Thursday, September 11, 2008

God bless Keith Sweat vol. freedom

In honor on freedom and fucking, which is the greatest freedom in the world and imagine a world where Keith Sweat videos with broads in full out burkas? That is a world I don't want to live in. So to celebrate we are returning to a drunk and focused favorite when we watch Keith Sweat videos.

This video is for the "Nobody" track and it of course starts out with Keith looking dapper in a white suit. Fuck Tom Wolfe Kieth makes that white suit his own. Of course next is a hot broad walking down the street in a flowing overcoat looking like a pitbull with adina howard thighs. Then a familar theme in Keith videos him driving, this time in a black suit cause he is sad and wants to show this women how much he needs her. Real talk is hey baby sex was fun and I am going to pretend to be really sad so I can have sex with you one more time. Is that cool baby? Then in true Keith fashion he breaks down the truth that nobody can freak her and please her like he could. I said it before, and I will say it again, God Bless Keith Sweat.

Then out of nowhere the girl starts singing and she is with cho cho milk drinking Clocker starring baldhead bastard that is not Omar Epps but wig wearing eminem bestfriend mekhi phifer!

Then you realize the pitbull with thighs is not the one singing and this broad singing is down with Keith sweats friend the choo choo milk drinking clocker. Of course she rather have sex with Keith, but he's taking so she is going to sing the hook for him and hook up with his man. What a great girl she is. Song ends with Keith driving around looking fly looking for his next booty call.

If there is a man who inspires freedom better than Keith I just don't know who that man is.

PS Keith Sweat got Palin's daughter pregnant

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