Tuesday, May 01, 2007

still chasing it after all these years

If the Soprano's were Scarface this would have been the episode Tony put his head into a huge pile of coke and took a big sniff as we witness the final cracks in his armor leading to his ultimate destruction. The problem is gambling and Tony seems to be chasing a high he can no longer find. A sentiment echoed by Carmela as she asks him, "What are you chasing? Money? Or a high from winning?"

The problem is Tony is on top, yet he is still worried about money, the law, and all the other bullshit that comes when you choose to play the game.
crooked letterz- caught in the game
He seems more distant than ever from his crew and one wonders if things would be different had AJ been built for the game (what up Cormega) and could be groomed to take over for him and continue his legacy. He thought Christopher could take this role but Cleaver cemented the notion that this likely will not happen.

This episode also cemented that he is a man who is feared, and respected, but not truly well liked even by those we assumed were his good friends, such as Hesh. Hesh, who throughout the series has been seemingly almost a father figure to Tony, exemplified this notion that not everything is kosher with their relationship because of the fact Hesh loaned $200,000 to Tony to cover his gambling debts. Hesh asks if Tony had the money and Tony makes a big deal about it and then gives him only $3,000 and a Cleaver ball cap. A few days later Hesh stops by the bada bing and tony makes a bunch of jew jokes and gives him another $3,000. Hesh goes home and is worried and tells his son that he is getting bad vibes from tony and when is it cheaper for him to get rid of him rather than repay the debt. In the last two weeks two fo Tony's supposed closest friends have had visions of him wacking them which shows two things clearly; first Tony is still feared and respected, but more importantly secondly what does it say about Tony if even those closest to him are that worried about his actions and what he might do to either protect himself or clear a debt. And lets realize it ain't hard to tell Tony is still committed to the game full time, this ain't no half ass jay z last album I am too rich to care shit, this is fuck I am still too caught up in this shit and need to make money still hungry shit. Ala nas before he fell off
Nas - ain't hard to tell (og version thank stretch armstrong for this)
new order - bizarre love triangle
Elsewhere we find out Vito's son is now a weirdo goth kid (goth kids ruined a lot of good shit like new order and the cure for us regular white folk djs but we are taking it back and shitting on the goth kids who now listen to manson or slipknot or some shit...new goth kids are the lamest people in the world) who gets expelled from school for shitting in the showers and then stepping in it. Tony talks to Phil and tells him to take care of it because they are family. Phil says that Vito's wife is only his second cousin but he will talk to the kid. Phil tells the kid to be a man but it goes in one ear and out the other. Phil says he did his part now and Vito's wife asks Tony for a 100,000 to move to Maine to start over. Tony knowing Phil won't do shit says he will help her. Tony takes out the 100,000 but gambles it away. Instead of sending them to maine he enrolls little Vito into a bootcamp in Idaho or some way out there state that allows corporal punishment telling vito's wife, "There's no geographical solution to an emotional problem." Side note NH just passed a civil union bill which would have allowed Vito and Johnny Cakes to get married which ups reasons why NH ain't so bad to about four with those being you can see the drunk and focused posse dj live, you can get a civil union, no taxes, and if you over 18 you don't have to wear a seat belt. Thats right motherfucker live free or die.

Speaking of dudes not built for this AJ proposes to Bianca who at first agrees and then realizes AJ is punk who jumps up to get beatdown and has second thoughts and tells him they are done.

The show ends with Hesh's girl Renata dying of a heart attack in bed and Tony coming over and given Hesh the rest of the money he owes him and telling him "I'm sorry for your lost," and leaving the heartbroken hesh by himself.

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