Saturday, April 21, 2007

to all the nappy headed hoes of the world

Straight up fuck Imus for being wack, irrelevant, and pretty much non-existent these days but dude got a raw deal. While we here at drunk and focused don't condone calling the girls at rutgers nappy headed ho's ( and on Imus' defense dude has no idea what that term even fucking means) that bad joke fucking made them more famous than the team that beat them in the finals. I didn't see the Lady Volvs on Orpah, or Pat Summit getting a book deal. That comment was the best shit that could have ever happened to them girls so America needs to stop being such goddamn pussies and stop crying over bullshit that does not matter. If you can't take being called a nappy headed ho by an old crusty white guy who does not even know what it means and was making a bad joke you need to check yourself. You gonna tell me these girls are that fucking fragile? Hell, no wonder they lost then. From now on I will refer to them ladies as the girls who were not good enough to beat the actual best team in the nation, yes a bunch of girls who were lacking the talent to beat a team who were so much superior to themselves. Guess what Rutgers coach you don't deserve a book deal because you didn't win a fucking championship. Fuck AL Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for being money grubbing ho's themselves. They are just like Pat Robertson and all the other christian robbers who use religion to pad their pockets and preach hate and division. Can we stop giving them a free pass for their bullshit because they use race as a reason not to question their motives. Or have we gone so far that name calling is the greatest threat in America and we must forget all the other fucking real bullshit going down.

And yes that rant was just the introduction for Tittsworth's latest jam...and yes he went there
tittsworth - nappy head ho's

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