Sunday, June 24, 2007

yo yo what the fuck perv?

Okay the loyal drunk and focused fans have been wondering where's perv? And why is only the king of getting girls with pancake booty to shake their ass, my man evaredy, holding down the fort like mamba on the lakers last season?(that damage blend was like him giving us 50 while Kwame "B2" Brown just sits on the sideline like kevin garnett in the playoffs( y'all know B2 has a plethora of rap music he is sitting on and not to mention stoner rock, old warp shit etc etc)

Well thangs happen and after eating so much salmon I got a viscous bellyache that forced me indoors and on drugs to work on the official Drunk and Focused Scissor Test mixtape which, cause I am so benevolent, I will give away for free (unless you want to send me a donation for my court fines- I am saying life is hard being broke, white, and gifted) The mix is all the shit you will hear at a scissor test show from kraut rock to ghetto tech to old fashioned rap music and beyond. Think of it as the appetizer to upcoming Drunk and Focused Posse mix which is currently in the works(y'all have no idea what you are in for on this tape). And it will be posted up here real soon.

If you been sleeping make sure to check out our two guest dj sets on Ve Radio along with all of the fly mixes Stef drops. I prefer to listen to the station in a fly bathrobe with no wallabees but hey thats just me. And if you are wondering I beat up that walrus in 9 rounds but he is a hell of a competitor and sometimes he takes me out for brunch at fancy restaurants where I eat eggs bennedict and asparagus that makes my pee smell.

Anyway here is some of that booty shit for them dancefloors
dj funk - booty clap

dj deeon - yo mouf)

spinn and rashad - girl bust down

dj ty - erk jerk twerk

dj ht - slow fuck

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