Thursday, January 04, 2007

A pack of newports

It's the first thursday of the month so you know a Pack of Newports is jumping off tonite at 9 at the red door with the drunk and focused posse playing rap music, b-more and shit load of James Brown tonite. Also I am playing a whole lotta mobb deep because well why the fuck not. Also I'd like to give a shout to Matt Bonner whose gallant effort last night against gump ass garnett and the timberwolves fell short as his three pointer just missed. Side note who the fucked spiked Marc Blount's drink with heart last night? How come every blue moon dude is unstoppable and then the next day is absolutely horrid. He is kinda like J R Writer. Most of the time he is blah and definately doesn't seem like he can do any shit and then bam he jacks a beat and has a song I like
jr writer - what you know about crack
Dipset should make 07 a contract year and I gurantee J R Writer has a good year before he realizes nobody can get cut from Koch Records.
Bonner said he will put a post up later detailing how he once again punked out kevin garnett and the time he battled tony parker. Side note did y'all know Tony Parker is a rapper and has done a song with Fabolous? And Matt Bonner's first weekly installment of people he can beat up is coming soon.

Anyway here is some rap music
Kane, GZA, and RZA - Cameo Afro
Its fucking Kane, GZA and RZA what else do you want? And if Rocky can come back why can't Kane come back and take the throne back? I mean if old ass out of touch cause I got much money and hang out with white folks now Jay is putting out half assed records whats wrong with the return of kane?

Camron -Yo Get Rich
Camron rapping over the beat of one of them old bitches.

Showbiz, AG, and Big L - represent
I gotta get this off my chest I never realized andre the giant and ag were the same dude for the longest fucking time and always wondered why Andre the Giant never put out any albulms. I also thought Andre the Giant was better because I grew up loving wrestling

schooly d - saturday night
Schooly D had more influence on me having safe sex then any health class every did. Any time you thinking of experiencing sex raw like you was ol dirty just remember Schooly D's gem of advice of "What Have I done stuck my dick in." It works everytime and you won't have itchy balls or burning piss.

Public Enemy- Can't Trust it
Fuck it I am gonna watch I love New York and ain't mad at flavor flav for becoming a complete caricature of himself, well maybe a little but at least that shit was entertaining. And its not like we didn't know flavor flav was the ying to Chuck's yang in every sense of the word. Dudes a character and if he gets paid for that I ain't mad at all. What I am mad is missing chuck D at my school because I had to go to a fucking spanish class.

Mobb Deep - Godfather Part III
I think I posted this song before or the remix either way you need this shit if you don't already have it

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