Friday, March 02, 2007

Korver is a gump too

As many of you already know I am back proving even injuries are scared of me. And luckily all the bonner-maniacs can now go back to enjoying watching me make it rain again with three pointers instead of doller bills. Speaking of Pacman what kind of dude actually wants his money back after he throws it? That shit ain't baller, and it sure as hell is not Bonner. First things first when I roll into a club I have two trained monkeys dressed up as old fashioned milkmen carry in plastic bags filed with $100,000 each. The monkeys can also play songs.

Then me and my squad of Brent Barry, this Ukraine dude who knows all the words to the metal song Berzerker, and Tim Duncan, who always saunters in the back with his Pete Nice walking cane, roll through the club in slow motion then we precede to really make it rain. Hell I think I made it rain with my entire salary during all star weekend. I am not kidding I am broke check the interview.

But it's worth it just to see the strippers smile as I skeet skeet all over them with money from the sky. I think I have put at least 14 strippers through college this year alone. Now while we were at this fine gentlemen's one of Kyle Corver's posse members thought it would be cute to try to snatch some of the money up we were throwing down. But Bonner was not having that so I borrowed Tim's cane and walked up to the dude like" What up podna."

Then I flicked the bill of his baseball name brand game hate of the university of South Carolian and well lets just say I had to buy Tim Duncan a new can after breaking it in half over this fools head.

Anyway a large brawl ensued with Brent Barry getting tasered, me losing one of my monkeys, Tim Duncan acting a damn fool(I think he hung Kyle Korver out a window), and well at the end of the night Kyle Korver no longer had a posse and now like that gump ass Garnett he fears me too. Moral of the story Bonner makes it rain and punks jump up to get beat down.

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