Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I like Can

can - the millions game
this is some rare ass can song I think was originally supposed to be for a game show or some shit like that and it sounds kinda of surf rock-ish, think huey lewis and the news if they were from germany, had a drummer that was better than a robot, and well didn't absolutely suck. So yes to make a long description short this song sounds nothing like heuy lewis and the news.
Also this cover might be the exact point rolling stone fell off forever, and don't get me started on that bitch tom wolfe, who writes painfully boring stories and ruined white suits for everyone other than puffy.

Hey tommy know what would make a good story? How about your old out of touch ass writes a book about a modern college freshmen girl, ohh wait a minute that was your last book which makes sense cause when I think of topics you should write about one you have no fucking clue about would be at the top of my list. Hell hit me on the monster bot that eats words (thats what tom wolfe calls his computer) and I'll explain aim, why college girls are easy, and what tribe called quest song your character should have liked. To come full circle Tom wolfe is not german, he never did acid or even drank kool aid, and he is just like huey lewis and the news a fucking square.

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