Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Were not just going to New Hampshire!!!! BYAHHHHHHH

Ahh the loyal drunk and focused rejoice your dude has returned with good news. The reason we been so lax on posting lately is cause we working on some big thangs for december including a new site , a new monthly on thursdays at the red door starting in december and a new bi-monthly party in mass, more on that shit later. Also we are starting a new monthly mix series where drunk and focused gives you that proverbial hot shit and the dj lined up for next month is one of baltimore's finest.

Anyway En P is in a gravy/beer coma right now, apparently he was hungry last week and ate a whole turkey and downed it with a 30 pack of coors light(cause he is a sally like that? and well he has not been heard from since. I am praying for his swift recovery and I hope you all do the same. That dude Justin said he is to big a rock star to post and spends his days sipping scotch through straws and throwing water balloons filled with urine at people who ask for his autograph, no Namond. And the rest of the posse is in canada jacking off wild moose for science projects. so beat perv is holding shit down by his lonesome and giving y'all what you need in some Live Free or Club shit as low budget and dirty south destroy chappelle for what might the only b-more club song to shout out New Hampshire
trilledelphians - bia byahhhhh!!!!!!!!

Next word on the street is the new jay z album sucks, but fear not lil weezy is here to save the day
lil wayne -how me what you free

staying with jay z he finally got around to answering the dipset disses cause he has an albulm to promote
jay z - brooklyn high
he has a good line about how rich he is with the balling shit, but overall shit is ehh and the response from jones and santana is more entertaining, especially the two old bitches golden girls line.
jim jones and juelz santana - fly high beef remix

Lastly when andre raps he is still better than 99 percent of the rappers which ultimately means his next albulm he will channer his inner cee lo and sing and put out some wack shit. Y'all still bumping idlewind? Yeah, didn't think so. Also andre disses people who wear big ass white tees which I thought was cute
walk it our remix ft outka

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