Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Real motherfucking g's

Ahhh the soprano's are back and with that means your boy perv is at again with that old fashioned classic, the drunk and focused review, which is sponsored by maddog 20-20 and gangsta rap.
eazy e - real motherfucking g's

Now as most as you know these are the final episodes of the sopranos, which means they are building toward some epic shit. Even though the wire done passed them as the best show on tv,I still think the sopranos are gonna come hard this season like Project pat straight out of jail.
Project Pat/ Dj Shadow - Midnight in the Projects (beat pervert and evaredy knuck if you buck extended version)

The show begins with Tony getting arrested on some bullshit gun charge on a gun he threw out in a field while running away from the cops arresting Johnny Sac a few years back. The charge came when this sally punk who found the gun was arrested and forgot to listen to project pat's wise advice of not snitching and decided to say it was tony's gun. Things drunk and focused does not recommend snitching on a fucking mob boss. Either way shit gets dropped and Tony is out in time for his 47th birthday and a weekend with janice and bobby upstate in new york at a lake near canada. Side note Canada is know for its strong domestic beers which get beat pervert so drunk he will fist fight mirrors late night for fun and scars.

Anyway shit goes normal as Janice is a total cunt in general and bobby and tony go fire the new assault rifle bobby got him for his birthday and talk about hunting which brings forth the revelation that Bobby only hunts with a bow and arrow to keep the playing field level. Tony also reveals to Bobby that he is now being groomed to be his right hand man and if he proves himself he will be in position to be next in line for boss. The domestic bliss continues as they decide to get drunk and focused drunk and play monopoly. (kids do not get drunk and focused drunk unless you want trouble with the law, friends or family and beat pervert knows this hence why I am out on bail writing this post)
Trae shows mims how to say something on the track (drunk and focused play monopoly bootleg blend)

Anyway the game is going along until Janice wins second place in a beauty contest and Tony makes some comments which infuriate bobby until the point he sucker punches tony. They brawl and in the upset of the year Bobby wins as he knocks tony down through a table and out. At 4 am a still drunk and dazed Tony walks into bobby's room and tells him he won fair and square. Drunk and Focused take on the fight is bobby done whipped tony ass but on the flip side dude is bigger, younger, less drunk, and did sucker punch him and had years upon years of vented up frustration to take out on tony.

The morning after they meet with these Canadians about pills (what up gucci mane) and they end up working out a deal to get the pills cheaper as Tony says they will take care of a problem for them. The problem that needs taking care of is one of the dudes daughter has a deadbeat father that needs taking care of. Tony tells Bobby to take care of this and Bobby gets his first kill as he kills the deadbeat father as he washes his clothes. The question that is left though was Tony doing this out of vengeance toward Bobby, or rather did he gain new respect for bobby after he whooped his ass and wanted to make him take the next level as he grooms him to take over for him if he is ever put in jail or whacked?

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