Saturday, January 20, 2007

The game is rigged

Ahhh this mix has been long delayed because of my laptop that only works after you don't put it on for three weeks. Anyway this is part 2 of the wire mix and features everything you come to expect with plenty of ganster shit and guitars. Your boy will be posting more now that I just finished up my first semester of grad school (what y'all didn't know I was one of those smart dumb people or whatever the hell ghostface calls us)

The game is rigged
eat cloud - pan plucker
young jeezy ft. bun b/Squarepusher - over here (beat pervert and evaredy pushing square pints of liquor to the kids bootleg blend)
boards of canada - as a is to b as b is to c
electric company- mainly seconds
radiohead - I will (scott matelik remix)
spacemen 3 - things will never be the same
glenn branca - lesson number 2
slowdive - souvlaki space station
boards of canada - from one source of all things
Gal Costa - tuareg
Big L, Lord Finesse, Jay Z - Da Graveyard
Suicidial Tendencies - Instutionalized
Tittsworth - Friday Night
Emynd - Hangin on
boom bip - from left to right
siqur ros - untitled track
godspeed you black emperor - blaise bailey finnegan III
can - all gates open
electro 4 - tell her
joe meek and the blue men - valley of no return
harmonia - hausmusik


Anonymous said...

This looks neat. Can I get a re-up?

Matt Bonner said...

word on the street is Beat Pervert is redoing this mix for valentines day and plus half of it got used on the new stay the king mix. If you are really desperate he might put it back up but a new mix should be up within days