Wednesday, April 08, 2009

wait a minute Manu is not from Italy?

I am sure y'all heard Manu is out for the season after flopping errr messing up his ankle. Don't worry Bonnermaniacs that just means more three pointers for the red rocket to take and make as the Spurs take out Black Mamba and the rest of the west. So I was going to dedicate this kid cudi versus crookers via rusko remix of day n nite to Manu because he was one of them Italians and then beat perv informed me dude was from Argentina. What the hell no wonder he never seemed that enthusiastic whenever I invited him over for some spagett and meat balls.
Kid Cudi versus Crookers - Day n Nite (Rusko Remix)(Bonner jacked this track from a dope blog You Can Call Me Pelski which I accidently found when I was looking for red sox legend Jonny Pesky's site. Yes I was drunk while searching.)
Shout out to the Pesky Pole!

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