Wednesday, June 04, 2008

God Bless You Keith Sweat volume 2: fuck a criminal (literally)

Ahh man imagine if Keith Sweat was a detective, you know fighting crime and shit, and how cool would he be? Really fucking cool. I am talking McNulty times ten, I am talking a handsome version of the short fat guy with a moustache from NYPD Blue, I am talking William Shatner from whatever cop show he was on, TJ Hooker or some shit. I am talking about the best damn detective you ever did see. I am talking Keith Sweat in the Twisted video.

So video starts off at 6 pm at the commissioners’ ball. We see Keith looking dapper in a black and white suit with no tie. He is a rebel, and rebels don't wear any fucking ties. Then we some hot broad flirt with Keith before we cut to a scene were some baldheaded Asian dude is shot and robbed for his chain by some good looking female. The assailant runs by and Keith just looks up cool like it isn’t a thing a masked assailant ran by. This is why Keith is the best nothing fazes him. Turns out the assailant is the same hot broad that was hitting on him from before. Yep small fucking world. Next we go to Keith in a suave all white suite with some backup singers dancing and singing. Then we cut to Keith investigating the bathroom stall where the murder happened, and we realize then Keith is definitely going to solve this case. Then we cut back to more Keith singing and bobbing his head all in white. So awesome, I imagine five girls just got pregnant from watching this scene. Side note how next level are Keith's hand motions? All right here is where it gets awesome cause Keith finds out where the on the run broad lives and comes there, first with pistol in hand, then he realizes girl just wants to bang him as she holds handcuffs out with a come hither I need some Keith Sweat sperm look. This should be a Wikipedia term - need keith sweat sperm an affliction held by most ladies in his presence. We assume they bang and then dramatic cut to the phone- Keith picks up he says, "hello." Then we realize it’s the on the run girl, yes the one he banged, and she is on the fire escape with cops surrounding her, turns out she hung herself. Yes, bitch is dead. Keith looks up with that familiar stare of yeah I banged her, and I solved the case, fuck you david caruso, fuck you.

God Bless you keith sweat, god bless you

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