Tuesday, June 26, 2007

white people ruin everything

The yuppies are on the attack again in good ol Portsmouth as they are fighting against the renewal of the red door's liquor license which is the home of the now 2 year running Scissor Test parties I throw. But fear not bass, noise, and martini's will overcome all, and if not we can all hold hands and wear chino pants and shop at the gap with the yuppie condo owners who are attacking the scene. Tonite at the scissor big show with Tiny Whales, TBD and of course me and evaredy playing gangsta rap and bass music all night long. Shit starts off at 9 with live music and ends at 1 am with all things bass.

These two songs seem to have been made for the hoff
robert jay - alcohol
He listens to this song to get a nice buzz on then this song plays in his head the whole time he is judging america on their talent
senior coconut - trans europe express

And it is a well known fact the only people who like hoff better than germans are uptight white folks from portsmouth,and why this is no on really knows.

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