Thursday, August 02, 2007

ain't nuttin wrong with a little hip house

There are about 26 reasons why jungle brothers are better than tribe called quest and this is not a diss on tribe at all, but rather a stand up for the jungle brothers, because we all know all the tribe fans at a string cheese incident concert aren't going around talking about the jungle brothers, rather the girls are letting their arm pits get hairy talking about how deep talib kweli is, and how the don't like rap music that makes you dance cause they are soft as fuck and rappers curse too much and give them bad vibes or something a dumb ass white girl would say. Plus jungle brothers fucked around with house music and these days we know the only thang the drunk and focused posse wants to do is dance
here some of that classic jungle brothers sound

What the hell movie is this from? And its a jungle remix to boot and I know have this on vinyl somewhere and I'll rip it on mp3 if I ever find it

not too big not too skinny kinda of soft like silly putty I like this line and you can never go wrong with native tongues

house music all night long

I am dropping this song tonite when I dj for no real reason other than I been wanting to watch old episodes of amp again
And you can catch me and evaredy at the red door tonite 9-1 playing house music all night long (actually were not playing house music all night long) But we will be playing funk, soul, rap, b-more, and ghetto tech

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