Tuesday, May 08, 2007

time for some action

First things watch this video and look at the end after the brawl erupts for what we I am guessing is Redman playing too long and his crew is not appreciating the venue's attempt at trying to shut them down. But fast forward to the end and look at these girls faces as the brawl ends and the music comes back in and they wyle out as if nothing has happened, and instead Guy has made a guest appearance.

This episode of the soprano's was kind of like that.

The show starts off with AJ forgetting the golden rule in life that gangstar once taught me and that is even though the girl's look so goooood the motto is always on to the next ex.

couple things from this video is guru what the fuck is up with those glasses and one pant leg up? You look like a cross between dwayne wayne and ll cool j.

Also Guru trying to be good with the ladies just doesn't seem to work. Instead he looks like a dude who enrolled in a community college course called Too Short 401 and left with a D- in the class. Thank god for premier and that beat though. In fact Guru should start a new support group with group home called dudes who need premier to sound good. Hell they could start an army, or better yet a navy, with all them rappers who have nice voices, but don't say shit, and sound perfect over an old premier beat. (What up Jeru don't try to hide)

Back to the world that is gangsta and the fact we saw the bitch in you Aj over this whole Blanca shit. Yes girl is fine but lets face facts she is pushing 30, has a kid, and is a bit of a bitch. When your only 20 this is shit you don't need in your life, especially true if your rich and the son of the biggest and most powerful crime boss in NJ

Meadow feels he might be suicidal and Tony and carmela are worried and not sure what to do. Tony goes to therapy in hopes to quit, but soon realizes he can't because he gave his son the same depressive gene. After his therapy session we find him at the Bing when Carlo's and Patsy's son come in. They both seem to love life and have been making a lot of money for themselves and their fathers through running betting at Rutgers. Since they are having a party at the bing that weekend Tony tells them they should invite aj. At home Tony see's a sad aj and asked if they had called he said yes but he wasn't going to call them back because he didn't want to go. Tony tells him he has no choice and is going. Tony hopes that hanging out with kids his age and getting drunk and seeing titties will break him out of his funk.

This works(combined with an anti-depressant pill his shrink gives him) and AJ starts hanging out with them at their frat and being an enforcer of sorts simply because he is Tony Soprano JR. Which leads to a question raised earlier that might be playing out now in that Tony never wanted this life for AJ, but this episode he seemingly threw him into the game by hooking him up with these two baby gangsters, no weezy, whose fathers both work for Tony. We see a sort of change in AJ as he realizes he can turn the hurt and hate he feels into violence and power just as Tony had done before him. This notion is realized when they take AJ to collect on an outstanding gambling debt and we see Aj horrified yet seemingly enthralled and excited by the actions they are committing, which was torture to a student who owed them money by pouring acid on his feet He's only 20, which was close to the same age Tony was when he left school and devoted himself to the game full time, which means we might be witnessing the birth of AJ into the criminal world.

Elsewhere we saw the fractured relationship between Chris and Tony surface again which ended up with Chris shooting the hollywood script writer, and sometime junky, and guy who wrote Cleaver, in the head. Chris orginally went over there late night and drunk because of a beef between Paulie over Paulie having his nephew steal power saws from Chris's father in law. After they boost his father in law a second time Chris barges in on a a poker game with little Paulie and proceeds to beat his ass and throw him out of a window. This leads to Paulie taking his car and tearing up Chris's brand new lawn and flowers and scaring the shit out of his wife and newborn daughter. A couple days later Chris appologizes to Paulie and to show his sincerity takes a shot with him. This shot leads Chris to get drunk and focused drunk and after a few jokes by Paulie, at his expense, he barges out of the bar and proceeds to the writer's house. The writer whose name I forget (though I remember he once wore a Delicious Vinyl t-shirt in an episode a couple season's ago) doesn't want to listen to Chris,especially what he has done in the mafia, and at that point tells Chris to leave. Chris then decides that guy is right, he is in the mafia, and shoots him in the fucking head. he then drives back to his home and drunkenly puts back up a tree which had fallen when Paulie ruined his lawn.


evaredy said...

i guess that dude didn't have the clearance to run the inteference.....how you going cut reggie noble off?

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