Friday, December 19, 2008

snowed in

Since that old man winter decided to skeet all his white love everywhere I am snowed in, and instead of killing it at Recess tonight with Evaredy and Ghost Dad I am stuck at home dranking expresso martini's and cans of PBR(I keep it real, classy) and listening to records. Its like my own private Scissor Test. Anyway Christmas is coming up which means presents and hangovers, and since I am so benevolent I am giving the gift of seeing me dj the day after Christman with a whole grip of rappers and what not. Peep the flyer for full line-up

Now here is some of that nice Christian Christmas Music to listen to while funneling egg nog at your Christmas parties
You ever wonder what a pyche rock christmas song sounds like?
Free Design - Hold your breathe it's christmas
well know you do.

Next up is christmas music b-more style from the Unruly Crew. I want a beeper to for Christmas and maybe some gortex.
Unruly Mass Choir - Unruly Christmas

Next track is for those romantic nights when you are trying to pull that emotional girl whose all drunk on cheer and cookies and likes white rappers
Atmosphere - If I wasn Santa Clause

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