Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Y'all know about weed carriers right (and bras and panties)

Dear Lil Wayne, Lindsey Lohan and Ja Rule its called a weed carrier its a person in your crew who holds your drugs, guns, drives your car when your fucking drunk and takes the rap when the cops come around, and its a luxury rich people have, y'all should think about it. And surprisingly the new lil wayne and ja rule track ain't bad,New joint courtesy of Emynd and is Ja Rule finally coming back after Curtis has fell off a little and is left with old ass child beating tony yayo as his last soldier riding the g unit flag? Well anyway fuck all these dumb bastards getting arrested for dumb shit (and if anyone knows something about getting arrested for dumb shit its me) and really this whole post is just an excuse so I can post up some cash money click videos that I used to watch on this Gavin hip hop video from 94 that had a king just no flow on the rodeo video and more bubble jackets than you could shake a fist at.
First up is cash money click get the fortune motherfuck the fame or anyone else's career after ja rule left

Next up the click features mic geronimo who put them on and dude also put on jay z(well sorta but he featured him on his albulm back when jay wasn't rich and listening to yacht rock with white folks, not to mention putting on dmx and ja rule and never getting the favor returned and having to go on some wack ass reality show on mtv that probaly inspired underage and engaged (and not to mention broke as fuck)
And yes I still have a mic geronimo t-shirt with 4 my click on the back of it (courtesy b2)and I still wear it proudly.

And I couldn't find the no flows on the rodeo track which dmx and ruff ryders bit the fuck out of, but here is warrior's drum instead

And if you are going to get lifted you might not want to do it in the streets of new york...I am looking at you lil wayne

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