Sunday, March 23, 2008

frunk & docused.

Here's the thing about ridin' round Philly on a Saturday night: everybody's loose. And the PPA is out in force. Fuck PARKING WARS (on A&E, it's a good show). They were booting cars every block. So we had the radio station on Oldies 98, which has shifted from "the 50's and 60's" to the "60's and 70's" to apparently appeal to a younger audience. Hence inching block to block to ABBA and KC & The Sunshine Band, when, clearly, Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes were all over the 70's, Oldies 98 is fucking up. What you do is post up like an asshole, noticing someone walking to their car. Packed to the brim, side-streets filled. Even if you have your blinkers on, ready to reverse into a spot and someone in an SUV comes in behind the spot and puts their blinkers on, even when a bike cop stops to mediate the argument over the spot, like a Seinfeld episode. I did the same, three blocks away, fuck the cars behind me, this is Philly, the PPA ain't gonna boot me tonight. The sign gave us two hours. We ate our Jim's Steaks (fuck Pat's, fuck Gino's, those ain't real Philly cheesesteaks, in Center City, good steak sandwiches? Jim's Steaks or Iskabibbles, both on South St. around 4th). Cleaned out Repo Records up the street, their entire Soul section got taken. A good 200+ records for ____ (thanks to thine tax refund). Mint or near mint. Bad Brains self-titled AND Black Dot, mint. Grabbed a couple Joy Division reissues and Neu! imports to round it out.

Sifting through my newly-scored records, can't let y'all get a handle on what I'll be sampling, so I'm upping a special one from a special record to Zshare. At the bottom of the post. One that me and the lady dig when we're exacerbating the romance, physical style.

Muthafuckas on coke ruined gum.

the isley brothers - let's make love tonight.mp3

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