Thursday, August 30, 2007

can y'all play some country

People tend to make dumb requests and djs get used to it. Like some dude trying to pick up a prostitute asking me if I had anything more up beat when I am playing b-more at 136, and yes homeboy was trying hard with this working women.(no julia roberts) But fuck it some dudes need to pay for handjobs, while other dudes got to take a bitch out for dinner to get a little head. I am in the Riley camp of giving the girl some money before hand and telling her she can go grocery shopping, maybe cook me up some salmon and potatoes with some greens. Anyway none of this has anything to do with this post which is to say come check me out tonite in dover nh at the last Twilight Show of the Sumer at Tranquilities playing records outside before Tan Vampires and Tiny Whales sets. The drunk and focused posse will be in effect and I will be taking requests and then playing something completely different because I am an asshole like that and then blaming evaredy, or putting on a really awful song and having him get back on the decks to have to deal with it.

bonde do role - montage cabra
kayne - stronger (atrack remix)

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