Tuesday, September 16, 2008

old house anyday

Yeah its tuesday not monday, but its still old house monday. No complaints just great old house. This week it's Harddrive (Masters at Work)- deep inside The reason on the upcoming crossfaded bacon ep Emynd straight murders this track. Pick that shit up when it drops on flaming hotz in the next week or so. I highly recommend you go out and cop that shit as soon as possible, and also check out Emynd's new bounce site Nola Bounce
And to keep the remix feel going here is what deep inside was a take off of


Ghostdad said...

shit i just played this the other night at the Milky Way!! Where did we both get this track from I'm pretty sure I burned it from a cd.

Tiffany said...

I jacked it from Evaredy who got if from Technics

I am like Ice Cube of this jack shit (bad house pun intended)

side note for some reason mofo left my links page I'll fix that right now

Tiffany said...

Yes beat perv's name is tiffany now, and yes he logged in with his girls name now knowing. And yes he is an idiot