Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Scissor Test Celebrates 2 and half years of being fly

Tonite we celebrate Scissor Test with the return of With the return of Astronautalis straight out of florida, where booty bass was born, the satanic booty bass of eat cloud has a new project which he will debut tonite called classy cloud, and good ol dirty Jack Blackwater will perform

And above is one of the orginal flyers of scissor test, this is when Lemon Red came aboard and before we started doing live shit, and instead was just playing club shit we couldn't play anywhere else in the area, and this is where Lemon Red found his love for b-more club (after hating and hating and hating on it anytime I dropped it) And as always funwrecker was there with his whitle. Then scissor test blew up and got wierd, (shout out to bif rike s&m, tong and noise in general) and now we are drunk and focused and probaly moving the party somewhere else, well maybe, more on that later. So come celebrate that old scissor test tonite and get batman drunk, and maybe burn down a house or two
drunk and focused posse - scissor test nation

And I'll be playing rap records/ kraut/pysch records, and probaly a lot of old house cause thats what I been obessing over lately

Party starts at 8 and ends at 1, as always shits free, and the pbrs are 2 dollars



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