Friday, April 18, 2008

I am going to brick city, anywhere know where redman is going to be sunday?

Yo hopefully y'all tuned into mofo radio Wednesday night and heard your boy playing dem records, errr mp3s. Shit I kept it strictly radio and just played tracks so for the dudes that like listening to the full 6 minute versions of all your late eighties and early 90's house and hip-house y'all would have been in heaven the first hour and half. After that, and some interviewing by Ghost Dad where I probably lost a couple gigs in boston, I blame dj stanley (next few days we will have the audio of the radio show and a full breakdown of who dj stanley is). Then I told a story how I caused the east-west coast feud because of pmd's new single, and then I played some suicidal tendecies.

which someone imed into the show came out in 1983, which blew my mind because I was one years old in 83, and always thought this record came out like in 89-90. I am glad I been educated. then I played some eat cloud records and that rave venetian snares track that tested the waters of how much saying fuck you can get away with during safe harbor hours (sorry ghost dad about that track), Anyway I am heading to NJ for the holiday, yes passover. Speaking of stoners new mix coming but not for sunday, cause real stoners get high everyday, 4/20 is like new years ever for drinkers, total amature hour. But look for the new mix sometime next week, and a new mix soon from me and evaredy that will heavy on the rap like monique is on a scale.

In honor of New Jersey here is an artifacts track and a lords of the underground video
artifacts - wrong side of da tracks

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