Saturday, November 04, 2006

new mix, new podcast, same maddog

A week off from work equals whiskey, weed and rock records culminating in a good ol fashioned mix bender from your boy the beat pervert. This is a new mix heavily focused on them kraut rock dudes with a little sprinlking of other rock and a incredibly good borat b-more club track by dj Excel.

A Drunk and Focused Scissor Test Old Fashioned Podcast
Gulls/Idols - under the wire sun
tangerine dream - alpha centauri
suicide - cheree
grrllls out of hell - bloody guitars
joe meek and the blue men - entry of the globblotts
gal costa - objecto sim, objecto nao
ufo - star storm
amon duul II - archangels thunderbird
simply saucer - nazi apocalypse
kraftwerk - stratovarius
la dusseldorf - la dusseldorf
neu! - after 8
harmonia - dino
can - up the bakerloo (peel session)
dj excel - borat

Also if you missed the halloween show this past tuesday you should punch yourself in the face for being an idiot. Also go see the borat movie its the truth. High five

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