Thursday, May 10, 2007

Donuts, Milk and a Pop Tune

The Drunk and Focused Posse have done invaded VE Radio one more time.
beat pervert and evaredy - Donuts, Milk and a Pop Tune podcast
01. "New Hampshire" - Sonic Youth (2004 Geffen) Prod. by Sonic Youth
02. "Throw It Up" Remix (acapella) Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz (2003 TVT Records) Prod. by Lil Jon
03. "Pencha" - Autechre (1997 Warp Records) Prod. by Autechre
04. "Knuck if You Buck" Acappella - Crime Mob (2004 Warner Bros.) Prod. by Lil Jay
05. "All is Full of Love" Plaid Remix - Björk (2003 Peacefrog Records) Prod. by Plaid
06. "Dead Dogs Two" Boards Of Canada Remix - cLOUDDEAD (2003 Big Dada) Prod. by Boards of Canada
07. "Diplo Electric Manatee Final Mixdown" - Piano Overlord (2005 Money Studies) Prod. by Diplo
08. "Ballers" - Project Pat (1999 Relativity Promo) Prod. by ?
09. ShakeyFace "Crazy, Crazy Like A Fox" (Adventure Time's Seafoam Flip) - Adventure Time (2004 Plug Research) Prod. by Adventure Time
10. "Sundown" - Daedelus (2006 Mush Recordings) Prod. by Daedelus
11. "A Bit Patchy Club Theme" - Emynd (2007 Flamin Hotz) prod. by Emynd
12. "Supastar" - DJ Blaqstar (2007 Mad Decent) Prod. by DJ Blaqstar
13. "Doo Dew Rock" Remix - DJ Technics (? King of Club Recordings/Clubtrax)
14. "PYT" - DJ Debonair Samir (2005 Unruly Records) Prod. by DJ Debonair Samir
15. "Whores in the House" - Rod Lee (1992 Deco Records) Prod. by Rod Lee
16. "We Want Some Pussy!" 89 House Remix - 2 Live Crew (1989 Luke Skyywalker Records)

This here mix is done in that old fashioned style known as Scissor Test, which is the now gonna be two year weekly I run. We even made sure to drop some b-more for that old hater Lemon Red, who even though now rides hard for b-more and works for Mad Decent, used to hate the fuck out of your boy beat pervert when I would go into b-more at the early days of the scissor test. This was before we sold our soul to rock n roll and actual packed crowds. (young funwreck knows the deal)

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