Sunday, March 02, 2008

hey perv where the sugar cookies at?

The red door my home away from home was nominated for the best rap music venue by the portland phoenix. Now even though we ain't in Portland, were 45 minutes away in a different state we still get the nomination. I am real potent like that. Scissor Test is taking over and we got Icon the Mic King rolling through tuesday the 11th.
vote here and for the shit of it write dj beat pervert in for best dj. Even though I ain't never djed in Portland, Maine folk scare me, I am better than everyone nominated. Not that I heard any of those fools dj, but lets be honest we all know who is better. And yes I am too humble and magnificent. I am the Dylan of the dj game.
vote or die

Shout out to lemon-red who was there when it started and now eats soo much sushi at the ttlab headquarters in NY. He just started his blog back up so y'all should check it out.
lemon red's blog
Now here is some of that rap music with a new lil keke remix with a couple of the south's finest

lil keke, scarface, chamillionaire - I'm a g remix

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout homie, good to be back, now i gotta get back to the red door

i posted some of that bmore crap you like so much :p