Friday, March 02, 2007

I was doing my laundry

So I was doing my laundry and I realized I have no idea where my mic geronimo 4 My Click t-shirt went. I am a little upset so if you find my t-shirt holler at me. In the meantime here are some mic geronimo and cash money click videos. And look at mic rocking a gold front back in what year is this 93?

Here is mic with his cash money click, note how young and full of hope Ja was. And yes Curtis was only a glimmer in his eye back then

I have this video on a rap tape with that dude that did the No Flow on the Rodeo (What the hell is his name I have his tape somewhere) and all the videos were shot in black and white and everyone had a bubble vest and a scowl. I miss those videos.

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