Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New RAP music

Jay z is back and I'm pumped. I always knew he was not leaving and anyone who made a big deal about his "retirement" obviously never heard of Master P.

Jay Z - "Lost Ones" answers some questions about Dame and Jay and B and Jay.

Jay Z - "Show me what you Got" - Nice beat from Just Blaze; hope the whole album does not sound like this

The Game has a new album coming out called 'Doctor's Advocate.' If I was Dr. Dre I'd be a little worried about Game's man crush on me. But oh yah, we all know Dr. Dre is gay. So I guess this all makes sense. Game is sounding a little better but still dropping names like an idiot.

The Game and Nas - "Why you Hate the Game?"

The Game - "Lookin at You" - Game should only rap over beats like this. It's the only thing that can save him.

Had to throw some mixtape shit up on here.

Young Buck and B.G. - "Sellin Everything" ; Two of my favorite current rappers on a track together, can't wait to hear this non- mixtape.

one more Track

I don't know when this came out but it examplifies everything I love about Houston. I wish Paul Wall didnt be come such a pussy and made more songs like this:

Lil Keke ft. Paul Wall and Bun B - "Chunk UP the Duece"

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K said...

i´ve got no agent 4 music or
payin´by web pagez .
so when i´m deal it´z all free
worldwide .
nu rap . which coast iz the new ?
after east, west, north & South ?
or have rap now new soundz ???
SEe U . K . greetings from me , too .
Kingstyler for ever .