Tuesday, April 15, 2008

slacking on your macking cause raw's what you lacking

Big ol scissor test tonite with live performances from Brian Levin who you may know from the many great bands he has played in like my personal favorite antithesisters
He will be doing a solo set but he will be playing with some awesome folks tontie so come out and be amazed

Next we have the scissor test debut of Asami yamazaki who does some crazy electronic glitch shit that was birth out of the mind of the loniliest girl in tokyo
Asami Yamazaki

And cause we love going overboard we are bringing out one of Boston's finest djs Ghost Dad to make you shake your ass like a girl having a seizure during a booty shaking contest
ghost dad

I think I am going to play a lot of tracks tonight that sounds like this tonight
venetian snares - husikiam rave dojo

the tuss - rush up I bank

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