Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beat Pervert is at School


I wish I could help you. I am always looking for ways to encourage new people entering the school psyc. profession. However, I along with many others in the state,have some serious concerns about the quality of the SNHU program. It is lacking many basics, which means the burden is on the supervisor to provide training that should be done before a student does a practicum. I suggest you and your fellow students talk with the program director about the need for course work specifically designed for a school psychology program and taught by a certified school psychologist. The state department of education is also concerned but I think change will only come about if the students, as consumers, push for it. Good luck.


This was left on the computer in the library I am using. I just started a ten day residency for the last year of my MFA program. So in one year I will be a grad school graduate with a masters in a a field which will allow me to work at a record store for minium wage or maybe bag your groceries with a sense of pride you could never feel.
I'll do anything with a detached air of superiority
It also gives me a great excuse to tell a job they ain't on my level when they question my work habits such as taking too many days off, or always coming in late to work or from breaks and lunch. I am saying grading standerdized tests is the devils work and If I am late it is because I was doing shit lil wayne does on the sidewalk in NY, which doesn't mean I ain't a good worker, and regardless I graded tests at twice the speed of all those washed up teachers and house wifes( i was the fu schinkens of grading tests fast and I never worked with Shaq). But in the end it doesn't matter because not working a 9-5 means I can find gems like this on the internet

Boards of Canada got really drunk with the hoff and after a whole lot of rim jobs no german-o? they made this video which two of the dudes from kraftwerk directed and one guy from Faust gave a thumbs up too

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