Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ol house mond...err wednesday

Yeah I been slacking on my blog macking and missed monday but its all good I was working on a new rap mix with Evaredy for ve radio thats dope as hell. All classic rap mix, all vinyl, and all mixed to perfection by the drunk and focused posse. I just have to do the drops and send it over to Dj Stef and it should be up in the next few days. And yes we drop Ja Rule's to start the mix off, and no you will not be mad at all we did. Blunt Recordings what Up! Question do you think Frankie Cutlass and Mic Geronimo hang out these days? And why did they change the record label name from Blunt Recordings to Murder Inc.? Well I am kind of glad they did cause murder inc is wack as hell, but Blunt records that shit was average as fuck, but hey at least they gave us the masta ic single and cash money click.

Now onto the house music

Farley "Jackmaster" Funk reworks the think break. If you like b-more club, or any dance music in general than you love the think break. Its of course best known for the "It Takes Two" sample but its pretty much one of the most essential breaks of all time for b-more and hip-house influenced music.
precious red - think

You ever wonder what the c and c stood for in c and c music factory? Well its Clivellis and Cole and this is a good track they did called pride. When I was 11 I would have smacked my future self for liking c and c music factory but guess what young kids are dumb. Thats why they young, cause they supposed to be dumb. Old heads recgonize dope shit. See getting old ain't that bad
clivellis and cole - Pride

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