Sunday, June 22, 2008

This is what I am doing sunday morning

This is probably the greatest dance show ever made. It's from Detroit and called The New Dance show, and its like Dance Party USA, expect it doesn't suck, or have the token really chubby akward white girl, which is always funny, but I don't want to see her freaking to detroit techno, and booty bass shit. Also added awesomeness in the commericials halfway through the clip.

Yo did you know if you had been doing improvements to your house you could have gotting credit, regardless of how bad your previous credit is? The dude just doesn't care and keeps screaming give that man credit. And did every club in detroit used to be some sort of strip club?

Check out the dudes in the blue I need to hire these guys just to come dance when I play out
And finally one of the best tag teams ever. They are like the midnight express of dance music, all they need is james. e. cornette with a tennis racket

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