Sunday, December 14, 2008

drunk and focused is back

Yo sorry the slacking on posts been making moves. Going to be moving to Denver in the new Year. Big going away parties still to come. Working on a getting a new website done, and putting out a mixtape. The 09 will be bigger than the beatdown De La Hoya got last weekend. Matt Bonner is returning to drunk and focused look out for his next post. Dude is blowing up and its gone straight to his head. He the best. Evaredy hates you all thats why he never posts. He is such an ashhole. Y'all should tell him it ain't hard to post a soul song and picture. In fact you can tell him this in person this coming Friday as we invade the Milky Way for a party with ghostdad.

Also I been digging through music the past few weeks trying to find those overlooked gems I have that I have totally forgot about. And I came across this early 80's track by Purple Flash. It fucking rules. Its this really pretty synth disco type shit from this dude from Canada. This song sounds like what Metro Area would make if they had done the soundtrack to Miami Vice.
Purple Flash - We can make it

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Anonymous said...

Really nice that your back. Could U PLEASE Re-upload "tu no sabe-pirates of the caribbean"