in his girls ear. Then this girl leaves LL, so my man goes to the movies, you know get his head correct. But goddamn guess who is there? His girl, word, and we have a nice shot of LL staring at her while she is on her date a row behind. I think they want to see Beverly Hills Cop 2, and I am assuming this video was probably made when Eddie Murphy was still kind of funny. Also LL should have known this was going down as he rap about he caught the girl on the phone a couple times but it was always her cousin. Man in the words of Biz Markie "don't even give me that." The video continues with LL's torment and Keith Sweat feeling up his girl, dressed like a fashionable 80's banker. Then it ends with LL and his girl depressed, and Keith Sweat banging some girl who looks like an extra from a BBD "poison" video, tight red dress and all.

God Bless You Keith Sweat

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